June 25th, 2015 IRC Meeting

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  1. Fast Track legislation
  2. Mailchimp migration
  3. Olympics in Mass
  4. Pirate Con Video & Audio recordings
  5. Pirate Council Meeting
  6. Other reports



Event Planning

  1. July 11, 10am-1pm, IT Meeting, E5
  2. July 18, Worcester Unemployment Action Group (WUAG)/MAPPL hackathon, Stone Soup, Worcester
  3. Aug 2, Pirate Picnic, Georges Island?, need poll & sign up form (asking for what people will bring)
  4. August Cryptoparty, Worcester
  5. Aug/Sep. Surveillance mapping Hackathon
  6. Sep. 19 & 20, Freedom Rally - Sign up form - have asked for volunteers in email as well, need blog post by July/Aug
  7. Oct. event?
  8. Nov. event?
  9. Dec. event?

Every Thu., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
  • js0000: johnny saylor wonderful waltham
  • Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero
  • Jlefty: Jamie Slate
  • bestpiggy: olivia píñeyro, boston
  • igel: will, aarlington.
  • srevilak: Steve Revilak, Presently not in Arlington, MA


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal
  • zby


Fast Track passed. With the whole MA delegation against TPP, we should focus on New England. The House was the closest with a 218-208 vote. We need to id who voted for it and which groups will work to oppose it. Unions, Jobs with Justice, local environmental and conservative groups focused on sovereignty issues would be a good start. igel would gather the House Rep. contact info. jokeefe will get the votes.

Migration from Mailchimp to CiviCRM went well. New post looked more impactful. Need to come up with better email templates.

Pirate Con Video & Audio recordings - srevilak posted five? audio recordings. Noe gave jokeefe the videos, who will put them up somewhere and put out a call for editors. he also has some slide decks to put up. We can post them all at archive.org on our net label.

Pirate Council Meeting Review - We had eight at it with some new folks. Good conversation. Came up with the surveillance map hackathon idea. Got at least one volunteer to help clean up our media mailing list.

Pirate Picnic will be Sunday, August 2nd on Georges Island. Boat schedule



[9:10pm] jokeefe: lets start [9:10pm] jokeefe: agenda - https://masspirates.org/wiki/June_25th,_2015_IRC_Meeting [9:10pm] Bluestreak: I will talk to you more about personal stuff later, jokeefe [9:11pm] jokeefe: ids - James O’Keefe, Somerville [9:11pm] jokeefe: hello jlefty & js0000 [9:11pm] js0000: johnny saylor wonderful waltham [9:11pm] js0000: ahoy! [9:11pm] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero [9:11pm] Jlefty: Ahoy, Jamie Slate [9:11pm] Bluestreak: ahoy js0000 [9:11pm] bestpiggy: olivia píñeyro, boston [9:12pm] jokeefe: Reports - Fast Track [9:12pm] jokeefe: passed the Senate. On Obama’s desk if not signed [9:13pm] Bluestreak: But we got a flag banned. [9:13pm] jokeefe: AFLCIO says it won’t hold a grunge with anyone who voted for it [9:13pm] Bluestreak: Whores. [9:13pm] js0000: why not? [9:13pm] jokeefe: Wealthy are mum on what they will do to those who voted against it [9:13pm] Bluestreak: *not ready to not be angry yet [9:14pm] jokeefe: js0000 - http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/afl-cio-2016-endorsement-doesnt-hinge-on-fast-track-119077.html [9:14pm] js0000: in case anyone thought popular opinion mattered in our corporate kingdom [9:15pm] js0000: thx [9:15pm] jokeefe: the money primary is where it is at [9:15pm] jokeefe: So next fight is TPP and it maybe soon [9:15pm] js0000: popular resistance does good work on this ... [9:16pm] jokeefe: ISDS may be the best way to fight it - http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2015/06/tpp-13-democratic-senators-invite-republicans-to-make-them-laughing-stocks-and-more-serious-matters.html [9:17pm] jokeefe: though ISDS looks to be unconstitutional [9:17pm] igel joined the chat room. [9:17pm] Bluestreak: Ahoy! [9:17pm] igel: yaar, [9:17pm] jokeefe: Of course it would take a SCOTUS vote to confirm that [9:17pm] igel: will, aarlington. [9:17pm] igel: hi [9:18pm] js0000: ahoy! [9:18pm] jokeefe: ahoy igel [9:18pm] jokeefe: “under the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Czech Republic Trade Agreement, the Czech Republic was sued in an investor state proceeding for failing to bail out an insolvent bank which an investor company had an interest in. The investor company was awarded $236 million in the dispute settlement.” - http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2015/03/thoughts-trans-pacific-partnership.html [9:18pm] Jlefty left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [9:18pm] Jlefty joined the chat room. [9:18pm] jokeefe: agenda https://masspirates.org/wiki/June_25th,_2015_IRC_Meeting [9:19pm] igel: yea, re: tpp [9:19pm] igel: neoliberalism [9:19pm] Bluestreak: Win or lose the suit, getting sued is expensive. [9:20pm] jokeefe: yes, but it would be a government suing [9:20pm] Bluestreak: I… must have read that wrong. [9:20pm] jokeefe: Anyhow, TPP is evil for more than ISDS. But Mass. is against it so time to focus on New England [9:21pm] jokeefe: Jeanne Shaheen voted for it. [9:22pm] jokeefe: Would need to look at who it house voted for it [9:22pm] jokeefe: closer in the house. [9:22pm] jokeefe: 218-208, IIRC [9:22pm] igel: k. clark? [9:23pm] igel: think it was 5th district [9:23pm] jokeefe: All of MA voted against it, Moulton was on the fence but voted against it [9:24pm] jokeefe: if anyone can look up anti TPP groups in New England besides the unions that would be good [9:24pm] jokeefe: suggestions? [9:26pm] igel: environmental, labor, intellectual property [9:26pm] js0000: what about evan ... [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Jobs with Justice? [9:26pm] jokeefe: yes [9:26pm] js0000: i think most of population is against it [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Environmental workers are actually tricky. [9:26pm] jokeefe: yes, but getting them out is an issue [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Most of their contracts are to big polluters. [9:26pm] js0000: speaking of getting out, maybe mailchimp next? [9:27pm] js0000: i got a nice email from the party [9:27pm] Bluestreak: Surprized how many of Jason’s co-workers are a-political. [9:27pm] jokeefe: I can see a lot of conservative groups being against ISDS because of sovereignty issues [9:27pm] jokeefe: well email if you come up with any names of groups [9:28pm] jokeefe: igel would you be able to get the list of House Reps and their contact info? [9:29pm] Bluestreak: Email, OK [9:29pm] jokeefe: moving on as js0000 suggested to Mailchimp migration [9:29pm] igel: thats easy -- ou're going to make me automate this [9:29pm] jokeefe: probably [9:29pm] Bluestreak: Thank you Will [9:29pm] igel: cheers [9:29pm] Bluestreak: <3 [9:29pm] jokeefe: we should talk about twitter integration at some point thanks igel [9:30pm] js0000: do we have graphics to add to email template? [9:30pm] jokeefe: did everyone get the email blast from non-mailchimp? [9:30pm] igel: thats whats up. [9:30pm] js0000: or maybe it was just my client [9:30pm] js0000: but was much more impactful than previous mailchimp mailings [9:30pm] jokeefe: really, why so? [9:30pm] js0000: orange [9:31pm] jokeefe: ah [9:31pm] js0000: just grabs my eye [9:31pm] js0000: that's what i'm saying about graphic too [9:31pm] js0000: pirate flag ... ? [9:31pm] jokeefe: that took me a while [9:31pm] js0000: it is nice [9:31pm] js0000: no mistake, a huge step forward in my opinion [9:31pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:31pm] jokeefe: good [9:31pm] jokeefe: haven’t looked at any stats from it [9:32pm] js0000: well, that will tell more than my opinion [9:32pm] js0000: is it harder than mailchimp to use? [9:32pm] jokeefe: yes [9:32pm] js0000: :'( [9:32pm] jokeefe: mailchimp is very drag and drop [9:32pm] js0000: that's what you pay for, right? [9:33pm] jokeefe: little hand editing of html, not so much with civicrm [9:33pm] jokeefe: yes, js0000, yes it is [9:33pm] jokeefe: other opinions? [9:34pm] srevilak joined the chat room. [9:34pm] Bluestreak: Ahoy! [9:34pm] srevilak: hi all [9:35pm] srevilak: Steve Revilak, Presently not in Arlington, MA [9:35pm] jokeefe: just discussing civi and the mailing, srevilak [9:35pm] srevilak: ok [9:35pm] srevilak: is it a good discussion, or a bad discussion? [9:36pm] jokeefe: good [9:36pm] js0000: well, i liked it, but i'm the only one who's said anything ... [9:36pm] srevilak: glad to hear. [9:37pm] srevilak: I have some hotmail follow up to do. Will report on that when I have something to report [9:38pm] Bluestreak: Don’t feel qualified to comment [9:38pm] jokeefe: Olympics in Mass - haven’t written the blog post, doing the tpp mail took too much time for me to include it [9:39pm] jokeefe: Will have email/blog post out by Monday [9:39pm] srevilak: I likely won't have time to do much writing between now and monday. Maybe on the train home [9:39pm] jokeefe: whatever you can would be appreciated [9:40pm] srevilak: I saw the list. Will try to pick one and work on it [9:40pm] jokeefe: much appreciated [9:40pm] Bluestreak: I will work on Freedom Rally [9:40pm] Bluestreak: Post that is. [9:40pm] jokeefe: thank you [9:40pm] srevilak: Working on article about amazon's pay per page model [9:40pm] jokeefe: oh, heard about that [9:41pm] jokeefe: wonder what the NSA subsidy will be [9:41pm] jokeefe: Pirate Con Video & Audio recordings - Steve posted five? audio recordings. Noe gave me the videos. I have to put them up somewhere and put out a call for editors. Got some slide decks to put up [9:41pm] Bluestreak: Harry Potter [9:42pm] jokeefe: and the Evil 5 Eyes? [9:42pm] Bluestreak: Every one of her books got thicker and thicker to justify charging more and more [9:42pm] Bluestreak: And the work sufffered, she needed better editing [9:42pm] js0000: well, how else are you supposed to know how good they are ... ? [9:42pm] Bluestreak: This will have the same effect. [9:42pm] jokeefe: Charles Dickens effect [9:42pm] Bluestreak: Bloat. [9:43pm] js0000: bigger is better [9:43pm] Bluestreak: Haven’t read much Dickens [9:43pm] jokeefe: I remember 12 book fantasy series where each was 200 pages when I was in HS [9:43pm] js0000: some good social justice stuff [9:43pm] js0000: honorable workers and so on [9:43pm] js0000: dripping with sentimentality though [9:44pm] Bluestreak: I remember this fantasy series where everyone was like war and peace. Couldn’t get through it. all filler [9:44pm] Bluestreak: Terry something [9:44pm] jokeefe: Prachet? [9:44pm] Bluestreak: NO! [9:44pm] jokeefe: or something [9:44pm] js0000: sorry, that narrows it down to about 50,000 titles [9:44pm] Bluestreak: Some lame forgetable Terry [9:44pm] Bluestreak: Brain fog [9:45pm] Bluestreak: I will remember. Hard enough for me to remember the books I DO finish [9:45pm] jokeefe: Brooks, Goodkind? [9:45pm] js0000: no worries, i am sure it will come to you in the middle of the night when you need to sleep [9:45pm] jokeefe: of course [9:45pm] Bluestreak: Yes! Shannara! [9:45pm] Bluestreak: I hated that. [9:45pm] Bluestreak: Paid too much for it too [9:45pm] js0000: see- you still got it! [9:46pm] Bluestreak: Brooks [9:46pm] srevilak: for conference video: would suggest posting material to archive.org, in addition to you tube (to have a collection in one place) [9:46pm] Bluestreak: Jamie has a gift [9:46pm] jokeefe: it was all the search engine [9:46pm] Bluestreak: It’s called Google [9:46pm] jokeefe: so working on the videos [9:46pm] js0000: yes, i think we should leverage archive.org as much as possible [9:46pm] jokeefe: trying to get them out [9:46pm] jokeefe: sounds good. do they take videos? [9:46pm] js0000: i think you can also post videos to our net label [9:46pm] jokeefe: good [9:47pm] srevilak: jokeefe: archive.org takes audio, video, pdf, images [9:47pm] js0000: i have not done video, but i think they have it too [9:47pm] Bluestreak: Can we post more to the YouTube channel? [9:47pm] Bluestreak: Like Everything? [9:47pm] jokeefe: yes [9:47pm] Bluestreak: I think I can do that [9:47pm] js0000: you tube probably gets more eyeballs [9:47pm] Bluestreak: Need PW [9:47pm] jokeefe: put the three ville pirates videos up [9:47pm] Bluestreak: AJ will help me if I get stuck. [9:47pm] jokeefe: will bring you a usb stick fo the videos [9:48pm] Bluestreak: None of PirateCon 2013 is on YouTube. [9:48pm] srevilak: With video (and audio) most of the work is in post production, aka editing [9:48pm] Bluestreak: I am particularly fond of those videos [9:48pm] jokeefe: Pirate Council Meeting Review- We had eight at it with some new folks [9:48pm] Bluestreak: Yay! [9:48pm] Bluestreak: That’s great! Sorry to miss it! [9:49pm] jokeefe: Came up with the surveillance mapping hackathon at it - thanks for all the good discussion on the topic [9:50pm] js0000: yes, sounds like a good and fun project [9:51pm] js0000: i don't have a good phone or i might try to write up how to contribute [9:51pm] js0000: i might anyway, but it will be limited ... [9:51pm] jokeefe: txt interface? [9:51pm] js0000: well, GPS coordinates and photos are what's needed [9:51pm] js0000: or that's what goes on openstreetmap [9:52pm] jokeefe: srevilak, bestpiggy - any other observations? [9:53pm] srevilak: one attendee volunteered to go through our medial list, and try so identify stale contacts [9:54pm] • srevilak steps out for a moment [9:55pm] jokeefe: good [9:55pm] bestpiggy: i can't think of anything [9:56pm] igel: easiest maps to hit phones are ones that have a nice logo, then link to a web app [9:56pm] jokeefe: [9:56pm] jokeefe: we are almost out of time [9:57pm] Bluestreak: Picnic? [9:57pm] jokeefe: any observations on where we should have the Aug 2 Pirate Picnic? Georges Island has one vote [9:57pm] jokeefe: no other suggestions [9:57pm] Bluestreak: I’m not sure I can go but if I can I vote George’s Island [9:57pm] jokeefe: two votes [9:57pm] jokeefe: does that work for folks? [9:57pm] Bluestreak: I would like to see Kate. [9:57pm] Bluestreak: [9:58pm] Bluestreak: We could have a fundraiser [9:58pm] Bluestreak: I know the ferry ticket prices put some people off [9:59pm] Bluestreak: Online or calls [9:59pm] bestpiggy: i've never been there [9:59pm] Bluestreak: I am pretty bored. I have changed my mind about calling people at home and bugging them [9:59pm] jokeefe: It is fun. Cook out, explore the castle and museum. lovely boat ride [9:59pm] Bluestreak: It’s lovely there [10:00pm] Bluestreak: Very nautical. And Piratey [10:00pm] Bluestreak: People who would like me to make calls should bring it to the list. [10:01pm] jokeefe: ok, we are at time. there being no other suggestions and seemingly no objections. going to go with 8/2 on Georges Island [10:01pm] Bluestreak: Objections? [10:01pm] jokeefe: motion to adjourn? [10:02pm] jokeefe: I will motion [10:03pm] jokeefe: 2nd? [10:03pm] igel: *knock knock* [10:03pm] jokeefe: who’s there? [10:04pm] igel: none of these jokes will end with a laugh [10:04pm] igel: [10:04pm] igel: *sigh* yea it is @ time [10:04pm] jokeefe: all in favor? [10:04pm] igel: nearly done w/ the 160 will let you know [10:05pm] jokeefe: thanks [10:05pm] jokeefe: aye [10:05pm] igel: aye [10:06pm] bestpiggy left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [10:06pm] Bluestreak: aye [10:06pm] Bluestreak left the chat room. [10:06pm] jokeefe: motion passes [10:06pm] jokeefe: I’ll post the notes