February 18th, 2023 Conference

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Suggested topics

Resisting anti-trans propaganda

Will the Party be doing anything more in this regard? It would be a great opportunity to educate more ppl, help them understand the medical & scientific issues behind gender identity & gender affirming care (esp as Boston Medical Center was targeted with threats of violence by anti-trans extremists).

  • Invite someone from trans resistance or other org to talk about how we can help protect trans people
  • training in privacy/security
  • privacy/security documents (zines?)
    • leave community/medical centers/colleges/high schools
    • offer to speak at high schools
  • reach out LGBTQ+ student orgs at high school/colleges
  • train the trainers

Leader: reach out to two volunteers and mailing list

Joe will look up contact info for student orgs

Jamie will contact trans resistance folks


Security/Privacy Training

  • Threat Modeling
  • Using Signal
  • Comparing other messaging services
  • Using Tor
  • On-line identity protection
    • What are you sharing and to whom?
    • What apps are spying on you and how to prevent?
  • Data broker lookup
  • Managing passwords
  • In-person security
    • Who is recording what?
    • What cameras are around you
  • Protecting your credit rating
  • Check out PeerBlock/NOSTR

Email people to help with topics

Get a list together of what documents we have

Have a single site with all docs

How to videos?

Defining a gun control/legislation/ownership position

  • Gather good data
  • Suggestion that Mass. has good laws
    • required training done by a third party such as the hunting community
      • training costs money, but then so do guns and ammo
    • keeping guns secured when not in use
  • respecting the cultural element
    • issue when guns are used as a means of intimidation - Example

What are good sources of data?

  • Mass. Firearms School
  • Joe will provide additional info
  • School shootings research
  • break down of gun deaths
  • Other quality data sources

Change the narrative?

Eliminate gun deaths/all violent deaths

  • 50+% of gun deaths are suicides
  • all violent deaths are a failure
  • dealing with root causes
    • economic injustice
    • mental health
    • etc.

Running for office

Reach out to potential candidates to see what training they need

Emailing -> Calling candidates

Customizing what info they based offices available

Cap $500/year to each candidate. Yearly limit across candidates.


  • flyers to candidates. Is a contribution to candidates if every volunteer can get them? Ask OCPF
  • video training
  • in-person training
  • focus training on organizing and sustaining post election

Schedule trainings in different parts of the commonwealth