Candidate Support Questionnaire

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If you are a candidate running for local, legislative (State or US House) or Governor's Council office and would like our support, please fill out the form below. Candidates we choose to support for partisan offices will be Pirate Party nominees if they are registered as Pirates. Supported candidates are entitled to:

  • mentions on any electronic media and materials the Pirate Party maintains;
  • the contact information of any Pirate Party members or supporters in their area;
  • any other resources the Pirate Council determines the Pirate Party can provide.

Local chapters are responsible for identifying candidates and suggesting to the Pirate Council that the party should support such candidates. Candidates from areas where no local chapter exists may directly request that the Pirate Party support them.

Campaigns should review the Campaign Commanders and Candidate Selection sections of the Pirate Party Articles of Agreement.

Candidate Contact Information
Enter your party (designation) if not on our list. Consult the Election Division's list, if necessary.
Campaign Information
Party Questions
Please do your best to answer the questions below. We are flexible and do not expect someone running for elected town meeting member, for example, to write extensive answers to the questions below. After all, a campaign for elected town meeting can usually be run by the candidate herself. For offices like city mayor or US House of Representatives, answering the questions below helps us get a sense of the campaigns approach and how we can help.
We view campaigns as part of a process of growing the Pirate Party. Learning from what worked and what didn't is important to improving the Pirate Party.
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