Holding a Mapping Event

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Once you have gone out and mapped cameras on your own, try organizing neighbors and friends to map cameras. Here are a few tips:

Before the event

Pick a date, start and end times and location. It helps if you have a rain/snow date to fall back to if the weather gets in your way. Mapping events should last about two hours. Be sure to include time after to gather, share ideas of what worked and didn't and possibly hang out and socialize.

Share your event:

  • with neighbors and friends;
  • on social media;
  • on neighborhood discussion lists;
  • put up posters about the event.

When advertising your event include:

Consult our Using OSM Field Papers page to create maps you can print out and give to people at the event.

During the event

Make sure everyone either is:

  • setup to use their mapping app including:
    • they have downloaded the map app they will use;
    • they have created an Open Street Map account;
    • their app is logged into their Open Street Map account;
  • using a paper map. Be sure to agree on the required symbols for different types of cameras and their characteristics such as camera view angle.

Divide up into teams of around two people.

Divide up the area you will cover either by handing out preprinted maps or pick landmarks such as streets to divide the area each team should cover.

When a two person team reaches a block, pick a corner with one person going on one side and the other person on the other side. They should meet at the diagonal corner. That way a team can advance down a set of blocks without having to loop back. An alternative method is for team members to walk in the same direction and leap frog each other. Pick the method that works for you or find your own.

Teams should keep in frequent contact so they can share ideas, observations and help each other out.

Tell everyone where to meet once the event is over so people can hand in their marked paper maps, share ideas of what worked and didn't and possibly hang out and socialize.

There is no right way to map cameras. Find what works for your teams and make sure everyone HAS FUN!

After the event

Enter any data from marked paper maps into Open Street Map.

Share how many cameras were mapped with everyone who participated. Use cctv.masspirates.org to zoom into the area you mapped, take a screen capture and use that. Send a link to your post/image to info@masspirates.org so we can share it!

Plan your next event!