March 13th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Plan for 5/9 Fundraiser
    1. Goals
    2. Finances
    3. Performer Slots
    4. pad

Tasks & Events

  1. 3/16, Sunday, St. Patrick's Day Veterans for Peace Parade, 3-5pm (Bluestreak)
  2. 3/22-23, LibrePlanet - Tabling?
  3. Whistleblower Protest - Review
  4. April Cryptoparty
    1. PAX?
  5. 3/25, Tues., Net Neutrality and the Future of Internet Access, 7-9pm, at Tufts University.
  6. 2014 Campaign
    1. Status - 2 candidates gathering signatures
    2. Training Video Status
  7. September 2014 Conference - Need location & date
  8. Tech Issues
    1. BitPay
    2. CiviCRM
    3. Voter registration app
  9. Support, Outreach & Finances
    1. Finance update
    2. Event checklist

Upcoming Event List

  1. 3/16 VFP Peace Parade
  2. 3/22 - 3/23, LibrePlanet 2014 Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA
  3. 3/25, Tues., Net Neutrality and the Future of Internet Access, 7-9pm, at Tufts University.
  4. 4/26, noon, Jobs Not Jails: Rally to End Mass Incarceration and Fund Job Creation, Boston Common


  • igel (William Fleurant, Arlington MA)
  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)


  • ageis
  • davidd
  • zby


5/19 fundraiser. Would like to have planning meeting to (1) establish time blocks for the evening (what happens when), and (2) set up a budget (how much are we willing to spend to hold the fundraiser). Once we've figured out those two pieces, it should be easier to fill in the rest of the details.

Jamie starts planning pad:

Peace Parade. Getting from Broadway T station to staging area is tricky; very crowded, and you have to cross the parade route. May be better to take Silver Line => Court house => Seaport Blvd. => D. Street. jokeefe to bring banner. Steve to bring tri-folds (pass out to parade watchers that look interested in pirates). We're marching in political section, which is the last group of the parade.

Libre Planet. Steve to see if there's opportunity for tabling.

PAX East & April Cryptoparty. Aptil 11th - April 13th. We'll probably set up a table on Saturday, in a common area.

Meeting Minutes


[9:01pm] jokeefe: ok, lets start - agenda -,_2014_IRC_Meeting [9:01pm] igel: the blog is hard work, keep it up. [9:02pm] jokeefe: ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [9:02pm] igel: William Fleurant, Arlington MA [9:03pm] srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA [9:03pm] igel: How is Joe G. Doing? [9:04pm] jokeefe: ok, as far as I know. Bluestreak would know better [9:04pm] • igel shoot him an email to ask [9:05pm] jokeefe: delegation, but yes good idea [9:05pm] jokeefe: we could use your help getting Noe on the ballot, you game lgel? [9:06pm] igel: i heard that somene in w. mass wanted to throw a cryptoparty... [9:06pm] srevilak: I'd like to do at least one night of signature gathering. Should be able to do that next week [9:07pm] jokeefe: thanks. will keep that in mind srevilak [9:07pm] srevilak: Thinking of the center of Davis Sq, on any night that's reasonably warm [9:07pm] igel: out west mass, way west... i dont know if it is the same district tho... [9:08pm] igel: Ahh -- "You don't have to live in the 8th Worcester district to volunteer" [9:10pm] jokeefe: lgel, yes planning to do one in WMass [9:10pm] igel: i'll contact Lucia -- may be i can ask for some signatures downtown.. [9:10pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:10pm] jokeefe: Decisions - Plan for 5/9 Fundraiser [9:10pm] jokeefe: srevilak [9:12pm] srevilak: talked to sarah at democracy center. She moved our spot to 5/19 [9:12pm] srevilak: I'd like to have an agenda planning. Just time-block the event, figure out what we want to do [9:12pm] srevilak: then we figure out who fills each time block [9:14pm] jokeefe: so we have the space from 6-11. [9:14pm] srevilak: I believe 5 - 11. Will double check [9:14pm] jokeefe: ok [9:15pm] srevilak: we have (5 pm-12 am) [9:15pm] srevilak: or, 6-11pm with an hour for setup and an hour for teardown [9:16pm] jokeefe: sounds good [9:17pm] jokeefe: 5 hours [9:17pm] jokeefe: seems like a lot of space to fill [9:18pm] jokeefe: 5/9 is a friday [9:18pm] jokeefe: so 6pm might be early [9:19pm] srevilak: Hmm, probably right [9:19pm] srevilak: All the more reason to get together and block out the time [9:20pm] srevilak: Will send something to activists list, re: time blocking/planning session [9:21pm] jokeefe: sounds good. [9:21pm] srevilak: Aside from time blocking, would also like to come to consensus on budget for putting on the fundraiser [9:22pm] jokeefe: agreed [9:22pm] srevilak: I think having budget + time slots will help give direction to planning [9:22pm] jokeefe: starting budget at [9:24pm] srevilak: On related note, are we scrapping our plans for funder dinner on 3/21? [9:25pm] jokeefe: called globe recently they haven't gotten back to me yet. since Kendra isn't able to be there, less of a reason though [9:26pm] srevilak: speaking for myself, I'm a little stretched. Wouldn't mind passing on 3/21 [9:26pm] jokeefe: aye [9:28pm] srevilak: Move on to Parade? [9:28pm] jokeefe: yes [9:28pm] jokeefe: email & blog post went out. will keep posting about it [9:29pm] srevilak: During last two years, I took the T to broadway, and walked to staging area. Can take almost an hour. [9:29pm] srevilak: mob scene + you have to cross the parade route [9:29pm] srevilak: This year, will try taking T to south station, and walking through seaport district [9:29pm] jokeefe: good to keep in mind. was wondering if it was better to come from the Silver line [9:30pm] jokeefe: sounds like a plan. Will update the page. [9:30pm] srevilak: silver line -> Courthouse -> Seaport Blvd -> D st [9:31pm] srevilak: Yeah, I think I'll try that [9:31pm] jokeefe: yes [9:31pm] jokeefe: I have the banner. Could have people search I am Bradley Manning / Edward Snowden / etc. signs [9:31pm] srevilak: I'll bring all the tri folds I have [9:32pm] srevilak: Which section are we in? Social Justice? [9:33pm] jokeefe: will bring some, but I wouldn't just hand them out [9:33pm] jokeefe: political is the last [9:34pm] srevilak: ok - political sounds right [9:34pm] srevilak: jokeefe: why not hand out leaflets? [9:34pm] jokeefe: fear many will end up on the ground. We can see what other groups are doing. [9:35pm] srevilak: Did leafletting during last two years. Like pride parade; some people are interested in getting a flyer, some aren't. [9:35pm] srevilak: So, give to people that look interested [9:35pm] jokeefe: sounds good [9:36pm] igel: wicked good [9:36pm] srevilak: I wonder if Mayor Walsh will join us? [9:37pm] srevilak: Hey, if he doesn't like the Allied Veteran's War Council, he's welcome to march in the second parade [9:38pm] jokeefe: lol [9:39pm] jokeefe: 3/22-23, LibrePlanet - Are they offering tabling? [9:39pm] srevilak: I'm not sure. Can look. At the very least, we can leave some flyers [9:40pm] igel: yea, did u reg? [9:41pm] srevilak: Yes, I'm registered. Kendra, Dana Moser, and I are doing a tech activism panel on Sun afternoon [9:41pm] jokeefe: cool [9:41pm] igel: <g> ok [9:42pm] srevilak: LibrePlanet has activism and surveillance tracks. Should be interesting [9:42pm] srevilak: [9:43pm] jokeefe: sounds it [9:44pm] jokeefe: So, April Cryptoparty - we still on for PAX? [9:45pm] srevilak: I'm free 4/11 - 4/13. I've done no planning, though. (Never been to PAX East) [9:47pm] srevilak: Do we have a table? [9:48pm] jokeefe: think we just find a common area and sit down. put up some signs [9:48pm] srevilak: If we can do this w/o passes, I'm game. (Web site claims event is sold out) [9:49pm] jokeefe: think so. probably plan for Sat. [9:50pm] srevilak: okay. Will pencil in [9:51pm] srevilak: Jumping back to 3. Wrote Massport fellow who's in charge of permits. No response yet. [9:51pm] jokeefe: thank you [9:52pm] srevilak: Back to 4. Is there a PAX organizer we should/need to talk to, re setting up table? [9:53pm] jokeefe: Tables cost money. lots of money. floor space in common areas is free. [9:53pm] srevilak: so, okay to show up unannounced? [9:56pm] jokeefe: I think so. My recollection of the common areas is that there are only guards at the entrances to the common main floor area [9:56pm] srevilak: ok. Think there's wifi? [9:57pm] jokeefe: there is wifi, though lots of people are on it. [9:58pm] srevilak: Ah, conference wifi We can make do, because everyone else will be trying to make do [9:58pm] jokeefe: our own hot spot could be cool [9:59pm] srevilak: Do you have a hotspot? [9:59pm] jokeefe: nope [9:59pm] srevilak: Or, know someone with a hotspot? [10:00pm] jokeefe: will ask for volunteers [10:00pm] srevilak: ok, thx [10:00pm] jokeefe: Tech Issues - any progress with BitPay? Perhaps CiviCRM could provide the form [10:00pm] srevilak: Haven't done anything with bitpay. [10:01pm] srevilak: Have set up a civicrm instance at [10:01pm] jokeefe: easy? [10:01pm] igel: sor was afk. [10:01pm] srevilak: So far, yes. Got as far as setting up events + registration. [10:01pm] srevilak: civi keeps a nice set of records on who signs up for what [10:02pm] srevilak: supposedly also does broadcast mailings [10:02pm] srevilak: supposedly also integrates with payment gateways [10:02pm] srevilak: It's drupal. I can write a Bitpay integration module, if none exists [10:03pm] srevilak: This will be one of my background projects for the next few weeks [10:04pm] srevilak: Try this: [10:04pm] srevilak: 10 minute setup [10:05pm] srevilak: oops wrong url [10:06pm] srevilak: [10:07pm] srevilak: jokeefe: just gave you an account [10:07pm] jokeefe: thanks. I had created one [10:07pm] srevilak: Yes -- just approved it [10:07pm] jokeefe: ah [10:09pm] jokeefe: not getting the email verification [10:09pm] jokeefe: so openid login not working [10:10pm] srevilak: ?works for me [10:10pm] srevilak: what's your openid url? [10:11pm] srevilak: jokeefe: [10:13pm] jokeefe: i got in. will poke around. been awhile since I used civicrm [10:13pm] jokeefe: we are over time. adjourn? [10:13pm] srevilak: jokeefe: glad you got in [10:14pm] srevilak: second motion to adjourn [10:14pm] jokeefe: got the email activation message, not a confirmation though [10:14pm] igel: aye [10:14pm] jokeefe: aye [10:14pm] igel: kickass, have a great night all.