Lead our crew 2019

We are electing of our Pirate Council in April. Positions include Captain, First Officer, Quartermaster, PR/Media Director, Activism Director, Swarmwise Director, Web/Info Director, three Arbitrators and two representatives to the US Pirate Party. The election schedule is:

  • Nominations due by Monday, April 8th
  • Ballots sent out by Friday, April 12th
  • Ballots due back for vote counting by Tuesday, April 23rd

We will use the same voting mechanism we used in our previous election. Voters will be emailed a randomly generated id that only the voter will know. Once the election is done, we will delete the ids. In this way, we can ensure that only supporters can vote, while also maintaining the secrecy of votes.

If you are interested in throwing your hat in for any of these positions, please tell us below. We advise you to become a member, join our activists email list, as well as read our Articles of Agreement and Code of Conduct. We also have IRC meetings every one night every week usually 9-10pm. There are sign on details on the side bar of masspirates.org.

We look forward to multiple candidates for each position, including Captain.

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