August 27th, 2022 Community Organizing Discussion

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Steve, Joe, James


Upcoming Meeting

9/24 meeting replaced by joining XR Boston protest.

Discussion of helping XRBoston with Security

  • Good password hygiene
  • Password managers
  • Mobile phone security
    • Don't use face/fingerprint login
    • Delete data you don't need:
      • texts, call history, voice messages, notes
      • Flip phones are your friends
      • Your phone tracks you. Turn it off when you want to travel
  • Data apps collect about you
    • App permissions
  • Talking securely
    • Use Signal
    • Setup Signal to delete conversations after a period of time
  • Browse privately
    • Tell browser to clear cookies when you close it
    • Use Brave
    • Turn on noscript
  • Use Tor


  • Discussion of one day or two
  • Invite people to discuss:
    • National party update
    • RCV
    • MassMesh

Check in with Steve on Arlington Redevelopment Board