2014 Event Notes

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5/9/2014 Fundraiser

  • Held at the Democracy center in Cambridge, 7-11pm on a Friday night. Weather was nice.
  • 21 in-person donations, ranging from $5 to $200 dollars.
  • Ten of these donors were new donors.
  • Approximately 30 attendees, including pirates
  • two advance donations (one of which was from a Pirate officer)
  • One new voter registration

5/18/2014 Cryptoparty

  • Held at General Assembly Boston. Done in conjunction with Together Boston
  • Sunday afternoon, very nice day
  • Approx 7 attendees (plus several pirate activists)
  • We probably had too many concurrent sessions for the audience size. We might have been able to get away with one track, and three presentations.
  • Met one person interested in working with us on future cryptoparties/crypto classes.

5/24/2014 March Against Monsanto

We marched to the State House and Copley Square with Pirate literature and a large Pirate sign. Many members of diverse political parties were in attendance including Socialist Alternative, Green-Rainbow, and We The People. We had a lot of great conversations and handed out pamphlets: generally, the reaction to us as Pirates was very positive. It may be possible to do collaborations with the Socialists and the Green-Rainbows.

The action itself: Entirely outdoors demonstration with a march to the State House, speeches, March to Copley Square, speeches and then breakout sessions called teach-ins.

Numbers: ~3,000 participants, the entire event clocked in at about 5 hours, and this was the 3rd official MAM in the Boston area.

I highly recommend we continue to go to events that rally against corporate interests, especially corporations like Monsanto who abuse IP law flagrantly.

5/24/2014 WEMF Interview

Noe Candidate (that's me!) and Joe Candidate did an interview at WEMF tonight. It went well, and will probably be up on YouTube for your perusal at Mike Cann's channel.

5/24/2014 Boston Security Meetup

  • Captain James gave a presentation called "How Dare You Molest the Sea"?
  • Approximately 60 people attended the talk.

6/5/2014 Reset the Net

  • Held reset the net event at E5
  • Attendance: four pirates, and two journalists; one from Dig Boston, and one from WERS.
  • The six of us had a into a two-hour conversation about Pirates, Privacy, Surveillance, Net Neutrality, public access to the Internet and similar topics.

6/14/2014 Boston Pride Parade

  • 16 people marched at some point during the parade. Three people found us while marching and joined us for a bit.
  • This is the first year that we carried signs, and we got a very positive reaction from them. At one point, we rounded a corner, people saw our "Free Chelsea Manning" sign, and began chanting "Free Chelsea Manning".
  • Handed out a few hundred flyers

6/21/2014 In-Person Meeting

  • Pizzaria Regina, Alston. Sunny day, nice weather.
  • 5--6 people attending
  • two of the waitstaff were interested in what the Pirate Party was doing. Exchanged business cards.

6/22/2014 Citizen Koch Screening

  • Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA for a 5pm screening
  • Steve was one of three people who gave short talks after the film. Steve spoke about money in politics, the challenges faced by third parties, and the importance of transparency.
  • ~ 10 people stayed for the post-screening talks

7/12/2014 Net Neutrality Panel at SCATV

  • Noe was panel moderator. Other panelists were Charles Clemons (Touch 106FM), and Lolita Kelsey (Boston Neighborhood Network)
  • Approx 12 people in the audience for taping. Two folks were walk-ins from the Union Square farmer's market.
  • The panel focused on the importance of net neutrality for community radio and tv, as well as net neutrality as an issue of social justice.

7/18/2014 HOPE-X

  • Steve gives a lightning talk on the pirate party. Approximately 60 people attended the lightning talk session
  • Steve, Jamie, Kendra spend the weekend talking to people, and handing out business cards

8/16/2014 Rally For Michael Brown

  • Four of use participated in a Soliday rally for Michael Brown (#Ferguson)
  • Marched with Pirate Party banner
  • Demonstration met at Copley Square, then marched to BPD station at ruggles
  • About 200 people took part in the march
  • Got the opportunity to meet people, hand out pamphlets, listen, show solidarity

8/19/2014 Interview on TOUCHFM.org The Morning Show

  • Lucia interviewed by Charles Clemons

8/19/2014 Interview on BNNTV's The Real Talk Show

9/13 - 9/14/2014 Freedom Rally

Saturday (9/13/2014)

  • Very large turnout (similar to last year)
  • about 400+ 1/3-page flyers distributed
  • two voter registrations
  • 22 email list signups
  • 11 volunteers in the tent over the course of the day
  • ___ buttons distributed
  • Day started out sunny. Started to rain around 17:00. Rain was hard enough and steady enough to clear out much of the crowd. Pirates cowered under the awning. We packed it in a little after 19:00
  • Good response when handing out flyers wearing a Guy Fawkes mask

Sunday (9/14/2014)

  • Nice weather all day, but a little chilly
  • Jamie handed out flyers and fielded questions
  • Kendra handed out flyers and fielded questions about Noe
  • Jason came later dressed as a Pirate with David
  • Lucia came later made buttons (total tally of buttons handed out to follow)
  • Vermin Supreme dropped by right before closing time. He gleefully showed off his jolly roger vest and Lucia gave him a MassPirates shirt, which he appreciated.
  • Jason, Lucia, David, Kendra, and Tristan cleaned up and packed up
  • Vermin Supreme got a large Mass Pirates T-shirt and David Walker received an extra large t-shirt.
  • We are low on large and extra large shirts.