June 3rd, 2020 IRC Meeting

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What to do

I created a pad to write a set of policies we want implemented now. The aim is to focus on police/racism/economy issues as they are all bound together.


Goals for Q3 2020:

  • Organize meetups
  • Organize Fundraiser
  • Organize candidate trainings
  • Revise platform

Computer donations

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Next pirate news recording scheduled for Sunday, 7pm unless changed

Regional Meetings/Events

All meetings on hold due to Covid-19.

Leader: jokeefe

  • Boston (jokeefe)
  • Worcester (Malt)
  • Lowell (Joe)
  • Boston Pride Festival (emailed them that we transferred our table to 2021)
    • table booked
    • setup signup sheet
    • Announce
    • Need to purchase insurance
    • Need volunteer sign up form
    • Tie to an activity, mapping the CCTV cameras in Boston or along the Pride parade route?


No clue where things are now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right to Repair

  • out of committee
  • next email will urge supporters to call their state senator/rep. and urge them to support it
  • see if people willing to setup meeting with reps.

Facial Recognition and other bills still in committee.

Platform Discussion

Moved to 2020 Platform Discussion

Democracy and Dogfood (Tech)

Tabled Projects

National Party

Boston Sex Worker Petition

FOSS Tutorials

Worcester farm group is interested in having some FOSS tutorials. Perhaps:

  • how to do basic labels in GIMP,
  • work through a few sample spreadsheets related to seed cost and
  • similarly applicable real-world situations, depending on the needs of the group

Basically how to do graph design & product management with open source tools. Malt will put together a one paragraph description of what we need and we can mail it out to ask pirates to help.

Upcoming Events

  • Summer 2020, ?, Boston Meetup
  • Summer 2020, ?, Worcester Meetup
  • Summer 2020, ?, Springfield Meetup
  •  ?/?, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, Culture House, Harvard Square
  •  ?/?, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNe Tech Meeting, Encuentro 5, Boston
  •  ?/?, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, Democracy Center, Cambridge
  •  ?/?, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting
  • 5/?, 2pm-4pm, Democracy and Dogfood (Tech) Meeting, on-line


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • Joe (Joseph Onoroski, Lowell)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)
  • plank (Evan DeMers, Sacramento, CA)
  • Malt (Sam capradae, Worcester)
  • igel


  • davidd
  • ChanServ
  • hvxgr
  • hvxgr_
  • Deffy
  • mikey
  • MikaelaSuomalainen


Posted copy of national party's letter on invocation of the insurrection act. https://masspirates.org/blog/2020/06/02/trumps-threat-to-invoke-the-1807-insurrection-act/


21:08 <@jokeefe> Agenda:
21:08 <@jokeefe> ids
21:08 <@jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:08 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA
21:09 < Malt> Sam capradae, Worcester
21:09 < Malt> Springfield is going to go hard when it does
21:09 < plank> Evan DeMers, Sacramento, CA (just dropping in)
21:09 < srevilak> hi plank!
21:09 < plank> ahoy
21:09 < Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:10 <@jokeefe> Anything to add?
21:10 < Joe> National letter to the president?
21:10 < Joe> Or more of a response letter from our national brethren?
21:11 < srevilak> pad.riseup.net seems to be having a bad day
21:11 <@jokeefe> Yes
21:11 < Malt> :-/
21:11 <@jokeefe> I posted the letter at
21:12 < Malt> There's so much going on at once
21:12 <@jokeefe> yes
21:12 < Joe> antifa has been labeled a terrorist org
21:13 < plank>
21:13 < srevilak> Interesting.
       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurrection_Act_of_1807  Didn't realize
       the insurrection act was used to put down labor protests
21:13 < Joe>
21:14 < igel> hi
21:14 < Joe> hey igel
21:15 < srevilak> hi igel
21:15 <@jokeefe> ahoy igel
21:15 < igel> hi howdy, how is everyone
21:15 <@jokeefe> as well as can be. how goes massmesh?
21:16 < Malt> Trump doesn't obey facts
21:16 < Joe> Or laws, but besides that.....
21:16 <@jokeefe> IT hasn’t hurt him so far
21:17 < igel> i caught half end of a conversation about massmesh and city
       of waltham exploring 30 potential popup nodes for community mesh/internet
21:19 < igel> but waltham has an extensive budget and IT team so,
21:19 <@jokeefe> good
21:19 < igel> i just hope they dont employ the same monitoring / eyes
       like some public school systems do on kids now
21:20 <@jokeefe> Yeah
21:20 < Malt> Ugh yeah
21:21 < Malt> You know that would be a requirement
21:21 <@jokeefe> Unfortunately the pad I setup to discuss what to do
       seems to be down
21:21 < igel> and the cameras are a requirement too, ask srevilak about
       camera systems in arlington
21:22 < igel> speaking of.. mass ave is out every day srevilak
21:22 <@jokeefe> I wanted to come up with an agenda to propose as
       solutions to the current crisis
21:23 < srevilak> igel: I don't follow
21:23 < igel> people near mass ave, outside on mass ave with signs and
       support from most drivers honking
21:23 <@jokeefe> cool
21:23 <@jokeefe>
21:23 < srevilak> Yes.  Rode through it earlier this evening.  Lexington
       had a lot of people out as well
21:24 < igel> from the center of arlington massave till at least rt 16,
       so ive seen the past week.
21:24 < plank> can report much of the same from cesar chavez park in
21:24 < srevilak> twitter says 400 nat'l guard heading to springfield
21:26 < igel> i am using android app Fightradar24 - lots of prescense
       in brockton too
21:26 <@jokeefe> DEA?
21:26 < Malt> Ugh,more drones
21:27 < srevilak> Modern version of `bear in the air'
21:28 < igel> lol 'the mbta wont transport those arrested'
21:28 <@jokeefe> webchat seems rather unstable
21:28 <@jokeefe> did the unions say that?
21:28 < igel> like the mbta police dont have authority over busses,
       give me a break
21:29 < igel> authority/license to operate*
21:30 <@jokeefe> how is mask wearing at the protests?
21:31 < srevilak> At Nubian, everyone had one
21:31 < srevilak> Arlington, Lexington, most people
21:31 < srevilak> But Arlington, Lexington were a lot more spread out
21:32 < Malt> Jfc
21:32 < igel> wb
21:32 < Malt> Ty
21:32 < plank> variable in my experience. many of the younger folks
       dont seem to care about masks. unfortunate considering their dual use
       in protecting identity
21:32 < Malt> Wb
21:32 < Joe> ty
21:33 < Malt> Worcester had good mask manners
21:33 < Joe> Same with Lowell
21:33 <@jokeefe> Glad to hear it
21:34 <@jokeefe> things to add to a crisis platform?
21:34 < Joe> We should just focus on what is right, change for a better
       tomorrow and continue moving forward with helping those in need.
21:34 <@jokeefe> this doctorow post was useful on policing:
21:36 <@jokeefe> BTW:
21:36 < Joe> Why not just take police settlements out of their retirement
       funds. Bet that would fix things really quick.
21:36 <@jokeefe> Of the current incumbents, only McGovern voted to end
       the sale of DoD equipment to police. Clark, Keating, Kennedy, Lynch and
       Neal voted against it.
21:37 < srevilak> nice
21:38 <@jokeefe> Ending militarization of police
21:38 <@jokeefe> “Invest in orgs that support poor and marginalized
       people, and establish police alternatives – for example, divert 911
       calls related to mental health to mental health professionals, not cops
       (likewise, divert calls about homelessness to social workers, etc).”
21:38 < Joe> wb
21:39 < srevilak>
21:40 < Malt> Abolish the police
21:40 < Joe> I agree, also have OD calls handled by the medics instead
       of having them do first aid and narcan.
21:40 < Malt> That's my proposal
21:40 < Joe> Take addicts to treatment, not jail.
21:40 < igel> i would first wait wait wati
21:40 < igel> i would first 1. make a list
21:40 < igel> open source all their data.
21:40 <@jokeefe> more police than ambulance people
21:40 < igel> put these fuckers on an injustice list.
21:40 < igel> 2. start abolishing
21:41 <@jokeefe>
21:43 < Malt> Here's my prediction
21:43 < Malt> All the power and no accountability makes bad police
21:45 <@jokeefe> which is exactly as their unions like it
21:45 < igel> http://black-history-books.piratemesh.net:1925/
21:46 < igel> i just read malcolm x basically grew up in Roxbury
21:47 <@jokeefe> thanks
21:48 < srevilak> igel: yep.  Got busted there too.
21:48 <@jokeefe> other suggestions?
21:49 <@jokeefe> we still good for recording sunday 7pm?
21:49 < srevilak> yes
21:50 <@jokeefe> noticed that yt is taking longer to process the videos
21:50 < srevilak> end asset forfeiture.  Added this to
21:50 <@jokeefe> thanks
21:53 <@jokeefe> Joe / Malt - Sunday 7pm still good for recording?
21:53 < Joe> Si
21:53 <@jokeefe> great
21:54 < srevilak> motion to adjourn?
21:54 <@jokeefe> 2nd
21:54 <@jokeefe> aye
21:54 < Joe> aye
21:55 <@jokeefe> going to talk with the opers about the stability
       of webchat
21:55 <@jokeefe> have a great night all
21:55 < srevilak> ok, will post transcript
21:55 < igel> aye
21:55 < Joe> good night all
21:55 <@jokeefe> thanks