July 30th, 2022 Community Organizing Discussion

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  • Steve
  • James
  • Joe


Discussion of starting locals, running candidates and building the party.

Steve suggested having a Participate local program that focused on open government encouraged members to get people to attend meetings and write them up or live tweet them.


  • Why this needs to be done
    • What local government meetings are available
    • What gets decided at them
  • Meeting Details:
    • How to find when/where they are (time and place)
    • How to find the agenda and past minutes
  • What to do
    • How to speak and present yourself so you are listened too, if you want to
    • Guidelines for recording public meetings, though they are often recorded and put up at community cable. Easier on-line.
    • Where to put your notes

How to guide will be at Participate Local.

Discuss it at the next Pirate News: Projects for the rest of 2022: The Great Thing

Discussion of Outreach methods:

  • Email
  • Txt (not setup)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Calling
  • Mailing

Need an event listing on the blog.