December 13th, 2012 IRC Meeting

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Prep for the in-person meeting on the 9th

  1. Members/supporters mailing
  2. Review of planned 2013 events/activities
  3. Review of organization
  4. Review of budget

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

  1. Members/supporters mailing
  2. Review of planned 2013 events/activities:
    1. Continuing what we have done
      1. Pirate Info Conference
      2. Together Boston music festival is week of May 18th (
      3. Boston Pride Festival on Sat. June 8th (
      4. Freedom Rally on Boston Common
      5. CryptoParty
    2. New events
      1. Pirate Planning/Issue Conference?
      2. Security BSides
      3. CryptoCurrencies Conference (such as this one)
      4. Wake up the Earth Festival in JP on Sat., May 4th (
      5. Pax East which is March 22-24th. They are looking for submissions (, though they do focus on computer gaming;
      6. AnimeBoston which is May 24-26th.
      7. Digital Media Conference & Grassroots Use of Technology Conference possibly
  3. Review of organization
    1. How can we be better organized?
    2. Need committees? Which ones if so?
  4. Review of budget. Here is what we adopted for 2012


  • mildbeard - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • srevilak - Steve Revilak
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • bsod


  • davidd - David, Netherlands
  • cmal
  • TeamColtra


Members/supporters mailing

  1. Erik need signatures
  2. Jamie will finish mailing list this week
  3. Envelopes will have tag line: Survey enclosed - Tell us how we can defend your freedom.
  4. Mailing party during week between Xmas/new years. Jamie will send poll.

2013 events/activities

Event schedule

NOTE: Sevan found a place that prints logos on chocolates. Could be a good thing for events/gifts.

Events we would run/sponsor

  1. Pirate Info Conference.
  2. Pirate Planning/Issue Conference?
  3. Talk Like a Pirate Day Party/fundraiser, Thu., Sept. 19th?
  4. CryptoParty
  5. CryptoCurrencies Conference (such as this one). Have a possible location.
  6. Digital Media Conference & Grassroots Use of Technology Conference possibly
  7. College digital rights days with other groups

Other events

  1. Pax East which is March 22-24th. They are looking for submissions (, though they do focus on computer gaming;
  2. Wake up the Earth Festival in JP on Sat., May 4th (
  3. Together Boston music festival is week of May 18th (
  4. Security BSides
  5. AnimeBoston which is May 24-26th.
  6. Boston Pride Festival on Sat. June 8th (
  7. Freedom Rally on Boston Common, 2nd/3rd Saturday in September

Pirate Info Conference

Qualities we need in a site for a conference:

  1. We will probably get more people this year, so adequate space. At least 100 people.
  2. Good location that is easy to get to and accessible to people with disabilities
  3. Good access to internet and electrical outlets
  4. Good lighting

Meeting Minutes


[12:00] <@jokeefe> agenda -,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:01] <@jokeefe> last meeting focused on review of letter/survey, srevilak [12:03] <@jokeefe> how is everyone? [12:04] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: RT @techdirt: A Couple Videos About Our Crazy Patent System - [12:04] <@srevilak> busy week, but otherwise okay. [12:05] <@mildbeard> doing OK. Work is a nightmare but everything else is good. [12:05] * srevilak Oooh - patent videos [12:05] <+davidd> [12:05] <@jokeefe> yes [12:06] <@jokeefe> Jamie O'Keefe, Somerville [12:06] <@jokeefe> hi davidd [12:08] <@jokeefe> ids? [12:08] <@mildbeard> Erik Zoltan, Framingham [12:08] <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington [12:09] <@mildbeard> good videos [12:10] <@jokeefe> So 1. Members/supporters mailing [12:10] <@mildbeard> jokeefe, did you mail me a signature? [12:10] <@jokeefe> r i g h t [12:10] <@jokeefe> i sec [12:11] <@jokeefe> have it at home. will mail tonight. added a reminder [12:12] <@mildbeard> cool [12:12] <@mildbeard> I can have it printed on Monday probably. [12:13] <@jokeefe> great, I can have the data done and envelopes ready by then. [12:14] <@jokeefe> The last mailing I included a tag line at the bottom. What should we have? "Member survey enclosed"? [12:14] <@mildbeard> On the envelope ? [12:15] <@srevilak> what was the tag line from last mailing? [12:16] <@mildbeard> I think "Member survey enclosed" sounds good to me. [12:16] == [bsod] [~bsod@xx.pirate] has joined #masspirates [12:16] == mode/#masspirates [+o [bsod]] by [4Q] [12:16] == mode/#masspirates [+v [bsod]] by [4Q] [12:16] == mode/#masspirates [+l 16] by [4Q] [12:17] <@[bsod]> hello [12:17] <@jokeefe> mildbeard, yes on the envelope. srevilak, I don't remember what was [12:17] <@jokeefe> hi bsod [12:17] <@[bsod]> hey man [12:17] <@jokeefe> what do you suggest, mildbeard? [12:17] <@[bsod]> also, brb; damn busy this time of year [12:17] <@jokeefe> k [12:18] <@jokeefe> wel be here [12:18] <@[bsod]> lol [12:19] <@mildbeard> jokeefe, I like your suggestion "member survey enclosed" [12:21] <@srevilak> "member survey enclosed" okay by me [12:22] == [bsod] [~bsod@xx.pirate] [12:22] == realname : bsod [12:22] == channels : @+#masspirates @+#activepolitic #piratpartiet #uspp #canada #ppuk #piratenpartij #ppi [12:22] == server : [PirateIRC Network AU Leaf] [12:22] == account : [bsod] [12:22] == End of WHOIS [12:22] <@jokeefe> what about for non-members? [12:22] <@jokeefe> "We want your opinion"? [12:23] <@mildbeard> Or - we're informing them that we consider them to be members. [12:23] <@jokeefe> "We want your opinion. Survey enclosed."? [12:24] <@mildbeard> Either way. [12:24] <@srevilak> jokeefe: also fine [12:24] <@jokeefe> I was thinking of the people who signed our pol designation petition. but didn't become voters/joined email list. [12:25] <@mildbeard> That's fine, we want input from people even if they don't think of themselves as members. [12:26] <@jokeefe> Perhaps "Thanks for your help in 2010! We have grown since then & we want your opinions. Survey enclosed."? [12:27] <@mildbeard> maybe that's too many words? [12:27] <@jokeefe> probably [12:28] <@jokeefe> "Thanks for your help in 2010! Find out where we've sailed to."? [12:29] <@srevilak> 2010? [12:29] <@jokeefe> that is when we got political designation status [12:29] <@srevilak> ah [12:30] <@srevilak> when's the envelope stuffing party? [12:31] <@jokeefe> when is good? [12:31] <@jokeefe> you want to host, erik? [12:32] <@mildbeard> The point of the tag line should be - what is their motivation for opening the envelope. So maybe "Survey enclosed - Tell us how we can defend your freedom." [12:32] <@mildbeard> Do we need a party? How many envelopes is it? [12:32] <@jokeefe> nearly 200 [12:33] <@jokeefe> mildbeard, i like your line. [12:35] <@mildbeard> Hmm. Maybe we could combine it with a video discussion that we could post on the site. [12:35] <@[bsod]> sry guys, i have no time to interupt your serious business with stupid comments today [12:35] <@[bsod]> cya later, ill try to be back next week [12:36] <@mildbeard> But 200 isn't a lot of envelopes, so you don't need a lot of people for that. [12:36] <@mildbeard> adios [bsod] [12:36] <@[bsod]> cya man [12:36] == [bsod] [~bsod@xx.pirate] has left #masspirates [] [12:36] == mode/#masspirates [+l 15] by [4Q] [12:37] <@jokeefe> adding the video discussion sounds good. [12:37] <@jokeefe> what to use beside skype/google chat, or are those acceptable? [12:37] <@jokeefe> might want to do it for the in-person meetings as well. [12:38] <@jokeefe> mumble is audio only, right? [12:39] <@mildbeard> Well, if we have people getting together then we can always just use a camera. [12:40] <@mildbeard> But maybe that's better for a monthly meeting or something. [12:40] <@jokeefe> was thinking of openning it up so others can participate, though we would encourage them to show up of course. need good mic. [12:40] <@jokeefe> true [12:40] <@jokeefe> this could be a test though [12:40] <@mildbeard> How about having a debate on a specific topic. Then we can encourage others to make video responses and post them as well. [12:41] <@jokeefe> what dates work? [12:41] <@mildbeard> It would be good to have something where there's some level of debate - if we talk about privacy then we'll all be preaching to the choir. [12:41] <@mildbeard> I am not working the whole week after Xmas and the first week of Jan. [12:42] <@jokeefe> I am off XMas to New Years day [12:43] <@jokeefe> 30th? or not limit ourselves? [12:44] <@mildbeard> I have to check my schedule with Melanie. Do you want to do a doodle? [12:45] <@jokeefe> sure [12:46] <@jokeefe> 2. Review of planned 2013 events/activities [12:46] <@mildbeard> BTW I love the "foiled again" chocolate coins. [12:47] <@jokeefe> yes, they are cool. could sell bags of them at the conference [12:47] <@jokeefe> So there are a bunch of events in 2012. I put some up on the agenda [12:49] <@jokeefe> any suggestions of others? [12:49] <@mildbeard> I agree with continuing all the things from 2012. [12:50] <@srevilak> what about libreplanet? Or, would that just be preaching to the choir? [12:50] <@mildbeard> What is the earliest date that we could start collecting signatures on a petition to get an issue or candidates on the ballot? That would be a good thing to do at these events. [12:51] <@jokeefe> for statewide candidates feb 2014 [12:52] <@mildbeard> too bad [12:52] <@jokeefe> roughtly same for advisory questons [12:52] <@jokeefe> for city/town elections, check with city/town [12:53] <@mildbeard> Hmm. I wouldn't want to go to a conference and try to get signatures for a local election. [12:53] <@mildbeard> Better to go door to door. [12:53] <@jokeefe> right, would need to get them from neighbors [12:53] <@jokeefe> suggestions for conference locations? [12:54] <@srevilak> sorry, have to go into lurking mode. Will read irc transcript later [12:55] <@mildbeard> What's a typical budget for a conference location running us? [12:56] <@jokeefe> Varies. Demo center was the least expensive, but there were others I looked at. [12:56] <@jokeefe> I'll email what I sent out before. [12:57] <@jokeefe> We can start asking around. [12:57] <@jokeefe> What do we want the location to have/ [12:57] <@mildbeard> ok [12:57] <@jokeefe> 1. Capacity for 50-100 [12:57] <@mildbeard> Well, we will probably get more people this year, so adequate space and a good location that is easy to get to. [12:57] <@mildbeard> Also good internet. [12:57] <@mildbeard> Lighting. [12:59] <@jokeefe> wheelchair access [13:01] <@mildbeard> electric outlets [13:01] <@jokeefe> Good. I'll post that we are looking for a space with those qualities. [13:02] <@mildbeard> How about a pirate costume party as a fundraiser on talk like a pirate day? [13:03] <@jokeefe> TLAPD is Thu., Sept. 19th [13:03] <@jokeefe> sounds good [13:05] <@jokeefe> In the email/blog post I'll ask for event suggestions. [13:09] <@mildbeard> ok [13:10] <@mildbeard> I have to make some work related calls. [13:11] <@jokeefe> me too. adjourn? [13:12] <@mildbeard> aye [13:14] <@mildbeard> ok ttyl have a good week