June 27th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Conference
    1. Outreach
    2. Logistics
    3. Speakers & Schedule
  2. Events
    1. All charges against Cammy Dee dropped. Family needs our support still. (See fundraiser)
    2. PirateCon 2013 this Saturday. Invite your friends through FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/118509375002008/
    3. No NSA Spying Protests, July 4th
    4. Cameron D'Ambrosio Fundraiser, Lowell, July 6th, 8pm
    5. Pirate Night, July ?
    6. Art Beat, Somerville, July 19-20th
    7. Pirate Picnic, George's Island, August 3rd (Is the fact that Boston Comic Con has been rescheduled to that weekend a problem for anyone?)
  3. National Affairs

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:



  • Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero
  • srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville


  • davidd: David van Deijk, Eindhoven, NL
  • ageis
  • passstab
  • illunatic
  • Shidash
  • rocode





Speakers & Schedule

Scheduled Events

National Affairs

Meeting Minutes

21:07 <+Bluestreak> So Start with IDs
21:08 <+Bluestreak> Lucia Fiero
21:08 <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:08 <+Joe> Joseph Guertin, Bellingham
21:08 <+Kendra> Kendra Moyer, Arlington
21:08 <+Bluestreak> http://masspirates.org/wiki/June_27th,_2013_IRC_Meeting
21:08 <+Bluestreak> Agenda ^^^
21:09 <+js0000> john saylor waltham
21:10 <+Bluestreak> Hey Sevan! Id Please
21:10 <+Bluestreak> We've just started
21:10 <+black_van> Hi guys
21:10 <+black_van> sevan boston
21:11 <+Bluestreak> So big day for free speech today
21:11 <+black_van> i got a job offer today \m/   so big day for me
21:12 <+Bluestreak> Care to share?
21:12 <+black_van> healthcare consultant
21:12 <+Bluestreak> You want it?
21:12 <+black_van> yeah think so
21:12 <+Bluestreak> Then yay!
21:12 <+black_van> :)
21:13 <+Bluestreak> I'm sorry all this happened to Cam
21:13 <+Bluestreak> But I must say I have met some really great people because of it
21:13 <+black_van> at least his rap career has more publicity than it would have otherwise ;)
21:13 <+Bluestreak> Including and especially...
21:13 <+Bluestreak> Cam and his family
21:14 <+Bluestreak> Nice folks and I am eager to get out to their fundraiser
21:14 <+Bluestreak> Yes well he is making FB with many hot ladies now, too
21:14 <+Bluestreak> FB friends
21:15 <+Joe> Hes got his official "fight the man" status now
21:15 <+Bluestreak> All the local alt media love him
21:15 <+Bluestreak> ANd I listened to this one rap of his...
21:15 <+Bluestreak> I don't like rap but it's pretty amusing
21:15 <+Bluestreak> So he may be on to something
21:16 <+Kendra> No such thing as bad publicity. 
21:16 <+Bluestreak> No kidding!
21:16 <+Kendra> Paula Deen's books are selling out. 
21:16 <+Bluestreak> And we can be proud that the Pirates got him back on line.
21:17 <+Kendra> What is going on with the fundraiser?
21:17 <+Bluestreak> Yes, and PD actually said something OFFENSIVE
21:17 <+Bluestreak> Chance is running that
21:17 <+Bluestreak> he fronted 400 bucks so we need to get ppl in the door
21:17 <+Kendra> Are we participating or just attending?  do they want our help?
21:17 <+Bluestreak> If you want to help I can put you in touch with him.
21:18 <+Bluestreak> But I just want to encourage a Pirate presence
21:18 <+Bluestreak> It's a great cause and a good place to netword
21:18 <+Bluestreak> k
21:18 <+Bluestreak> We will all have our CARDS to hand out!
21:18 <+Kendra> I'm not exactly volunteering, what is involved? Is it a concert or dinner or something?  Any details?
21:18 <+Bluestreak> When I got home Steve your cards and Kendras had arrived
21:18 <+Kendra> I'm not exactly volunteering, what is involved? Is it a concert or dinner or something?  Any details?
21:18 <+Kendra> I'm not exactly volunteering, what is involved? Is it a concert or dinner or something?  Any details?
21:19 <+Kendra> Sorry about sending that repeatedly I was lost on the page or soemthing.
21:19 <+Bluestreak> https://www.facebook.com/events/323638467767736/
21:20 <+Bluestreak> This is public so you should be able to read it
21:20 <+Bluestreak> If you cant access the link Kendra let me know
21:21 <+Bluestreak> srevilak your cards were here when I got home today
21:21 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: thx
21:22 <+Bluestreak> Kendra your cards came too
21:22 <+Kendra> Thanks Lucia
21:22 <+Bluestreak> I will have them for you Sat morning
21:22 <+Bluestreak> Can you believe it's conference time at last?
21:22 <+Bluestreak> I am so... exhausted
21:23 <+Kendra> Do we have any more last minute updates on the conference?
21:24 <+Bluestreak> Jamie might
21:24 <@srevilak> Conference logistics: https://pad.riseup.net/p/stuf-to-bring-to-piratecon2013
21:24 <@srevilak> anything we haven't covered?
21:25 <+Bluestreak> I am adding stuff now...
21:26 <+Kendra> Can we quickly walk through what things will be look like from start to finish?  What time we should arrive for set up?  What do we need to set up etc.? Any changes we haven't clarified? 
21:26 <@srevilak> Kendra: we can get in at 8.  I'll arrive around that time
21:27 <@srevilak> Joe: were you interested in moderating a panel?
21:27 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: I believe that CCB has a projector.
21:27 <@srevilak> Though, having a backup isn't a bad idea
21:27 <+Bluestreak> If you aren't sure, why not?
21:28 <+Bluestreak> back up that is
21:28 <@srevilak> huh?
21:28 <+Bluestreak> If you aren't sure they have one, better to have back up
21:28 <+Joe> Yes I would be interested
21:29 <@srevilak> pg 3 of CCB's policy doc claims there's a projector in 2nd floor closet
21:29 <+Bluestreak> And I read that, didn't I?
21:29 <@srevilak> However, say, their projector didn't work, a backup would be good
21:29 <+Bluestreak> *looks sheepish*
21:29 <+Bluestreak> YES! THere you go
21:30 <+Bluestreak> So doe Joe get a say which panel he mods?
21:30 <+Kendra> Sorry I had to take a quick call.   I can get there at 8 am.
21:30 <+Bluestreak> WOW! That
21:30 <+Bluestreak> is awesome
21:30 <@srevilak> Joe: two panels don't have moderators listed: Government power in 2020 and Crowdfunding
21:30 <+js0000> i'm helping with wireless and i was planning on arrival around 8:30
21:31 <@srevilak> Joe: would you like one of those?
21:31 <+Bluestreak> We are shooting for 9:30
21:31 <+Joe> I'd probably be better at government power than crowdfunding
21:31 <+js0000> btw, i don't have any backup hardware either
21:31 <+js0000> i don't expect any failures
21:31 <@srevilak> Joe: I'll pencil you in
21:31 <+Bluestreak> I was thinking you would be good at government power
21:31 <@srevilak> We still need a moderator for crowdfunding
21:31 <+Kendra> I can moderate either on of those, Joe if you take government power I can do crowdfi=unding
21:32 <+Bluestreak> Thanks!
21:32  * srevilak pencils in Kendra for Crowdfunding
21:32 <+Joe> Ill do the government power
21:33 <@srevilak> Joe: ok
21:33 <+Kendra> Do we have Saturday's agenda posted? Iif not can we paste it into this riseup pad? I apologize I cannot keep track of anything at the moment. 
21:33 <+Bluestreak> BRB nagging teenager
21:34 <@srevilak> Kendra: http://masspirates.org/blog/conference/
21:34 <@srevilak> Our 3pm speaker had to back out, though
21:35 <+Kendra> thanks steve.  Looks good. 
21:36 <+Kendra> So should we improvise for the 3pm speaker.  Can we ask Wendy to forward some talking points and resources to maybe have a fishbowl or open discussion on the topic?
21:36 <+Bluestreak> I wanted to talk about that
21:37 <+Bluestreak> Jamie said to the list: Also, the 3pm-4pm window would be a good time for the two candidates who have asked for our endorsement to speak to attendees.
21:37 <+Bluestreak> And I thought that would also be a good time to trot out Joe Guertin (P) for state rep
21:37 <+Kendra> Lucia you could lead the conversation about SOPA/PIPA etc.  I do not know if Seamus will be around.  
21:38 <+Bluestreak> In the 3pm slot?
21:39 <+Bluestreak> Formulate your questions... I have to help Sam... sigh.
21:39 <+Kendra> Yes I was talking about us having a substitute conversation on the topic  and doing some quick research so we are prepared and asking if you wanted to take charge of leading that. 
21:39 <+Kendra> Sorry, i know you have your hands full. 
21:39 <@srevilak> We kicked around the idea of Lightning talks during the 3-4pm slot.  That would lend itself to short candidate pitches
21:40 <+Bluestreak> Yes I agree
21:40 <+Bluestreak> srevilak can you run the meeting? Sry
21:40 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: sure, happy to
21:41 <@srevilak> Jamie had suggested discussion of strategy goals for running for office
21:41 <@srevilak> But that may fit the "short talk" format
21:42 <@srevilak> hi jokeefe 
21:42 <@jokeefe> hi, sorry I am late.
21:42 <+Kendra> Just a head's up.  Socialist Alternative is asking me if we would endorse their candidate and I have told them that I cannot speak for the group due to the variance of political philosophies.  I just talked to Tim and they might show up.  Als;o they are doing a fundraiser in JP at Doyles at 6:30, sounds like music or something. 
21:43 <+Kendra> SA fundraiser is tomorrow at 6:30, I might go with some flyers about the Pirate Con. 
21:43 <@srevilak> jokeefe: we've been talking conference logistics 
21:43 <@srevilak> https://pad.riseup.net/p/stuf-to-bring-to-piratecon2013
21:43 <@jokeefe> k, Kendra & srevilak
21:43 <@srevilak> and the 3-4pm time slot
21:44 <@srevilak> Bluestreak needed to step away for a moment
21:44 <@jokeefe> k
21:45 <@jokeefe> anything decided?  don't want to restart conversations that don't need it
21:45 <@srevilak> we have moderators designated for each panel
21:45 <+Bluestreak> I hope I don't have a concussion
21:45 <@srevilak> We were discussing lightning talks/short presentations during 3-4
21:46 <+Bluestreak> Ow
21:46 <+Bluestreak> OK Sam has what she wants from the attic
21:46 <+Bluestreak> for now
21:46 <@jokeefe> hope you don't too, Bluestreak
21:47 <@jokeefe> k, srevilak
21:47 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: sorry to hear that
21:47 <+Bluestreak> I'm fine *shakes it off*
21:47 <@srevilak> jokeefe: IIRC, you suggested campaign strategy discussion during 3-4
21:47 <@srevilak> is that full hour?
21:48 <@jokeefe> could be a lightning talk
21:48 <@srevilak> ok
21:48 <@jokeefe> where we are, what we could do, what we need
21:48 <+Bluestreak> We need ppl do collect signatures in Feb
21:48 <@jokeefe> would like to have more discussion of it than statements by boston city council candidates, though.
21:48 <+Bluestreak> to
21:49 <@jokeefe> yes, lots of things to do, Bluestreak
21:49 <+Kendra> Are we scrapping Wendy's topic entirely?   An hour seems like a lot of time until you get a couple of talkers in there. 
21:50 <@srevilak> If we have two candidates + Joe + party direction
21:50 <@srevilak> that should fill a good chunk of an hour
21:51 <@srevilak> Could do a lightning talk on copyright as well
21:51 <@srevilak> won't be the same as wendy, but ...
21:51 <@jokeefe> true
21:51 <+Bluestreak> Kendra seemed eager to cover some of what Wendy was going to cover
21:51 <+Joe> I don't mind speaking. Worst case is I do comedy for an hour
21:52 <@jokeefe> lol
21:52 <+Bluestreak> That would be good because you're pretty funny
21:52 <+js0000> "i just flew in from arlington and boy are my arms killing me ... "
21:52 <+Kendra> Much of that will likely be discussed under the government portion. 
21:52 <+js0000> i know it's the wrong town ...
21:52 <+Joe> lol
21:52 <+Kendra> I am flexible, just trying to stick to the scipt. 
21:52 <@srevilak> I want to ask the socialist guys about their views on socialism, value extraction, and the information economy
21:53 <@srevilak> but that's just me :)
21:53 <+Bluestreak> Sharing information is a very socialist notion
21:53 <@jokeefe> so a bunch of lightning talks, with two somewhat longer talks - copyright (Kendra), campaign plans (me)?
21:53 <+Kendra> Who are the two candidates?  I seamus expected to come to it?
21:53 <+Bluestreak> "Someone doens't get paid for EVERY TRANSACTION?!?" THAT COMMUNISM!
21:54 <@srevilak> We should note the program change on http://masspirates.org/blog/conference/
21:54 <+Bluestreak> Yes srevilak
21:54 <@srevilak> Kendra: I thought two candidates had asked for our endorsement.  perhaps I'm mistaken
21:54 <+Bluestreak> We talked about this on the activist list
21:54 <@jokeefe> seamus is a maybe, Francisco White might also be there.
21:55 <@jokeefe> and Joe
21:55 <+Kendra> I know Seamus, but I did not hear that he was attending. 
21:55 <+Bluestreak> Geez two maybes?
21:55 <+Bluestreak> Do they deserve our attention if they dont even attend?
21:56 <@jokeefe> not if they don't attend.
21:56 <@jokeefe> Francisco said he could be there after 3pm.
21:56 <+Bluestreak> Hard to plan this hour on two maybes
21:56 <+Kendra> It's the holiday week practically.  I anticipate a nice number of people though.  Is Pirate Con  on the act-ma and OB Community Forum lists?
21:56 <@jokeefe> put it on act-ma
21:56 <+Kendra> I think at this stage we should have a plan A, B and C depending on who makes it. 
21:56 <@jokeefe> earlier in the week
21:56 <+Bluestreak> Kendra can I get links to those?
21:57 <@jokeefe> dropped off lots of fliers all over MIT
21:57 <+Bluestreak> lol good plan 26 letters after all
21:57 <+Bluestreak> I gave them out in Lawrence
21:57 <+Bluestreak> Cam's mother took a stack to put up in Metheun
21:57 <@jokeefe> yeah!
21:57 <+Bluestreak> Chance took a huge stack too
21:58 <+Bluestreak> I told him I would hand out the fundraiser flyers at PirateCon
21:58 <+Bluestreak> Chance is going to post out flyers along side his until Sat
21:58 <@jokeefe> how about 15 min for copyright, 15 min for campaign planning, and if we have people to do lightning talks then they get the other 30 min.  of course talks could go long.
21:59 <+Bluestreak> I was going to have the registration person hand each attendee a fundraiser flyer...
21:59 <@jokeefe> put the candidates with other lightning talks.
21:59 <@jokeefe> nice, Bluestreak
21:59 <+Kendra> http://act-ma.org/ and lists@communityforum.occupyboston.org,  or some such,I think. Steve correct me if I am wrong.  Also should we submit it to the Everyone List?
22:00 <+Bluestreak> Well if we dont have anyone step up for lighting talks we could go 30 and 30
22:00 <+Bluestreak> Kendra and Joe
22:00 <+Bluestreak> If
22:00 <+Bluestreak> that is
22:00 <@srevilak> Kendra: community forum seems okay.  Not sure I'd send this to everyone
22:01 <+Bluestreak> I just want to see it
22:01 <+Bluestreak> You know, curious
22:01 <@srevilak> Here's Jamie's post to act-ma http://act-ma.org/pipermail/act-ma_act-ma.org/2013/007001.html
22:01 <+Bluestreak> TY
22:01 <@jokeefe> not sure what the reposting policy is on act-ma
22:02 <@jokeefe> I think everything is moderated on it.
22:02 <+Bluestreak> Speaking of mailing lists
22:03 <+Bluestreak> I am so exhausted I can;t remember where I bookmarked the activist list access
22:03 <@srevilak> I'll send a copy to Occupy Boston's community_forum
22:03 <+Bluestreak> and Kade wants me to add her
22:03 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/activists_masspirates.org
22:03 <@jokeefe> kade joining the pirates?
22:03 <@srevilak> (It's in the footer of each activists@ message)
22:03 <+Bluestreak> She was disappointed to have missed the IPM
22:04 <@jokeefe> IPM?
22:04 <+Bluestreak> See, I was so tired I forgot that.
22:04 <+Bluestreak> If I didnt have an alarm set i would have slept through this meeting
22:04 <@jokeefe> or is that iPm?
22:04 <+Bluestreak> Are you messing with me?
22:04 <+Bluestreak> Too delerious to tell
22:04 <@jokeefe> just being funny
22:05 <+Bluestreak> OK I'm laughing!
22:05 <@jokeefe> apple's new product - iNsa?
22:05 <+Bluestreak> Musta missed that in the "news"
22:06 <+Bluestreak> So Kade said "keep me in the loop" and I said...
22:06 <+Bluestreak> want to be on the list? And she would like
22:06 <+Bluestreak> *joke sinks in at last*
22:07 <+Bluestreak> Glad the Captain is lucid, at least
22:08 <+Bluestreak> Occupy Boston's community_forum link pls?
22:08 <@jokeefe> sorry, being interrupted to peel apples
22:09 <@srevilak> Bluestreak: https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/community_forum
22:09 <+Bluestreak> ty
22:11 <+Bluestreak> jokeefe can we all have pie?
22:13 <+Kendra> Moving on are, we done with the logistics for Pirate Con?
22:14 <+Bluestreak> I'm waiting for jokeefe
22:14 <@srevilak> I've updated schedule at http://masspirates.org/blog/conference/
22:14 <+Bluestreak> Ah, excellent!
22:15 <@jokeefe> pie, maybe, more like crumble
22:15 <+Bluestreak> You have to make it *now*?
22:15 <@jokeefe> M, says yes
22:15 <+Bluestreak> LOL
22:15 <+Bluestreak> I hear that!
22:16 <+Bluestreak> Laying off, sir.
22:16 <+js0000> it's as american as apple pie ...
22:16 <+Bluestreak> Happy wife happy life!
22:16 <+js0000> too late for me, i'm already divorced!
22:16 <+js0000> haha!
22:16 <+Bluestreak> You wouldn't peel the apples!
22:17 <+js0000> naw- just run to the store ...
22:17 <+Bluestreak> I think the conference is covered. I move we move on
22:17 <@srevilak> Events are next on http://masspirates.org/wiki/June_27th,_2013_IRC_Meeting
22:18 <+Bluestreak> July 4th protests
22:18 <+Bluestreak> I really know nothing about these
22:19 <+Bluestreak> I havent' been following the discussion too cloelsy as I will be out of town
22:19 <+Bluestreak> Anyone else been following these?
22:19 <+Kendra> I have not heard about any specific actions
22:19 <+Bluestreak> want to skip discussing these events until jokeefe is done peeling?
22:20 <+Bluestreak> We talked about the fundraiser
22:20 <+Bluestreak> I really want to encourage ppl to get out to that
22:20 <+Bluestreak> Lowell is a long haul for us, but we will be there.
22:21 <+Bluestreak> black_van want to talk about "Pirate Night"?
22:21 <+black_van> sure i can
22:21 <+Bluestreak> And GO!
22:23 <+Kendra> When is it?  
22:23 <+Kendra> What happens?
22:25 <@srevilak> Kendra: brief background on fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/events/323638467767736/?fref=ts&_fb_noscript=1
22:25 <+Bluestreak> Is that what is meant by Pirate Night?
22:26 <@srevilak> sorry, thought we were discussing fundraiser
22:26 <+Kendra> Thanks Steve.  Do you know what Pirate Night is about?  I thought Sevan was going to discuss it.  
22:27 <+Bluestreak> IDK what it  is about. I copied it from last week's agenda
22:27 <+Bluestreak> We could skip again to something I *do* know something about
22:27 <@jokeefe> it is a night outing.  trying to have monthly socials
22:27 <@jokeefe> with planning
22:27 <+Bluestreak> Phews
22:27 <+Bluestreak> Was flundering thank you
22:27 <+Bluestreak> floundering
22:27 <+Kendra> I envision lots of rum at Pirate Night. 
22:28 <+Bluestreak> black_van want to add?
22:28 <@jokeefe> so who is here on the 4th?  lots of good protests.
22:28 <+Bluestreak> Backing up!
22:28 <@jokeefe> arrrr, Kendra, but not during lunches, it be work hours
22:29 <+Bluestreak> Well what did you mean by "Pirate Night"?
22:29 <+Bluestreak> I just copied it from the previous agenda
22:29 <+Kendra> I thought is was at night.  Pirates out at night drinking rum.  Pardon me.
22:29 <+black_van> its basically a hangout
22:29 <+black_van> at a bar
22:29 <@jokeefe> Pirate Night (dinner time social gathering with planning / issue dev.)
22:29 <+Kendra> So I was on to something. 
22:29 <+black_van> get peope to know each other better
22:30 <+Bluestreak> LOL so you had it right, Kendra
22:30 <+black_van> haha yea kendra
22:30 <@jokeefe> black_van, davidd suggested it be more than social
22:30 <+Bluestreak> Rick F encourages drinking
22:30 <+Bluestreak> Going to get AA on his ass
22:30 <+black_van> in what way?
22:30 <@srevilak> Yes, davidd suggested using time to talk shop.  Pirate stuff
22:30 <+Bluestreak> In his book
22:30 <+Bluestreak> and in general
22:30 <@srevilak> Time is now 10:30
22:30 <@jokeefe> say, either planning, or talk about an issue to get a plank written
22:30 <@jokeefe> informal.
22:30 <+Bluestreak> when he suggests casual meetings he mentions beer
22:31 <+Bluestreak> a lot
22:31 <+black_van> yeah i mean, having a theme would be great
22:31 <+Bluestreak> Drinking is fine with me but it is not for everyone
22:31 <+black_van> i think this job is going to require me to be out of town during the week
22:31 <@jokeefe> cool.  we got a date/location?
22:31 <@jokeefe> Sunday?
22:31 <+black_van> i was thinking we could do it middle of the week, but i won't be able to attend 
22:32 <+Kendra> Yeah are we close to done.  If anyone needs to get to me shoot and email and we can discuss anything last minute for Pirate con.  And i was attempting to make a pirate joke about the rum, obviously it is not requires. 
22:32 <+black_van> we do have a location
22:32 <+Bluestreak> I like run
22:32 <+Bluestreak> rum
22:32 <@jokeefe> Kendra & srevilak makes a good point.  recess to Saturday?
22:32 <+Bluestreak> 2nd
22:32 <+Kendra> 3rd
22:32 <@jokeefe> black_van, what is the fun if you cannot make it ;-)
22:33 <+black_van> i know kinda sucks
22:33 <+Bluestreak> We have to have it when Sevan can come!
22:33 <+Bluestreak> He's hilarious
22:33 <@jokeefe> well our first one will be this Saturday night, then!
22:33 <+black_van> thanks :)
22:33 <+black_van> yeah that sounds great
22:33 <+Bluestreak> No THANK YOU!
22:34 <+Bluestreak> And we vote on where to go then!
22:34 <+Bluestreak> right?
22:34 <+black_van> sounds like the pirate party is about to get wild
22:34 <+Bluestreak> Yeah baby!
22:34 <@jokeefe> Arrr!!!!
22:34 <+Bluestreak> lol
22:34 <@jokeefe> Shiver me timbers!
22:35 <@jokeefe> all in favor of recessing to Sat.?
22:35 <+Bluestreak> We need to get the Captain hammered
22:35 <@jokeefe> fat chance
22:35 <+Bluestreak> aye
22:35 <+Bluestreak> ;-0
22:35 <+black_van> sounds good
22:35 <+black_van> cya guys
22:35 <+Bluestreak> aye to recess
22:36 <@jokeefe> The winds be not at you're back on that one, Bluestreak
22:36 <+Bluestreak> Just joking!
22:36 <+Bluestreak> (sorta)
22:36 <@jokeefe> I be not