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Pirate Code of Conduct - Approved on 6/6/2011

Every member shall:

  1. have an equal vote in the affairs of the moment;
  2. work with others, be they party members or not, to advance the goals of the party as they are best able and to increase their ability to do so;
  3. take initiative and work to advance the party nonviolently. We trust our members to do the right thing, but remind them not to do anything stupid or that will reflect poorly on the Party;
  4. be transparent, honest and forthright in all dealings. Officers are expected to keep other members informed of party business to the best of their ability;
  5. be scrupulous in the handling of party funds. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the party;
  6. uphold our agreements. We agree that if we have problems with any agreements, we will not ignore or disobey them, but will work to change our agreements. Pending a change in our agreements, we will not actively work or speak against that which has been arrived at democratically;
  7. focus on being open, welcoming and respectful with all people.
  8. welcome diversity of opinion, background and circumstances as pirates during the 1700 and 1800s did on their democratically-controlled ships. We further recognize that all forms of oppression are significant and that no oppression can be completely eradicated without eradicating all other forms of oppression;
  9. ensure that the Party's many methods of communication will be used for principled discussion and disagreement – a place to explore understandings and deepen our awareness. It will not be a place for name calling, personalizing of disputes, discrediting others, speaking for them, re-writing their words or impugning the motivations of others;
  10. communicate directly with anyone in the Party with whom you are having a personal dispute (by phone or a physical meeting). If the members involved cannot resolve the dispute, then they shall bring their dispute to the Council of Arbitrators for help in resolving it.

It shall require a two thirds vote of a Members Meeting to amend any part of this Code of Conduct.