March 13th, 2021 Community Organizing Discussion

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Ideas that came out of our community organizing discussion:

  • get list of pirate voters from state
  • setup video chat - or schedule outdoor event (social distanced/masks up)
  • mail people on list to invite them

Worcester May 11th signatures are due.

10% turnout means door knocking really works so you can turn out people to beat out the incumbent

Expand your reach by interacting directly with community groups in order to focus your policies on relevant, high-concern details. They've got established networks you can use to quickly convert bystanders into activists.

Setup weekly meetings that are social and organizational, preferably before you go doing whatever you need to do (signatures, say).

If in person events, make it outside, local parks or anywhere outdoors that has an outside table setting and where kids can play are good especially in a pandemic.

Perhaps every 5th/0th day to rotate instead of weekly.

Deputise people with a goal and task. to establish team spirit

Easter egg hunt by candidate. or even flags.

Events 1st April/May?

Need for data driven analysis for policy using FOIA. Can be useful for tenants unions. Mapping who owns what.

Have stories from people affected. Show people they aren't alone.

wordpress sure, but one page that looks professional is good.

think about things from the perspective of the people you interact with. how can you be more welcoming?

tables, less is more. balloons and face painting gives you time to talk with parents. pirate facemasks for facial recognition commentary.Stickers, buttons, hand sanitizer.

Keep your hashtags unique and put on stuff.

use public records (voter/property), census to understand your area.

voter registration - temporary tattoos/stickers (print shops)

pirate flags (on hankerchiefs)

merch follows connecting with voters not the otherway around

More converstations the better than long converstations

Maybe a MassPirates monthly organizing meeting?


  • Custom pirate themed DnD dice
  • Lil pirate flag inclusions

Meeting Details

Four attended. Two male, two female.