Holding a Mapping Event

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Once you have gone out and mapped cameras on your own, try organizing neighbors and friends to map cameras. Here are a few tips:

Before the event

  1. Pick a date, time and location. It helps if you have a rain/snow date to fall back to if the weather gets in your way;
  2. Share your event:
    1. with neighbors and friends;
    2. on social media;
    3. on neighborhood discussion lists;
    4. put up posters about the event with a map of the area you plan to map and where to meet and when;

When advertising your event, include a phone number people can use to contact you and links or QR codes to the following links so people can download and setup software ahead of time:

Consult our Using OSM Field Papers page to create maps you can print out and give to people at the event.

During the event