March 21st, 2016 IRC Meeting

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Review & Decisions

  • LibrePlanet cryptocorner
  • No DRM in HTML protest
  • Fight for the Future's Save Security campaign
  • Bill statuses

Campaigns Status

PirateCon 2016

  • Date set at 6/25. Have 1-2 speakers.
  • Looking for location
  • Looking at streaming options
  • Need sign up page and conference page

2016 Campaign

  • Noe & Joe will not be running this year
  • Noe & James are meeting with a prospective candidate
  • Finishing up calls
  • Next email announcement will focus on asking people to run

2016 Campaign Plan & Task Status

Upcoming Events

  1. Rescheduling: 3/26, 1pm, Cryptoparty, South Coast Innovator Labs, Building A, 1380 Bay Street, Taunton
  2. 3/30, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville

Every Wed., Digital Fourth meeting, 11:20am-1:30pm, Voltage Cafe, Third Street, Cambridge


  • igel: william fleurant, arlington ma
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville
  • Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero
  • ksandre


  • davidd


Reviewed past events and upcoming events.

Bluestreak offered to help get the word out about the Taunton cryptoparty whenever it occurs and make calls. jokeefe will send a list.

Ksandre looking to talk with NH pirates. jokeefe will put CR in contact.



[9:09pm] jokeefe: agenda -,_2016_IRC_Meeting [9:09pm] jokeefe: ids - James O’Keefe, Somerville [9:09pm] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero [9:10pm] Bluestreak: All I need to talk about it Sat. [9:10pm] Bluestreak: is [9:11pm] jokeefe: ok, can start with that [9:11pm] jokeefe: Seems like the Taunton cryptoparty will be rescheduled [9:13pm] Bluestreak: I just saw that… Should chekc my emaile before IRC [9:13pm] Bluestreak: What is SCIL ? pls [9:13pm] jokeefe: no worries. need to get a new date [9:14pm] Bluestreak: It needs to be promoted. [9:14pm] Bluestreak: We can work on that. [9:14pm] Bluestreak: Is there a flyer? [9:14pm] jokeefe: South Coast Innovator labs [9:14pm] jokeefe: no, but we can work with them on it. [9:15pm] Bluestreak: Is there a contact person? [9:15pm] Bluestreak: at SCIL [9:15pm] jokeefe: promoted it among pirates, and left it to them. should coordinate more [9:15pm] jokeefe: Steven [9:16pm] Bluestreak: This is REDACTED Pirate’s turf technically [9:16pm] Bluestreak: So we will promote. I will hit up Halley for a flyer [9:16pm] Bluestreak: And we will drive south and put them up. [9:16pm] Bluestreak: So what date to move it to? [9:17pm] jokeefe: don’t know. waiting to hear back from them. [9:17pm] Bluestreak: Tell them to contact me if you like. [9:17pm] Bluestreak: Who are our presenters? Is there a p pad? [9:18pm] jokeefe: I was going to present. [9:18pm] jokeefe: no pad [9:18pm] jokeefe: contact info is in the email [9:18pm] jokeefe: any word from wmass folks? [9:19pm] Bluestreak: <Redacted Email> <Redacted Name>? [9:20pm] jokeefe: yes [9:20pm] Bluestreak: wmass folks? [9:20pm] Bluestreak: cryptoparty? [9:20pm] jokeefe: yes [9:21pm] Bluestreak: Um derp? [9:21pm] Bluestreak: ? [9:21pm] jokeefe: will email you [9:23pm] jokeefe: I’ll check on the Lowell people and Together Boston. [9:23pm] Bluestreak: TY I am composing an email to Halley. Tell Steve S to talk to me [9:23pm] Bluestreak: If you like [9:24pm] jokeefe: will do. [9:25pm] jokeefe: Review & Decisions [9:25pm] jokeefe: cryptoparty corner seemed to go well. keysigning and hands on help [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Great place to be doing a CP. Wish I was there. [9:27pm] jokeefe: No DRM in HTML protest was well attended. live tweeted it. some Pirates were marshalls [9:27pm] Bluestreak: Awesome! [9:27pm] jokeefe: posted about the Fight for the Future's Save Security campaign, though that maybe moot for now [9:29pm] ksandre joined the chat room. [9:29pm] jokeefe: Bill statuses - looks like none of the ones we wanted or opposed got through. still looking for them. [9:29pm] jokeefe: ahoy ksandre [9:29pm] ksandre: ehoh [9:29pm] Bluestreak: Tinky Winky! [9:30pm] Bluestreak: Great tweet coverage, BTW jokeefe. [9:30pm] ksandre: Problems connecting with Tor (with or without onion and/or SASL). [9:30pm] Bluestreak: Why u were late? [9:31pm] jokeefe: no worries [9:31pm] jokeefe: glad you could make it ksandre [9:31pm] ksandre: Thanks. Happy to be here. [9:32pm] ksandre: Did I meet you at LibrePlanet? [9:32pm] • ksandre == mgm-fsf [9:32pm] jokeefe: possibly [9:32pm] jokeefe: Campaigns Status [9:32pm] Bluestreak: Not me, I misssed it. [9:32pm] ksandre: I am from NH and inquired about others in NH. [9:32pm] Bluestreak: Ah! [9:33pm] Bluestreak: Joe is out. Still a Pirate, not a candidate. [9:33pm] jokeefe: right. need to get other NH contacts in touch with you [9:33pm] jokeefe: yes [9:33pm] Bluestreak: All I had. [9:33pm] jokeefe: PirateCon 2016 [9:33pm] Bluestreak: OK cool [9:33pm] Bluestreak: the 26th right? [9:33pm] Bluestreak: 25th? [9:33pm] jokeefe: Looking for location & streaming options [9:33pm] jokeefe: 6/25, yes [9:33pm] • ksandre thinks Bluestreak is cool for recognizing the "ehoh" greet. [9:34pm] Bluestreak: Dude. I’m a Mom. [9:34pm] ksandre: heh [9:34pm] Bluestreak: [9:34pm] Bluestreak: I like the Commie [9:34pm] Bluestreak: Church. [9:34pm] jokeefe: 2016 Campaign - meeting with a prospective candidate [9:34pm] Bluestreak: But that’s jet me [9:35pm] Bluestreak: You are? [9:36pm] igel: ello' [9:36pm] igel: william fleurant, arlington ma [9:36pm] jokeefe: hi igel [9:37pm] igel: afk is 40min for me heh, sup [9:37pm] Bluestreak: Howdy! [9:37pm] igel: i read Noe found a possible candidate? [9:37pm] jokeefe: candidate is in her district, but srevilak contacted him. [9:38pm] jokeefe: we will meet soon. [9:38pm] igel: ah ok ah ok [9:38pm] Bluestreak: Good luck! [9:38pm] Bluestreak: Good juju! [9:38pm] jokeefe: [9:39pm] Bluestreak: Emailed Halley about flyer [9:39pm] jokeefe: thanks. [9:39pm] jokeefe: Ksandre, don’t think I have your email. You can email us at and will put you in touch with Chris. [9:40pm] ksandre: Ok, thanks. [9:40pm] ksandre: jokeefe: I gave all my contact NFO to Halley. [9:41pm] jokeefe: ok, will check with Halley [9:42pm] Bluestreak: We still talking about PC 2016? [9:42pm] jokeefe: that is what I have. [9:42pm] jokeefe: anything else anyone wants to bring up? [9:43pm] Bluestreak: Calls. [9:43pm] Bluestreak: Can make a few. [9:43pm] Bluestreak: Haven’t yet sorry. Very bad year. [9:43pm] jokeefe: ok, will send some your way [9:44pm] jokeefe: thank you [9:44pm] Bluestreak: I will look for that. [9:44pm] Bluestreak: And... [9:44pm] Bluestreak: Do you know when ballot sigs are due? [9:45pm] Bluestreak: And [9:45pm] Bluestreak: Possibly can make it to Parts and Crafts this month. [9:46pm] jokeefe: State: 5/3/2016 Federal: 8/2/2016 [9:47pm] Bluestreak: OK. Thanks. [9:48pm] • ksandre is considering attending that cryptoparty this Wednesday. [9:48pm] jokeefe: it is a fun time [9:48pm] jokeefe: hope you three can make it [9:49pm] jokeefe: Anything else to discuss? [9:51pm] Bluestreak: NExt WEd but yeah [9:51pm] jokeefe: motion to adjourn? [9:51pm] Bluestreak: 2nd [9:51pm] jokeefe: all in favor? [9:52pm] Bluestreak: aye [9:52pm] Bluestreak: [9:52pm] Bluestreak: Check out Trump inciting violence [9:53pm] ksandre: Please, we all just got rid of all that flummery. [9:53pm] jokeefe: sadly not unexpected [9:53pm] jokeefe: aye [9:54pm] jokeefe: have a wonderful night all! [9:54pm] ksandre: Ta. [9:54pm] ksandre: Thanks. [9:54pm] Bluestreak: You too sir