March 27th, 2012 IRC Meeting

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1. Upcoming events

2. The Party of Open?

3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot?

4. Website / wiki / liquid feedback cleanup / setup

5. Anything else others want to bring up.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

1. Upcoming events

 * Get JP on the ballot
 * March 29th - Ignite 9, MIT?
 * April 4th - Together Boston panel on patents
 * April 7th - Together Boston Tabling - Lauren, Jeanne & others
 * April 7/8th - BarCamp, MIT?
 * April 6-8th - PaxEast, Boston Convention Center?
 * April 6-8th - AnimeBoston, Hynes Convention center?
 * April 28th - Extravaganja
 * May 12th: Film Festival
 * June: Boston Pride

2. The Party of Open?

NOTE: We solicited additional comments on the blog -

David Hardwick suggested that we be the party of open, namely:

 * Open Government - increased government transparency
 * Open Culture - limited copyrights & more sharing
 * Open Innovation - no patents

A few unresolved questions:

 * How to make increased personal privacy open?
 * How to make reining in corporations open?
 * Is Open Government or Open Democracy more true to our ideals and objectives?

Erik noted:

"open" is one of the critical ideas but not the only one. We're also the party of the human being, which explains the personal privacy and reining in corporations.

I think open government is the right phrasing. I also believe in participatory government. Democracy may be the best model so far, but we should be willing to try something even better in the future.

3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot? - deferred to next meeting

4. Website / wiki / liquid feedback cleanup / setup


  • bsod -
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro/Cambridge
  • erixoltan - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • JP - JP Hollembaek, Lowell
  • GrimJack - Chicopee, near Spfld
  • deximer - Jeremy Stark, ref'd to you guys from an Occupy Boston event where I demoed a website I'm working on:
  • K`Tetch - Andrew Norton, Georgia Pirate Party
  • creynolds24 - Chris Reynolds, NH


1. Upcoming events

 * Get JP on the ballot - he is working on an FB page, email and events.  When he has them we will publicize.
 * April 4th - Speaking at Together Boston panel on patents
 * April 7th - Together Boston Tabling - Lauren, Jeanne & others
 * April 28th - Extravaganja - Lauren can table with others.  Will put out the word.
 * May 12th: Film Festival - Erik will do schedule. Erik and Jeremy should be able to help.  Lauren and Jamie likely later.

2. The Party of Open?

We adopted this statement, but it is still open to revision:

  We are the Party of Open! We stand for open government, open culture and open innovation. 
  We are the anti-monopoly and the pro-human party. Pro-Human means a high regard for your 
  individual privacy and your right to free expression. It also means an end to the concept 
  of "Corporate Personhood".

Discussed other positions:

  • Jeremy will work on a pro-legalization of other drugs & Erik will work on an anti-legalization of other drugs. Both will focus on facts.
  • Chris will work on a broader platform regarding equality for all across the board including the LGBTQ community, gender, class differences, race, religion (or non-religion), etc. Erik recommended that it talk about the current attack on women's rights. Due date is June 1st, and earlier if possible.

3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot? - deferred to next meeting

4. Website / wiki / liquid feedback cleanup / setup

Need help. bsod said he would ask folks. German Pirate Party site looked good, though Orange may not be our color. Jamie will ask if we can have the template.

5. Planned/Possible future events:

 * June 9th: Boston Pride
 * July
   * 20/21st - Art Beat
   * Pirate Picnic?
 * August Mini conference?
 * September: Freedom Rally
 * Oct-Dec: Local Issues conference

Meeting Minutes


[11:57] <jokeefe> lets start early [11:57] <jokeefe> Agenda at,_2012_IRC_Meeting [11:57] <jokeefe> modifications welcome [11:58] <jokeefe> I'll start with id: James O'Keefe, Somerville [11:58] == erixoltan [47aee4da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [11:58] <JP> JP Hollembaek, Lowell [11:58] <erixoltan> Erik Zoltan, Framingham [11:59] <GrimJack> um.. not comfy putting my RL name out there.. [11:59] <JP> no worries [11:59] <GrimJack> I'm in Chicopee, near Spfld. [11:59] <jokeefe> fine [11:59] <jokeefe> it's all good [11:59] <jokeefe> 4. Website / wiki / liquid feedback cleanup / setup [11:59] <jokeefe> BTW; added this to the agenda - 4. Website / wiki / liquid feedback cleanup / setup [12:01] <jokeefe> First up 1. Upcoming events [12:01] <jokeefe> JP, would you like to speak about what you need from the party for your campaign? [12:02] <SplendidSpoon> Lauren Pespisa, Boxborough/Cambridge [12:02] <JP> yup. right now we are in the signature collection phase. we need to get 300 signatures over the next few weeks to ensure I am on the ballot [12:02] <SplendidSpoon> I will help JP with his campaign as much as I can! [12:02] <JP> I intend to find out when the next few events are in lowell, so we can get people there [12:03] <JP> Im on fb, so feel free to message me there [12:03] <SplendidSpoon> ok, I will go to any events I can to help! [12:03] <K`Tetch> Andrew Norton, in georgia, here to help the channel look big and popular :-) [12:03] <JP> excellent ^^ I will be making a fb campaign page, a campaign gmail, bank account, and advertising later this week [12:04] <SplendidSpoon> ok, I'm Lauren Pespisa on fb (we are friends) feel free to message me whenever if you have tasks you need people to do [12:05] <JP> huzzuh! [12:05] <SplendidSpoon> I have car, time, and energy to spend :D [12:05] <jokeefe> Recommendation on the FB page - have multiple admins so if you or your campaign account get booted (have seen this happen), someone you know keeps control of the FB page until you get a new account [12:05] <JP> all good things [12:05] <JP> indeed [12:05] <SplendidSpoon> Wow they boot campaign accounts? [12:05] <K`Tetch> indeed james, I even have a spare fb account, thats an admin on my pages and NEVER used, just for that reason [12:05] <SplendidSpoon> Do you have a twitter JP? [12:05] <K`Tetch> (I'd hate to lose control of the torrentfreak facebook page, for instance)0 [12:06] <JP> yup, Ill need to do more with it [12:06] <jokeefe> JP, As soon as you have the FB page and campaign account, we can put them up on the web site, email supporters and get the word out. [12:06] <JP> never got the hnag of it [12:06] <JP> excellent, Ill get the ball rolling [12:06] <jokeefe> thanks [12:06] <K`Tetch> and I'm willing to help you with any publicity I can [12:07] <K`Tetch> and press help [12:07] <JP> awesome. once I get the fb page up, Ill let everyone know [12:07] <jokeefe> SplendidSpoon, yes FB has been known to boot accounts because of unspecified complaints. Had it happen to a group I setup years ago. [12:07] <SplendidSpoon> Wow that sucks [12:07] <jokeefe> Anyone going to speak at Ignite 9 or Barcamp? [12:09] <jokeefe> I will be speaking at Together Boston's Patent panel on April 4th. Lauren and Jeanne will be tabling at Together Boston on the 7th. If anyone can help them, that would be great. [12:09] <jokeefe> GrimJack, might you happen to know when Extravaganja is up in Amherst? [12:09] <GrimJack> Not off the top of my head, but give me a moment... [12:10] <K`Tetch> if you've got talks/slides pre-planned, I can look them over and give a factcheck [12:10] == deximer [] has joined #masspirates [12:10] <jokeefe> for the panel? [12:10] <jokeefe> K`Tetch? [12:10] <K`Tetch> yes [12:10] <K`Tetch> or anything [12:11] <deximer> ahoy [12:11] <jokeefe> ahoy deximer, agenda be at,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:11] <jokeefe> Feel free to id yourself as much as ye be will'n [12:11] <SplendidSpoon> The video of my talk has 123 views :D [12:11] <jokeefe> wow! [12:11] <SplendidSpoon> It got retweeted by Isak Gerson [12:12] <SplendidSpoon> and Telecomix [12:12] <SplendidSpoon> That's probably why [12:12] <K`Tetch> nice [12:12] <K`Tetch> link? [12:12] <SplendidSpoon> I'm glad he approved, considering he's like, the Pope of Kopimism [12:12] <jokeefe> they are at [12:12] <SplendidSpoon> [12:12] <K`Tetch> nice! [12:12] <K`Tetch> I'll look over them shortly [12:12] <jokeefe> more besides SplendidSpoon's and mine soon [12:12] <SplendidSpoon> Yes, it seems Kopimism struck a chord with many people [12:13] <SplendidSpoon> I am considering actually doing a piece on it for the next No Safe Harbor now [12:13] <GrimJack> Extravaganja 2010 will be on April 28th according to this: [12:13] <SplendidSpoon> Might as well [12:13] <GrimJack> 2012* [12:13] <deximer> my id: Jeremy Stark, ref'd to you guys from an Occupy Boston event where I demoed a website I'm working on: [12:13] <jokeefe> Thanks GrimJack [12:13] <jokeefe> thanks, deximer [12:13] <jokeefe> Folks should feel free to subscribe to the youtube account. hint hint [12:14] <K`Tetch> I'm going to start lookig it up, we might want to incude a panel on it at Dragoncon (I work on the EFF track there) [12:14] <erixoltan> I'm just about to upload Conor Sherman's talk to the youtube account - it's almost done rendering. [12:14] <jokeefe> Arrr! [12:14] <SplendidSpoon> w00t [12:15] <K`Tetch> erixoltan - what are you using to render it? [12:15] <K`Tetch> I've found corel to be a LOT faster than adobe (like almost 3x faster) [12:15] <jokeefe> Would anyone be willing to table at Extravaganja on April 28th? [12:15] <erixoltan> I'm doing everything in opensource software. I had to amplify the audio in HandBrake and/or Pitivi, and I'm rendering the final copy in OpenShot. [12:16] <erixoltan> Speed is not its claim to fame... [12:16] <jokeefe> You should post a how to video on what you did, erixoltan [12:16] <K`Tetch> ah, I don't worry so much about open source software, since I'm not a member of the fsf. I just want software that works [12:16] <erixoltan> Yeah. [12:16] <SplendidSpoon> Extravaganja is at UMass amherst right? [12:16] <jokeefe> yes [12:16] <SplendidSpoon> I'd table that but not alone [12:17] <jokeefe> Well, lets see who we can get to help and how much a table costs [12:18] <SplendidSpoon> ok [12:18] <erixoltan> It's a good opportunity since we have a position they'll love. [12:18] <jokeefe> Would someone take up the task of contacting and asking them how much a table would cost, if anything? It is on the Amherst common, after all. [12:19] <SplendidSpoon> My friend used to run that when she was at UMass [12:19] <SplendidSpoon> I wonder if she's going [12:20] <SplendidSpoon> Maybe she'd help [12:20] <SplendidSpoon> Unless she's got her own thing to push there lol [12:20] <jokeefe> :-) [12:20] <jokeefe> So the two other important events are the film fest and Boston Pride. [12:21] <jokeefe> We need to lock down what we will be showing at the film fest on May 12th soon. [12:21] <jokeefe> Anyone(s) want to take on that task? [12:22] <erixoltan> How do we make that sort of decision - who decides and what sort of consensus do we need? [12:23] <erixoltan> I'd be happy to be involved but I'm not sure how to go about it. [12:24] <jokeefe> Basically someone(s) need to agree to make a list and bring it back to us for final approval [12:24] <JP> I have to get going to my doc appt.. have a good day everyone [12:24] <erixoltan> I can put together a draft list with the amount of time for each movie based on suggestions that have already been made. [12:24] <jokeefe> take care JP! [12:25] <JP> peace [12:25] == JP [183f564d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [12:25] <jokeefe> Our formal process for decisionmaking is listed at [12:25] <jokeefe> Cool. [12:25] <erixoltan> What's the total duration of the film festival? [12:25] <jokeefe> erixoltan [12:26] <jokeefe> I believe we have the space from 3pm to 10pm, let me double check [12:26] <SplendidSpoon> May 12 is my friends wedding :( [12:26] <SplendidSpoon> But maybe it'll be over by then [12:26] <jokeefe> yes 3pm+ [12:27] <erixoltan> OK great. [12:27] <SplendidSpoon> Not sure what time the wedding is, it's going to be pretty unconventional... [12:27] <SplendidSpoon> no like, formal reception or anything I don't think [12:27] <jokeefe> We also have to have the Jared Ball talk on his book "I mix what I like" as part of it [12:28] <jokeefe> sounds fun, SplendidSpoon [12:28] <erixoltan> Aah, so like an hour? [12:28] <SplendidSpoon> It's Gregg's wedding [12:28] <SplendidSpoon> Kind of a big deal lol [12:29] <jokeefe> Did they post it anywhere? K said it was open to all. [12:29] <SplendidSpoon> But if it ends I will try to come to festival to help after [12:29] <SplendidSpoon> Yes its open wedding on the common [12:29] <jokeefe> thanks [12:29] <SplendidSpoon> I don't think official announcements anywhere yet [12:30] <jokeefe> Would anyone be able to help run the film fest on the day of it? [12:31] <erixoltan> I'm planning on attending and can help, but am not always that punctual :). [12:32] <jokeefe> Thanks [12:33] <deximer> What is meant by "help"? [12:33] <jokeefe> open the space, run the movies, greet people [12:33] <jokeefe> we plan for it to be free so there aren't any tickets [12:34] <jokeefe> but we will likely have t-shirts, etc. for sale [12:34] <deximer> Where is the space? [12:34] <K`Tetch> eject people being disruptie [12:34] <jokeefe> Democracy Center in Harvard Sq. Cambridge [12:34] <SplendidSpoon> lol eject [12:35] <jokeefe> copy / paste them outside? [12:35] <erixoltan> Well they are pirates... [12:35] <deximer> Is this a family friendly event? [12:36] <jokeefe> for the first half. Figure kids aren't likely to be around in the evening [12:36] <jokeefe> then we can play night of the living dead (since it is public domain ... ) <joking> [12:36] <erixoltan> That's good to know. I will make a proposal that stacks anything like that at the end. [12:36] <jokeefe> though it is public domain [12:37] <jokeefe> whatever cartoons / silents can go in the early part perhaps? [12:37] <K`Tetch> run cartoons between the films! [12:37] <deximer> If one side is kid friendly I can bring the family and detach to help out [12:37] <K`Tetch> like its an old fashioned cinema [12:37] <jokeefe> aye [12:37] <jokeefe> thanks, deximer [12:37] <deximer> don't forget to buy war bonds [12:38] <K`Tetch> wonder if there's any newsreels available [12:38] <[bsod]> too lazy to read backlog today [12:38] <[bsod]> did i miss anything [12:38] <erixoltan> lmao [12:38] <jokeefe> talking events [12:38] <GrimJack> I wonder if any of the serials produced are PD now... [12:38] <K`Tetch> yes, the whole scrollback you lazy git [12:38] <jokeefe> deximer, if you would email us at so we have your contact info. [12:38] <jokeefe> that would be great [12:39] <deximer> ok [12:39] <[bsod]> lol [12:39] <jokeefe> newsreels were from the 30s on so still in copyright? [12:39] <jokeefe> serials would be fun [12:39] <[bsod]> our copyright term is way too long eh [12:40] <[bsod]> just say, "hey its canadian public domain" [12:40] <jokeefe> Don't need the MPAA trying to sue us [12:40] <K`Tetch> wouldn't matter though, [bsod] [12:40] <[bsod]> i know, sarcasm [12:40] <K`Tetch> thats what caused the amazon kindle 1984 incident [12:40] <jokeefe> Last event on the list is the march / tabling at Boston Pride in June. If anyone can help, that would be great [12:40] <K`Tetch> the books pd most places but not the us [12:41] <jokeefe> next up is 2. The Party of Open? [12:41] <jokeefe> Likely to be an ongoing discussion [12:41] <[bsod]> i thought it was worded well on your youtube account there [12:41] <[bsod]> Welcome to the Party of Open! We stand for open government, open culture and open innovation. We are the anti-monopoly and the pro-human party. Pro-Human means a high regard for your individual privacy and your right to free expression. It also means an end to the concept of "Corporate Personhood". [12:42] <[bsod]> [12:43] <jokeefe> erixoltan taking the initiative - nice! [12:43] <[bsod]> heh, did he make that [12:43] <erixoltan> thanks [12:44] <jokeefe> some of the comments I got on twitter were - [12:44] <jokeefe> openness, anti-monopoly, pro-human, patent and copyright reform/removal, people over property, intelligent solutions for probs. [12:44] <jokeefe> OPENNESS [12:45] <jokeefe> i dunno about pro-human, what have they done for me lately [12:45] <[bsod]> heh, thats what i said [12:45] <jokeefe> lol [12:45] <jokeefe> i like being inclusive [12:45] <[bsod]> right [12:45] <[bsod]> even to the smartass [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> Good stuff :D [12:45] <SplendidSpoon> Wait [12:46] <[bsod]> isak gerson retweetered SplendidSpoon yesterday [12:46] <[bsod]> that was cool [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> For extravaganja....what is our pot stance again? [12:46] <[bsod]> most of us like it [12:46] <erixoltan> Legalize. [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> ok cool [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> Just making sure [12:46] <[bsod]> or like legalizing it [12:46] <jokeefe> I'll find the exact wording somewhere [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> Yea it'd be good to know [12:46] <SplendidSpoon> for pot events [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> yes bsod I was so excitied when Isak tweeted me [12:47] <erixoltan> It's hard to remember, ever since we adopted that position our short term memory hasn't been quite the same. [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> I was like "omg I just got mentioned by the Pope of Kopimism!" [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:47] <[bsod]> heh [12:47] <erixoltan> fomclol [12:47] <SplendidSpoon> erixoltan [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> I think I will end up taking you up on your offer to proofread a piece of writing on kopimism [12:48] <SplendidSpoon> Haven't sat down to write it yet but I will eventually. It's chosen me [12:49] <[bsod]> now if i understand we dont have an oppinion on many social issues, but isnt showing up at a pride fest kind of an endoursement ? [12:49] <jokeefe> got to post the 9/12/11 meeting notes - but we decided : "Because of our firm belief in civil liberties and the right of the individual to control his or her body and mind, we believe that Cannabis should be treated no differently than alcohol or cigarettes. Prohibition did not work in the 1920s and 30s and it certainly is not working now." [12:49] <erixoltan> awesome [12:49] <deximer> what about your position on "harder" drugs? [12:49] <[bsod]> whois deximer btw [12:49] <erixoltan> Don't know that we adopted one. [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> I don't even know my position on harder drugs [12:50] <jokeefe> what like alcohol? <joking> [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> lol [12:50] <jokeefe> yo ho ho and a bottle of rum [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> I don't even know my own position. I hate the war on drugs [12:50] <deximer> Like crack, for example [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> But I also kind of don't want crack being sold over the counter [12:50] <[bsod]> crack is crackheaded [12:50] <SplendidSpoon> But I also don't want to fill our jails with people who are just sick [12:51] <deximer> one extreme is full legalization of all drugs and make it a health issue [12:51] <jokeefe> Portugal decriminalized a bunch of drugs and things have gone well it seems [12:51] <deximer> for example [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> Yea [12:51] <jokeefe> treat the adiction not lock up the person [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> But it's not can get crack at CVS there right? [12:51] <[bsod]> i think id legalize chewing on the cocoa leaf like they do in bolivia [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> It's still a street thing... [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> right? [12:51] <jokeefe> more research needed. deximer, you want to write a proposal? [12:51] <[bsod]> in portugual? [12:51] <[bsod]> ya nothign is legal there [12:51] <deximer> Sure [12:51] <[bsod]> only decriminalized [12:51] <erixoltan> Maybe someone should write a pro, and someone else should write a con? [12:51] <SplendidSpoon> I know they have had seemingly good results with decrim of small amounts I've heard [12:52] <[bsod]> im in favor of legalizing everything and letting people make the decision not to smoke crack [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> Maybe I'm just being old-fashioned [12:52] <jokeefe> getting back to Party of Open ... [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> yes open! [12:52] <deximer> I'll write one, take some crack and write the other [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> Except not the OPEN act [12:52] <jokeefe> thanks deximer! [12:52] <jokeefe> right [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> I wish that act didn't exist [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> ruining the word [12:52] <SplendidSpoon> Then again, Pirate Party is good at takin back words [12:52] <jokeefe> erixoltan, you offering to write the con arguement? [12:53] <[bsod]> we're taking it back like in jay and silent bob [12:53] <erixoltan> Sure - either one but not both. [12:53] <jokeefe> deximer, which do you want? [12:53] <[bsod]> wait so is deximer in favor of legalizing things? [12:53] <jokeefe> we really need to get liquid feedback up [12:54] <[bsod]> for the website? [12:54] <deximer> I'm going to explore that position [12:54] <jokeefe> ya [12:54] <[bsod]> alot of people dont use irc [12:54] <jokeefe> deximer, legalizing? [12:54] <deximer> yes, that side of it [12:54] <jokeefe> erixoltan, you want to work on the con? [12:55] <[bsod]> im insane, id legalize everything from drugs to prostitution to having beer sold at midnight [12:55] <erixoltan> sure [12:55] <jokeefe> this position brought to you by ...  :-) [12:55] <[bsod]> imagine if massachusetts was a place where you could buy alcohol on st patricks day [12:55] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [12:55] <[bsod]> insane! [12:55] <jokeefe> thanks erixoltan & deximer [12:55] <creynolds24> hey all, i hope I'm not too late [12:55] <[bsod]> welcome creynolds24 [12:55] <jokeefe> hey creynolds24! [12:56] <erixoltan> hilarious [bsod] [12:56] <jokeefe> agenda at,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:56] <[bsod]> its true tho [12:56] <jokeefe> we are on item 2 [12:56] <creynolds24> thanks jaimie [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> I dunno. I guess it's good to be data-driven [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> in policy making [12:56] <jokeefe> aye!!! [12:56] <jokeefe> just the facts! [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> Look at various places different policies have been in place and see what has most desirable results [12:56] <[bsod]> i dont think anyone is going to be against that [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> That should probably be a Pirate Party thing [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> lol "data-driven policy making" [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> or "rational" [12:56] <SplendidSpoon> or something [12:57] <[bsod]> oh, are you talking drugs or being open [12:57] <SplendidSpoon> Everything actually [12:57] <SplendidSpoon> It can apply to most things [12:57] <jokeefe> from our core values: [12:57] <[bsod]> the party of open to new ideas [12:57] <jokeefe> We must use the right tool for the right job. The Massachusetts Pirate Party has no ideology beyond efficacy. If markets are the most efficient way to meet a goal, then we will advocate the use of markets. If government policy is the most efficient way to meet a goal, we will advocate for government policy. No tool that effectively meets the desired goal is inconsiderately for so-called moral reasons. [12:57] <jokeefe> We must beware of unintended consequences. The best laid plans of mice and men always have the potential to be steered awry. Every new policy or decision should be reviewed and revisited to make sure that it is addressing the problem it was intended to address, no more, and no less. Although such a policy may seem expensive, the negative effects of unintended consequences are much more so. [12:57] <jokeefe> see [12:57] <SplendidSpoon> oh ok cool, it was already like that haha [12:58] <SplendidSpoon> I really AM a Pirate, more than I even know [12:58] <jokeefe> Sean & Erixoltan be the men! [12:58] <jokeefe> so back to open [12:58] <jokeefe> not OPEN [12:58] <SplendidSpoon> David House was talking about how he'd like our time to be a new age of enlightenment, where people broke out of old restrictive dogmatic ways of thinking and stuff [12:58] <SplendidSpoon> i mean, he said it really well, and I really agreed [12:58] <creynolds24> hey while we're on the subject on the being open I have a suggestion for some sort of new policy adoption [12:59] <SplendidSpoon> oooooh [12:59] <jokeefe> sorry, 1 min [12:59] <[bsod]> for you, we'll wait 5 [12:59] <creynolds24> it's not generally a "pirate" themed agenda but since we promote freedom it makes sense [12:59] <jokeefe> so is everyone comfortable with this wording: [12:59] <jokeefe> Welcome to the Party of Open! We stand for open government, open culture and open innovation. We are the anti-monopoly and the pro-human party. Pro-Human means a high regard for your individual privacy and your right to free expression. It also means an end to the concept of "Corporate Personhood". [12:59] <erixoltan> Yes [12:59] <creynolds24> ok no problem, let me know what your ready jaimie [13:00] <[bsod]> erixoltan votes for himself [13:00] <[bsod]> i say yes [13:00] <jokeefe> sorry, we went off on a tanget and I just wanted to wrap up what we were working on [13:00] <creynolds24> jaime I like that [13:00] <creynolds24> :) [13:00] <creynolds24> ok no problem [13:00] <creynolds24> i know, i was like an hour late, it's my own fault :P [13:00] <[bsod]> Corporate Personhood is evil [13:00] <creynolds24> +1 [13:00] <[bsod]> [13:00] <jokeefe> not a problem creynolds24 [13:00] <SplendidSpoon> I like that [13:01] <SplendidSpoon> Party of Open statement [13:01] <creynolds24> jaimie, perhaps I could just send my idea as an internal email to the activist list? [13:02] <jokeefe> 30 secs [13:02] <[bsod]> that minute is going fast [13:02] <erixoltan> The PNC is going to debate whether to have a policy committee tomorrow night. [13:02] <jokeefe> anyone have any other comments on the open statement? [13:02] <erixoltan> would love to mention any new policy ideas there. [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> How do we stop this bullshit ^ [13:02] <[bsod]> ya, i read alot of first amendmant issues when it comes to schools [13:02] <creynolds24> i like sander's idea /\ [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> Something about supporting first amendment rights even for children [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> or something [13:02] <[bsod]> sanders is a socialist [13:02] <SplendidSpoon> I dunno [13:03] <SplendidSpoon> This enrages me [13:03] <[bsod]> no more for the children leglislation [13:03] <SplendidSpoon> Well [13:03] <SplendidSpoon> I mean it would actually be FOR the children [13:03] <SplendidSpoon> Protecting their rights [13:03] <[bsod]> notice when its something for the children its something that just throws more and more children in jail [13:03] <creynolds24> well his proposal posted above makes perfect sense to me (and no I'm not a socialist by any means :P [13:03] <creynolds24> ) [13:03] <[bsod]> no one ever advocates them [13:03] <jokeefe> I like the open statement, but the last two sentences seemed tacked on. however, it is good and we can adjust it going forward [13:04] <jokeefe> not reading any objections to it, statement adopted. [13:04] <SplendidSpoon> I agree with the whole statement [13:04] <erixoltan> It's definitely a work in progress - we should look at it again later. [13:04] <creynolds24> same here [13:04] <SplendidSpoon> Wording seems good enough but if someone can say it more eloquent than by all means [13:04] <creynolds24> i agree with it as a whole [13:04] <[bsod]> lol [13:04] <[bsod]> ya good enough [13:04] <SplendidSpoon> I dunno, maybe copy + paste some words of Falkvinge [13:04] <jokeefe> yes SplendidSpoon, we should make a call out to mass towns/cities and see what is going on here. [13:04] <creynolds24> lol [13:04] <SplendidSpoon> He wouldn't mind, and he's pretty good at words [13:05] <jokeefe> So, Chris / erixoltan, what did you two want to bring up? [13:05] <[bsod]> all of his stuff is CC0 [13:05] <deximer> What about legislation that at least forces Corporations to "grow up". Can't contribute to a PAC until their 18 or something. [13:05] <[bsod]> heh [13:05] <erixoltan> PNC will debate having a committee to organize a state pirate party in all 50 states. [13:05] <creynolds24> here goes... [13:05] <erixoltan> Plus having a policy committee. [13:05] <creynolds24> ok well, since we're considering becoming the " [13:06] <[bsod]> we should just replace campaign contributions all together [13:06] <SplendidSpoon> Is there an official Pirate stance on campaign stuff like that or is it just an American issue so they don't have one yet.... [13:07] <[bsod]> we're the only 2 party "democracy" [13:07] <creynolds24> party of open" i think it may be a good idea to adopt some sort of platform regarding equality for all across the board including the LGBTQ community, class differences, race, religion (or non-religion) etc etc [13:07] <jokeefe> Aye! [13:07] <[bsod]> thats too racy if we allow people to have no religion than no one will vote for us [13:07] <creynolds24> now I know we already promote freedom and equality for all, however we don't exactly have a specific platform for this [13:08] <jokeefe> would you be willing to write one? [13:08] <creynolds24> me? [13:08] <erixoltan> I think that's a solid idea. I also think we should be talking in opposition to the "war against women"... [13:08] <creynolds24> eric, exactly! [13:08] <jokeefe> it clearly is an issue that you are concerned about [13:08] <[bsod]> is that still a war in our area? [13:08] <jokeefe> who better to write it? [13:08] <creynolds24> gender inequality is a huge problem as well [13:09] <jokeefe> Aye erixoltan & creynolds24! [13:09] <creynolds24> i could try, but I'm very strapped for time at the moment [13:09] <[bsod]> it seemed as far as sexism and racism, i thought it was almost done with in the 90's, then after bush took office everything came back strong [13:09] <creynolds24> which could be a big issue [13:09] <SplendidSpoon> We are "open" because we are "open" to everyone's different lifestyles [13:09] <SplendidSpoon> or somthing... [13:09] <jokeefe> I believe we already took a position in favor of women's control over their bodies as it is a privacy issue [13:09] <[bsod]> tolerance [13:09] <creynolds24> splendidspoon exactly! [13:09] <[bsod]> oh, is this about abortion? [13:09] <[bsod]> all the cryptic wording [13:09] <jokeefe> SplendidSpoon - nice summary [13:09] <creynolds24> ah, I wasn't aware of that [13:10] <SplendidSpoon> well I meant about gay people, different religions etc [13:10] <jokeefe> it was a while ago [13:10] <SplendidSpoon> in that case [13:10] <[bsod]> i thought you were gonna be our gay pirate [13:10] <jokeefe> so are you up for drafting something, creynolds24? [13:11] <SplendidSpoon> lol [13:11] <jokeefe> or at least taking a stab at it? [13:11] <jokeefe> pun sort of intended [13:11] == creynolds24_ [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [13:11] <[bsod]> wb [13:11] <creynolds24_> sorry i got booted out :P [13:11] <creynolds24_> thanks bsod [13:11] <[bsod]> <jokeefe> so are you up for drafting something, creynolds24? [13:11] <jokeefe> thanks! [13:12] <[bsod]> heh [13:12] <creynolds24_> i'm up for it, however it might take some time for me to finish it [13:12] <creynolds24_> i have very little spare time right now [13:12] <jokeefe> Can you have something by June 1st? [13:12] <[bsod]> that seems to be the theme with volunteers [13:12] <jokeefe> Since Pride is in June [13:12] <creynolds24_> although the semester ends in early may, and i'll be out for the summer until sept [13:12] <creynolds24_> yes that could work :) [13:13] <SplendidSpoon> woohoo Pride :) [13:13] <[bsod]> i like how its cold and windy today [13:13] <creynolds24_> i'll have almost a month without school before then [13:13] <SplendidSpoon> Gotta get in shape, marched in the Vets for Peace parade and I got SO SORE [13:13] <jokeefe> gotta get folks to march [13:13] <creynolds24_> PRIDE [13:13] <creynolds24_> lol [13:13] <jokeefe> thanks creynolds24 [13:13] <creynolds24_> no problem [13:13] <SplendidSpoon> and the Pride parade I'll probably be skipping and dancing even more! [13:13] <jokeefe> lol [13:13] <[bsod]> heh [13:13] <SplendidSpoon> Damn that Leftist Marching band for being so catchy and danceable! [13:13] <jokeefe> So I am going to post pone 3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot? to next week [13:13] <creynolds24_> are we planning on attending pride officially at all? [13:14] <[bsod]> yea [13:14] <SplendidSpoon> Yup. [13:14] <jokeefe> We need help on 4. Website / wiki / liquid feedback cleanup / setup [13:14] <[bsod]> thats what i read [13:14] <creynolds24_> sweet :) [13:14] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds] [13:14] == creynolds24_ [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit] [13:14] <[bsod]> i suck at websites... you've seen what i did [13:14] <jokeefe> the website needs an update to make it more appealing [13:14] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [13:14] <jokeefe> the wiki needs to be cleaned of spam [13:14] <[bsod]> need full time moderators eh [13:14] <creynolds24> sorry again, gotta love comcast [13:15] <deximer> what is liquid feedback, besides German? [13:15] <jokeefe> np [13:15] <creynolds24> ya that would be good [13:15] <jokeefe> It is how the German Pirates vet proposals [13:15] <[bsod]> its when like the audio feeds into the speakers i think [13:15] <jokeefe> it ties in with their wiki [13:15] <creynolds24> come july 12th i'll probably be switching my isp anyways. I'm not too fond of the whole "data retention" crap lol [13:16] <jokeefe> erixoltan, would you post the link to the talk about it? [13:16] <[bsod]> isnt it nice in germany you can have success with 5% of the vote [13:16] <SplendidSpoon> aye to that [13:16] <deximer> Do you guys use it as well? [13:16] <creynolds24> ya i don't really know what liquid feedback is either [13:16] <jokeefe> we want to use it [13:16] <creynolds24> bsod yes that is nice :) [13:16] <SplendidSpoon> It's a cool online democracy platform [13:16] <[bsod]> i assumed all you guys knew and i was gonna wing it [13:16] <erixoltan> I'm sorry, what talk is that? [13:16] <jokeefe> the one from last October [13:16] <creynolds24> lol [13:16] <jokeefe> good summary SplendidSpoon [13:17] <SplendidSpoon> :) [13:17] <[bsod]> wheres carl marx when you need him [13:17] <erixoltan> [13:17] <jokeefe> thanks [13:17] <jokeefe> anyhow, if folks want to help in whatever way you can, that would be great [13:17] <[bsod]> too long [13:17] <erixoltan> [13:18] <creynolds24> ya it is a bit long lol [13:18] <jokeefe> he talks about it about it after the half way point I think [13:18] <[bsod]> my way of helping is to delegate anything assigned to me, so my job will be to find some suckas to volunteer [13:18] <jokeefe> fine with me [13:18] <[bsod]> heh [13:18] <creynolds24> nice thanks jaimie and eric! [13:18] <jokeefe> provided they are trustworthy [13:18] <[bsod]> oh [13:18] <creynolds24> right [13:19] <[bsod]> make sure to find people from the pirate community [13:19] <jokeefe> erixoltan, would you be able to move that video to the mass pirates account? [13:19] <erixoltan> Yeah np [13:20] <creynolds24> A bit off topic, but while I think of it, jaimie did u ever have a chance to give my contact info to those other people who were interested in trying to found an NH party? [13:20] <creynolds24> i haven't heard a peep from anyone? [13:21] <creynolds24> summer time would be the best time for me to try to get any efforts time [13:21] <creynolds24> done* [13:21] <[bsod]> illunatic around? [13:21] <[bsod]> a NH party would be awesome [13:22] <[bsod]> i go to NH more often than i go to boston lol [13:22] == creynolds24_ [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [13:22] <[bsod]> connectivity issues creynolds24 ? [13:22] <creynolds24_> i wonder if i keep getting booted, bc I'm running the chrome browser on Chrome OS. [13:22] <creynolds24_> yep, but my internet seems to be solid [13:23] <creynolds24_> so I think it's a browser/OS issue [13:23] <[bsod]> id check for like signal interference on your wireless channel [13:23] <[bsod]> or a faulty rj45 cable does that [13:23] <[bsod]> oh, are you here via browser [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> ew [13:23] <[bsod]> maybe, dunno about the webchat [13:23] <SplendidSpoon> colloquy ftw [13:24] <creynolds24_> like i said my internet connection appears to be solid atm [13:24] <[bsod]> heh, i still got an old mirc or dualboot with konversation [13:24] <jokeefe> creynolds24 I pinged the nh folks on twitter about coming to the conference, but haven't heard back [13:24] <jokeefe> I will dm them and invite them to contact you? [13:24] <creynolds24_> ya lol, i'm using a live cd for my OS right now, so there's not much point in installing an IRC client right now. It will just be wiped out when I restart LOL [13:25] <creynolds24_> Jaimie, thats fine :) [13:25] <[bsod]> i see [13:25] <creynolds24_> works for me [13:25] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds] [13:25] <jokeefe> thanks, creynolds24 - try running webchat in its own browser [13:25] <jokeefe> lucia had issues if her browser was doing other things as well [13:26] <erixoltan> I've been trying out this liquidfeedback thing - it's cool. [13:26] <[bsod]> theres always mbbit [13:26] <jokeefe> where? [13:26] <jokeefe> erixoltan [13:26] <erixoltan> On their site [13:26] <jokeefe> yeah [13:26] <erixoltan> [13:26] <jokeefe> I know the Germans have setup sites for other parties [13:26] <[bsod]> is this freenode? [13:27] <[bsod]> ya, so the url would be something like this [13:27] <jokeefe> ok, so if anyone can help with website stuff, ping [13:27] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [13:28] <[bsod]> ill look for someone, i think i know a ton of people who are good with stuff like that.. if i can find them [13:28] <jokeefe> thanks! [13:28] <jokeefe> anyone have anything else to discuss? [13:28] <[bsod]> you need a new designer basically? [13:28] <jokeefe> yeah, wordpress [13:29] <[bsod]> illunatic's blog is wordpress [13:29] <jokeefe> what do folks think of this one ? [13:29] <erixoltan> Very colorful, love it. [13:30] <[bsod]> hmm, something about the flow of it makes it difficult to read [13:30] <[bsod]> oh, thats not engrish [13:30] <erixoltan> Maybe the fact that it's in German? [13:30] <[bsod]> heh [13:30] <[bsod]> looks fine [13:30] <erixoltan> You have to read to the end of the long sentence to find out what the verb was... [13:31] <[bsod]> [13:31] <jokeefe> chrome just translates it [13:31] == creynolds24_ [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds] [13:31] <erixoltan> what fun is that? [13:31] <[bsod]> if i want to write a story on something from a german article, i usually still track down a german person to help me just to be sure [13:32] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds] [13:32] <jokeefe> i should brush up on my german [13:32] <[bsod]> sometimes google messes up important words [13:32] <jokeefe> I'll ping my contact there and see if we can use it. [13:32] == creynolds24 [4c1c626f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [13:32] <[bsod]> pirate it [13:32] <creynolds24> wow lol [13:32] <jokeefe> copy, reuse, remix [13:32] <creynolds24> pirate what? [13:33] <jokeefe> easier if they just give us the template [13:33] <jokeefe> I doubt they would have an issue with it. [13:33] <[bsod]> we need our own image [13:33] <jokeefe> Though I am not sure if orange is our color [13:33] <[bsod]> i was thinking that too [13:33] <jokeefe> Swedish PP uses purple [13:33] <[bsod]> it looks cool, but uncommon [13:34] <jokeefe> Orange Revolution [13:34] <creynolds24> yes :P [13:34] <jokeefe> Black for CDU, Red for SDP, Green for Greens, etc. [13:34] <jokeefe> I think Orange was untaken [13:34] <erixoltan> They have a pro gay and a pro transgender policy. [13:34] <creynolds24> eric u mean the greens? [13:34] <erixoltan> I mean the German Pirates. [13:35] <creynolds24> or all of the above? [13:35] <[bsod]> ive never noticed alot of the party pages, i usually read the individual people [13:35] <[bsod]> [13:35] <creynolds24> oh ok [13:35] <[bsod]> falkvinge, anderstrotter ect [13:35] <erixoltan> lmao "Bitchslappad av verkligheten" [13:35] <[bsod]> heh [13:36] <[bsod]> in swedish "slut" means "the end" [13:36] <creynolds24> okay xchat is installing now... hopefully my issues will be resolved [13:36] <creynolds24> haha lol [13:36] <[bsod]> the meeting will be over by the time you install that [13:36] <[bsod]> heh [13:36] <erixoltan> it's not over? [13:36] <creynolds24> i know right haha [13:36] <jokeefe> for next time [13:36] <creynolds24> at least I'll have it for later use [13:36] <creynolds24> :P [13:36] <jokeefe> yay I think were done [13:37] <jokeefe> thanks for everyone who attended!