2020 Pirate Party Conference Questionnaire

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Unfortunately, COVID-19 will be with us by the time we meet in this Fall. Your safety is important to us and no one who participates should risk infection. Unfortunately, conversation is more difficult on-line than it is in person. Please tell us how safe would you feel meeting in person? (Choose all that apply)
If we meet remotely, we would have more flexibility for how we can organize the conference. We can hold all of the sessions on a single day, as we usually do, or over weekend. We could do as the recent Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference did and hold it daily over a week or more. We could even hold it over a month running sessions at different times and days of the week. (Choose all that apply)
Past conferences have focused on a variety of presentations. Should we change the focus on items like group discussions on Pirate topics, updating our party platform, etc? (Choose all that apply)
Conference Topics
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