February 12th, 2022 Democracy/Tech Meeting

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  • jokeefe
  • srevilak


Peer tube. Needs Postgres and nginx, which aren't convenient for MFPL. Considering using docker images, and finding a service provider who'll give us a vm to host. Going to try a $6/mo Virtual machine at Digital Ocean as a test.

Civicrm. Would be useful to segment access by zip code, or some other attribute. Requires research. Steve will look into this.

Jamie plans to apply civi/crew updates.

Messaging/communications platform. Have tried a bunch. Probably time to pick one and stick with it. USPP has put a lot of effort into discord. Berlin PP uses discourse.

Should add a events/calendar page to the website.

Another TODO: download videos from youtube, so that we have backup copies.

Next meeting: Saturday March 12th, 11:am