2021 Activism Plan

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Candidate Recruitment & Signature Drive (Needs to be updated)

  1. Setup simple page for people to volunteer to be regional organizers / candidates / supporters
  2. Post videos on:
    1. why run
    2. planning your campaign
    3. how to get on the ballot
    4. how to gather signatures
  3. Identify allies
  4. Identify potential organizers among members and allies
  5. Email our supporters to ask for candidates and regional organizers
  6. Setup site where people can see:
    1. What our campaign plan is and why run as a pirate
    2. Where regional meetings are
    3. How to sign up as a candidate
    4. Who our candidates are and how to help them
    5. This site will change to a campaign site as we go along
    6. It must use SSL and will likely be a static site
  7. Regional meetings
    1. Setup quick how to publicize and run a regional meeting document
    2. Identify the organizers for the regional meetings
    3. Work with organizers to setup regional meetings
    4. Make list of supporters available to organizers
    5. Organizers call our supporters to invite them to regional meetings
  8. Identify candidates from within the party and allies and their campaign teams
  9. Publicize that we are looking for candidates and what we expect of them
  10. Train candidates and their campaign teams to gather signatures
    1. Every candidate gets a mentor / go to person for questions
  11. Weekly tasks
    1. Post how many signatures candidates have gathered on the web site and announce in email/blog/etc.
    2. Contact candidates to check on their progress and get them help
  12. Have all candidates hand in enough signatures
  13. Setup rally when dropping off ballot signatures
    1. Publicize
    2. Setup logistics
    3. Invite media
    4. Hold event
    5. Talk with media
    6. Review progress
  14. Review how this phase of the campaign worked