January 11th, 2022 IRC Meeting

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Planks: https://github.com/masspirates/planks

Working on a new plank:



Leader: Malt

Starting monthly meetings. Next one will be Saturday, January 22nd at noon.

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Pirate news recording scheduled for Sundays, 7pm with go-live at 7:30pm. Unless changed


Other To Do

  • Application to PPI

Upcoming Events

  • Democracy Meeting, Sat., Jan. 15th, 11am-1pm
  • Pirate Moot, Sat., Jan. 22nd, noon


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • Joe (Joseph Onoroski, Lowell)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)


  • davidd_
  • hvxgr
  • slerman


Outreach. Will be a video meeting, probably big blue button. Possible topics include

  • When to have annual conference
  • Encouraging people to run for office (state rep or local office)

Pirate News. The usual Sunday at 7pm.


21:07 <~jokeefe> Agenda:
21:09 <~jokeefe> ids
21:10 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA
21:10 <~jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:10 < Joe> I know I need to attend to it.
21:10 < Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:11 <~jokeefe> Anything to add?
21:11 < Joe> Monthly meeting agenda.
21:12 <~jokeefe> we can discuss that in outreach
21:12 <~jokeefe> Projects
21:12 <~jokeefe> Outreach
21:12 <~jokeefe> :-)
21:14 < Joe> Lol
21:14 < srevilak> I'd presume we'd do the monthly meeting via Jitsi?
21:14 <~jokeefe> At the member meeting, we could discuss projects to
        focus on for the year
21:15 < Joe> Old business, new business?
21:15 <~jokeefe> It will be a video meeting.  Probably Big Blue Button
21:15 < Joe> We should include live polls if possible.
21:16 < srevilak> In a pinch, I have (shame) a zoom account
21:16 <~jokeefe> we can do that
21:16 <~jokeefe> thanks, srevilak
21:16 < Joe> Ty srevilak
21:17 < srevilak> I've missed the last couple of pirate moots.  What did
        we typically have for agenda?
21:17 < Joe> I am not as familiar with big blue and its features
21:17 <~jokeefe> We have the democracy meeting this Saturday.
21:17 <~jokeefe> We used big blue button for the conference
21:18 < Joe> It seemed to work. Which one is better?
21:19 <~jokeefe> Big blue button was pretty good
21:19 <~jokeefe> Speaking of conference, when should we host the next one?
21:20 < srevilak> This could be poll question for the moot
21:20 < Joe> Spring, right before school ends so we can hit up the
        colleges with law departments.
21:20 < srevilak> Since it's 2022, I hope we could get some candidates
        to run this year
21:21 < Joe> And political science majors
21:21 < Joe> I will be willing to run this year btw. Though I still need
        to be local.
21:22 <~jokeefe> agreed.
21:23 < Joe> Wanted to either go city trustee or some level of rep
21:23 < srevilak> Cool!
21:24 < Joe> The local library trustee really interested me.
21:25 <~jokeefe> signature gathering is mid Feb to May
21:26 < Joe> But on that note. We have most of the issues hammered out
        with platform and the like. Is there anything else we would need other
        than campaigning for change?
21:27 <~jokeefe> Expect so. We can discuss it at the moot
21:28 < Joe> What is the high level of office we could expect to obtain
        in office in MA?
21:28 < Joe> That is a moot question
21:28 < Joe> Why you should run.
21:28 <~jokeefe> Focus would be on State Rep/Senate or town offices.
21:30 < Joe> Would you be willing to help me set up a campaign page?
21:30 <~jokeefe> Sure
21:31 <~jokeefe> Conference survey would also be good for those who
        cannot attend on the 22nd
21:32 < Joe> Leave the survey open for a few days then?
21:33 <~jokeefe> oh sure.
21:35 <~jokeefe> Video Newsletter/Podcast
21:35 <~jokeefe> Good for sunday?
21:36 < Joe> I am
21:36 < srevilak> yes
21:36 < Joe> Sorry I have still been on my phone. My current location
        is not conductive for proper setup yet
21:37 < Joe> My house should be rebuilt by June so I can have a studio
        then. I can alo
21:37 < srevilak> I think the phone has been working fine
21:37 < Joe> Also work on my office.
21:38 <~jokeefe> agreed.
21:38 <~jokeefe> just good everyone can make it
21:38 < Joe> Itworks but is very frustrating on my end.
21:39 < Joe> Still, that hard drive is good, ty jokeefe
21:39 <~jokeefe> glad it helps
21:40 <~jokeefe> That is all I have for now. Anything else?
21:40 < srevilak> nothing here
21:40 < Joe> Motion to adjourn
21:40 < srevilak> second
21:41 < srevilak> will post transcript