March 12th, 2022 Democracy/Tech Meeting

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Project Status

  • Docker hosting:
    • Peer Tube
    • Host videos
    • Loomio
    • Mastodon
    • Discourse
  • Software update:
    • CiviCRM
    • Blog
  • Communications Platform


  • SteveR
  • JamesO


Updated settings to point to a email and distributed credentials.

Worked on limiting edit access to regional sections of the database. Got the CiviCRM part ironed out, but SteveR will look at the Drupal part. JamesO will create the various CiviCRM groups. Useful link:

JamesO backed up crew and updated Drupal and will update CiviCRM to the patch version. Next month will walk through updating to the latest minor version since that requires db changes.

JamesO created account for our docker test for peer tube.

Next meeting

Sat., 4/9, 11am-1pm