August 15th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Events
    1. 8/24 CryptoParty, 1pm - 3pm - e5, Boston - 9 Hamilton Place at Park st next to the Orpheum
    2. Freedom Rally, September 14 & 15 - Need organizers, announcement for volunteers
    3. Constitution Day Speakout, September 17, Boston
  2. Post-convention tasks
  3. Endorsements?
  4. August Tasks
    1. College Coordinators (black_van)
    2. Research what qualifies as an acceptable signature and other ballot access requirements
    3. Research DB & Community Site (Gregg)
    4. Get a list of the colleges in Mass. and what their requirements are to start a Pirate group (Kendra/William)
    5. Identify dates and requirements for 2014 Town & 2013 City elections
    6. Divide Mass. into 27 districts (Jason/John/William)
    7. Setup voter reg app (John)
    8. Min materials for College Groups
    9. Make How to Party videos
    10. Develop draft platform / planks
    11. Media strategy
  5. PassMassAmendment


  • jokeefe
  • Igel
  • Kendra
  • srevilak


  • davidd
  • Shidash
  • oneirosFade


Meeting Minutes

20:45 < Igel> lo
20:46 < oneirosFade> O hi
20:51 < Igel> looking through sublime notes
20:54 < Igel> for stuff re: targeting / bootstrapping goals near university for vote.. etc.
20:55 < Igel> i have a list of 35 schools from some sites -- but i dont know if thats enough --
20:56 < Igel> the technologies and geo of districts and... its pretty critical task.
20:59 < jokeefe> hi all
21:00 < srevilak> howdy jokeefe 
21:01 < jokeefe> agenda at
21:02 < jokeefe> sorry -,_2013_IRC_Meeting
21:02 < jokeefe> 1. Events
21:03 < jokeefe> srevilak - 8/24 CryptoParty looking good?
21:03 < srevilak> yes
21:03 < srevilak> had a chance to experiment with windows GPG4me
21:04 < srevilak> over weekend, will do new blog post + act-ma posting
21:04 < jokeefe> hi Kendra
21:04 < Igel> is that acronym for gnu's pretty good for me
21:05 < Kendra> Greetings Everybody
21:05 < Igel> lo
21:05 < srevilak> Igel: "GNUpg for me", I think
21:06 < jokeefe> great
21:07 < jokeefe> Freedom Rally, September 14 & 15 coming up
21:07 < jokeefe> haven't heard anything about Constitution Day Speakout, September 17
21:09 < srevilak> If it's evening, I *might* be able to make it.  Tues night is not my best night
21:09 < jokeefe> srevilak - any update on the videos from the convention?
21:10 < srevilak> Meeting maurice @ noon Saturday to copy footage
21:10 < srevilak> When i get footage, who gets it next?
21:11 < jokeefe> Joe needs a copy.
21:11 < srevilak> okay.  Will get in touch with him and work out exchange
21:11 < jokeefe> You should keep a copy.  Thanks!
21:12 < jokeefe> 3. Endorsements?
21:12 < jokeefe> any comments on Kendra's write up for Seamus' endorsement?
21:13 < Kendra> Jamie I sent a bunch pics of Seamus to your email earlier today for the blog.  Have we confirmed or discussed any other candidates to endorse?
21:14 < jokeefe> Not yet.  Heard requests.
21:15 < Igel> ill shoot the info over again, i have 35 listed, but cannot favor one university/college in the area over another,  ill reconn w/ em thanks.
21:15 < srevilak> Kendra: I like the writeup.  Nice job
21:16 < jokeefe> thanks, igel
21:18 < jokeefe> Kendra, since Bluestreak is busy, would you be able to write up our endorsement process and email it to anyone who has asked?
21:21 < Kendra> Thanks Steve.  Does anyone have a recap of the candidates that are looking for an endorsement or any info on candidates beyond the initial  requests?  I saw a few last week, but did not keep track.  I am not ot expecting anyone else to either, I know we are all busy . I can go back an look again. I ask because It would be worthwhile to endorse more than one person since ther are 4 seats up for grabs.  And yes Jamie
21:22 < srevilak> Kendra: I can go through mail and put together a list
21:22 < jokeefe> thanks, Kendra.  Bluestreak will hopefully recover soon and be able to help out as well.
21:22 < jokeefe> thanks, srevilak
21:23 < Kendra> Have we settled on a formal process?  Should we ask the candidate to 1) meet us and give an overview of thier campaign platform 2) discuss how it ties into ours and 3) then vote on an endorsement?
21:24 < Kendra> Did Bluestreak catch what her daughter had?  I've been out of that loop.
21:24 < jokeefe> yes
21:25 < jokeefe> pretty bad
21:26 < Kendra> I'll send her a note tonight.
21:26 < jokeefe> Very good.
21:26 < jokeefe> I don't know if the candidates need to meet with us.  I think they need to tell us that they support our issues (party of open, putting people first) and how they would implement them.  If they are a current office holder, then they should have something to show what they have done
21:27 < jokeefe> So on August Tasks
21:28 < jokeefe> black_van posted about College Coordinators.  Have been posting about it.  Two colleges so far.  Need to put it out in an email.
21:28 < jokeefe> Gregg has made progress with Research DB & Community Site.  Setting up payment.
21:29 < jokeefe> Kendra/lgel - who is "Get a list of the colleges in Mass. and what their requirements are to start a Pirate group" going?
21:32 < Kendra> I will continue adding to the college/university list on the riseup pad this week.  There are a lot more, but the process is generally having a student form a group and it sometimes has to go through an approval process.  I expect we would have to find events at some universities and maybe go and register people to vote and offer MPP materials and info/kits to start a club at the school.  We might want to start thi
21:32 < Igel> i mailed JCF re: list of 35+ ... asked if other data is relevant to attach
21:35 < jokeefe> ok
21:35 < jokeefe> Is the data anywhere lgel?
21:35 < jokeefe> thanks, Kendra
21:37 < Igel> Sorry hi, ill get it posted?
21:38 < Kendra> Igel, can you please email me that list?  I will cross reference and add to the pad.  I guess I was also saying that we will have to go to each campus and might want to narrow down 5-10 to start to get a feel for how we are received.  I am looking for the pad I have in the email, I did this on my other computer and don't have it bookmarked here. 
21:39 < jokeefe> thanks!
21:39 < jokeefe> lgel, how goes Divide Mass. into 27 districts?
21:40 < Igel> i would look at @egeologist for those answers -- 
21:40 < Igel> i think thats a very important question.
21:41 < Kendra>
21:41 < jokeefe> k, there may be a delay
21:41 < jokeefe> srevilak and I (mostly srevilak) got js0000 access to the site to put up the voter app.
21:42 < srevilak> jokeefe: almost.  I think you still need to add js0000's good key
21:42 < srevilak> Or maybe you already did
21:43 < Igel> did it work? I appened the data.
21:44 < jokeefe> I saw that he got in, so I think his key works
21:45 < srevilak> jokeefe: He got into masspiratesweb, but I don't think mapp-voter
21:45 < Igel> is it..
21:45 < Igel> i cant find the email accnt Kendra
21:45 < jokeefe> sigh.  ok, will look at it.
21:46 < Igel>
21:47 < Kendra> you can send it here, or just add it to the pad I just posted above
21:48 < Igel> ahh.. it says connected now..
21:49 < jokeefe> ok, that is all I have for now.  Any other issues folks want to bring up?
21:50 < srevilak> no issues here
21:51 < Igel_> grr got d/c or all flows are belong to else..
21:52 < Igel_> box hammered.
21:53 < Kendra> Just wondering the best approach for creating a package for campuses and if we need to start putting together a schedule for the fall.  Maybe once or twice a month start with schools near our homes and branch out from there.  Other than that no other issues. 
21:54 < jokeefe> sounds good.
21:55 < Igel_> any recent grads know? heh
21:56 < Kendra> Are we discussing Pass Mass Amendment and pretty much done?
21:56 < jokeefe> will have to remind Terra to attend the next one.
21:57 < Kendra> OK, I did some stuff with this a while back.  Glad to see they are still active. 
21:58 < jokeefe> They are still at it.
21:58 < jokeefe> Motion to adjourn?
21:59 < Kendra> Second
21:59 < srevilak> aye
21:59 < Kendra> Have a good night, let me know if you need anything. 
22:00 < jokeefe> all in favor?
22:00 < jokeefe> aye