May 2nd, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Committee Reports
  2. Events
    1. Need new fliers proto
    2. International Day Against DRM - May 3rd
    3. MiT8: Media in Transition Conference - May 3-5th
    4. Together Boston/Another World's Fair - May 18th
    5. Security BSides - May 18th
    6. March Against Monsanto, May 25th
    7. AnimeBoston - Hynes Convention Center, May 24-26th.
    8. Boston Pride Parade - June 8th
  3. Conference
    1. Flyers
    2. Speakers & Schedule
    3. Logistics
  4. National Affairs
  5. Organization

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


place holder

  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero
  • SteveR: Steve Rudolfi, Watertown
  • Joe: Joseph Guertin, Bellingham
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro/Somerville


  • davidd: David van Deijk, Eindhoven, NL
  • Shidash
  • illunatic
  • passstab
  • ageis
  • itspara
  • narr
  • rocode



Need new fliers proto

Wake up the Earth Festival - May 4th

Together Boston Expo - May 18th?

Security BSides - May 18

AnimeBoston - Hynes Convention Center, May 24-26th

Boston Pride Parade - June 8th



Speakers & Schedule


National Affairs


Moved IRC meetings to 9pm instead of noon.

Meeting Minutes


jokeefe: agenda at,_2013_IRC_Meeting [9:07pm] jokeefe: id - James O'Keefe, Somerville [9:07pm] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero [9:08pm] SteveR: Steve Rudolfi, Watertown [9:08pm] Joe: Joseph Guertin, Bellingham [9:08pm] Shidash left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 268 seconds) [9:08pm] davidd: David van Deijk, Eindhoven, NL [9:09pm] Shidash joined the chat room. [9:09pm] Shidash was promoted to operator by [4Q]. [9:09pm] Shidash was granted voice by [4Q]. [9:09pm] davidd: actually i am in tilburg right now [9:09pm] jokeefe: hi Shidash [9:09pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 19. [9:09pm] jokeefe: So Committee Reports [9:10pm] jokeefe: democracy/IT working on moving wiki/mailing lists to new host [9:10pm] jokeefe: hopefully will be done in next the days itspara joined the chat room. [9:12pm] itspara was granted voice by [4Q]. [9:12pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 20. [9:12pm] narr joined the chat room. [9:12pm] narr was granted voice by [4Q]. [9:12pm] jokeefe: Bluestreak - did you make a start with getting the flyer text up on a pirate pad? [9:12pm] jokeefe: hi itspara & narr [9:12pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 21. [9:12pm] narr: Greetings. [9:12pm] jokeefe: On Need new fliers proto in,_2013_IRC_Meeting [9:12pm] itspara: Hey... just lurking [9:13pm] jokeefe: ok, ids are always welcome [9:13pm] Bluestreak: You mean the flyer for the conference? [9:13pm] Bluestreak: Or the trifold? [9:13pm] jokeefe: trifold [9:14pm] jokeefe: issue flyers [9:14pm] jokeefe: I sent a request for an update on the conf. flyer [9:14pm] Bluestreak: OK Jean said she would send me the file and never got back to me, first of all. [9:14pm] jokeefe: keep up the reminder [9:14pm] Bluestreak: Yes sir [9:15pm] jokeefe: Thank you. [9:15pm] Bluestreak: I made an interim 1/4 page [9:15pm] davidd: [9:15pm] jokeefe: She gets busy, so persistence pays [9:15pm] Bluestreak: Do we have our speakers lined up? I'm confused. [9:16pm] jokeefe: not all, but making progress, more on that later in the meeting [9:16pm] Bluestreak: Don't I need the line up to make the flyers? [9:16pm] Joe: I can use Photoshop to make a flyer if necessary [9:16pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:17pm] Bluestreak: I have been using the one Jamie gave me at Pax East [9:17pm] Bluestreak: Only changed slightly [9:17pm] jokeefe: Bluestreak, did you put your 1/4 flyer anywhere we can look at it? [9:17pm] jokeefe: ah [9:17pm] Bluestreak: Look on my FB pag [9:17pm] Bluestreak: Where would you like me to post it? [9:17pm] davidd: could someone give a direct image link url to that fb picture please? [9:17pm] jokeefe: ok [9:18pm] jokeefe: any chance to setup the pirate pads so people can group edit the trifold / other flyer text? [9:18pm] Bluestreak: Check your FB msgs, Captain. [9:19pm] jokeefe: oh sorry [9:19pm] SplendidSpoon joined the chat room. [9:19pm] SplendidSpoon was promoted to operator by [4Q]. [9:19pm] SplendidSpoon was granted voice by [4Q]. [9:20pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 22. [9:20pm] Bluestreak: Yay! [9:20pm] Joe left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [9:20pm] Joe joined the chat room. [9:20pm] Joe was granted voice by [4Q]. [9:20pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 22. [9:20pm] jokeefe: hi SplendidSpoon [9:20pm] SplendidSpoon: Hey everyone! I'm having network issues at a friends house, ID: Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro/Somerville [9:21pm] Bluestreak: Nice to "see" you. [9:21pm] jokeefe: Next events [9:21pm] jokeefe: International Day Against DRM rally is tomorrow, May 3rd, anyone going? [9:22pm] jokeefe: putting the word out. hope to make it there though I will be late [9:22pm] SplendidSpoon: Ah man I'll be in New Haven [9:22pm] Bluestreak: Can't manage it, sorry. [9:22pm] SplendidSpoon: I wonder if there's one there haha [9:23pm] jokeefe: might be [9:23pm] SplendidSpoon: No CT Pirates hehe [9:23pm] jokeefe: anyone going to MiT8: Media in Transition Conference - May 3-5th? [9:23pm] Joe: I wont be able to make it [9:24pm] jokeefe: Looks cool [9:24pm] Joe: I can make the 4th and 5th for that [9:24pm] Bluestreak: We are going to Positronic Dave's [9:24pm] Bluestreak: You need to get out there, Joe [9:25pm] jokeefe: Positronic Dave's? [9:25pm] Bluestreak: Jamie and Lauren know everybody. They need to introduce to folks. [9:25pm] Bluestreak: He is in the Pirate Discussion group [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Old friend from UMass, he's going to March Against Monsanto [9:26pm] Bluestreak: I am going to take the opportunity to network [9:26pm] feedbot: [Twitter] masspirates: Ricin Suspect: Government Fought For Continued Detention Without Evidence #ricin #dueprocess by @jesselynradack - [9:26pm] Bluestreak: He used to run the Phish shows in the UMass area. Lots of connections [9:26pm] SplendidSpoon: Oh cool my friend's doing some art stuff for that march, I hadn't heard about it otherwise [9:27pm] Bluestreak: I wish we could go! Mem Day is booked months in advance, though. [9:27pm] Bluestreak: It's Anime Boston and we will be in NH [9:28pm] jokeefe: Thanks for the March Against Monsanto mention [9:28pm] Bluestreak: So Joe you can get out to the MiT8? [9:29pm] Joe: Yes I can, I am looking to for a place to register [9:29pm] Bluestreak: Best aregument against patents in my book [9:29pm] Joe: Is it at door registration? [9:29pm] Bluestreak: Will you be there, Jamie? [9:29pm] jokeefe: MiT8 or March? [9:30pm] Joe: mit8 [9:30pm] SteveR: I was going to mit8 until my sister changed my niece's birthday party weenend. [9:30pm] Bluestreak: What Joe said [9:30pm] jokeefe: Trying, got to look at the schedule [9:30pm] Bluestreak: He needs to be introduced to people [9:30pm] Bluestreak: That would be great, don't you think? [9:30pm] jokeefe: Alex may be there. [9:31pm] jokeefe: Agreed [9:31pm] jokeefe: Next Together Boston/Another World's Fair - May 18th - SplendidSpoon & Bluestreak will be there. Will get the word out about it, and sign up other volunteers [9:31pm] Bluestreak: MAYbe I could get out there on Sunday. [9:31pm] Bluestreak: If I'm not too wiped out after Dave's party. [9:32pm] jokeefe: Have a good time [9:32pm] Bluestreak: (Getting old!) [9:32pm] Bluestreak: We will talk up the Pirates Dave is a fan [9:32pm] jokeefe: great [9:32pm] Bluestreak: We have Lauren and myself so far. [9:33pm] Joe: I should be available may 18th [9:33pm] Bluestreak: I can't move the heavy equipment. Need muscle. [9:33pm] Bluestreak: EXCELLENT [9:33pm] jokeefe: thanks, Joe [9:33pm] Bluestreak: Have cards made to hand out [9:33pm] jokeefe: cool [9:34pm] jokeefe: I'll be at Security BSides - May 18th, at least some of it. [9:34pm] Bluestreak: There was a Senatorial candidate handing out cards at the Aaron Swartz rally. He was interviewed too [9:35pm] Fatbag joined the chat room. [9:35pm] Fatbag was granted voice by [4Q]. [9:35pm] Bluestreak: By MIKE CANN [9:35pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 23. [9:35pm] Bluestreak: Hello, Fatbag [9:36pm] Fatbag: hi [9:37pm] jokeefe: Next - March Against Monsanto - [9:37pm] jokeefe: May 25th [9:37pm] jokeefe: We never decided to endorse or not [9:37pm] Bluestreak: If you can get over to the street fair, please come for breakdown and pack up! [9:37pm] Bluestreak: Definitely endorse [9:38pm] Joe: I'm for endorsing it [9:38pm] Bluestreak: Motion to endorse [9:38pm] jokeefe: I will aim to help out at the Fair [9:38pm] jokeefe: Do you 2nd Joe? [9:39pm] jokeefe: For those in late - agenda at,_2013_IRC_Meeting [9:39pm] Bluestreak: Yes, well, I believe in asking for what I want and hoping for the best. [9:39pm] jokeefe: I'll 2nd [9:39pm] jokeefe: Discussion? [9:39pm] Joe: yes [9:39pm] Joe: apparently my irc is not autoscrolling [9:39pm] Bluestreak: The GMO issue is such a good anti patent point [9:40pm] Bluestreak: It so perfectly illustrates how broken the system has become. [9:40pm] Bluestreak: It doesn't autoscroll for me either Joe. I use the analog method [9:41pm] SplendidSpoon: yea [9:41pm] jokeefe: Monsanto has gone after farmers when their crops get contaminated by Monsanto seeds, and on corp. power grounds we have reason to oppose them. [9:42pm] Bluestreak: Genes invented themselves [9:42pm] Bluestreak: They belong to the earth [9:42pm] Bluestreak: The alteration is like a .00000000001% variance [9:43pm] Bluestreak: And for that a corporation is allowed to laid claim? [9:43pm] Bluestreak: And for that a corporation is allowed to laid claim? [9:43pm] Bluestreak: Oops [9:43pm] Bluestreak: lay claim [9:44pm] Bluestreak: tee hee [9:44pm] jokeefe: All in favor of endorsing the March agains Monsanto? [9:44pm] SplendidSpoon: aye [9:44pm] Bluestreak: Aye [9:44pm] Joe: aye [9:45pm] jokeefe: aye [9:45pm] jokeefe: any opposed? [9:46pm] jokeefe: any abstaining? [9:47pm] jokeefe: passes then [9:47pm] jokeefe: Bluestreak, you will be at AnimeBoston? [9:47pm] Bluestreak: No, Sam will. [9:47pm] Bluestreak: We will be in NH [9:47pm] jokeefe: ah [9:47pm] Bluestreak: LARPING [9:48pm] jokeefe: so we should ask for people going who can flyer [9:48pm] Bluestreak: I am very disappointed for the coonflict [9:48pm] jokeefe: live happens [9:48pm] Bluestreak: Sam WON'T [9:48pm] Bluestreak: I've asked her. I've begged her. [9:49pm] Bluestreak: Teenagers [9:49pm] jokeefe: we can ask around. just need to drop them on a table [9:49pm] Bluestreak: No dorky flyers Mom! [9:49pm] jokeefe: Boston Pride Parade - June 8th - we have the march, will put up that we are looking for marchers [9:49pm] jokeefe: lol [9:49pm] Bluestreak: Will you be there? [9:49pm] Bluestreak: Pride Parade I will be at [9:50pm] Bluestreak: Ordered a new costume and everything. [9:50pm] jokeefe: oh yes, I will be there [9:50pm] Bluestreak: I want to get a BIG turnout for this one. I will canvas my friends. [9:51pm] Joe: I will be able to make it [9:51pm] Bluestreak: Anime Boston, I meant... But will you dress as a Pirate at the Parade (at last?) [9:51pm] Bluestreak: Maybe Joe should dress like a candidate for the Parade? [9:52pm] jokeefe: likely [9:52pm] Bluestreak: ish? [9:52pm] jokeefe: lol [9:53pm] Fatbag left the chat room. ( - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.) [9:53pm] Joe: Time to suit up? [9:53pm] [4Q] set a limit on the number of room members to 22. [9:53pm] SplendidSpoon: gotta run guys [9:53pm] jokeefe: it will be hot [9:53pm] SplendidSpoon: peace [9:53pm] jokeefe: take care [9:53pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:53pm] SplendidSpoon left the chat room. (Quit: SplendidSpoon) [9:53pm] jokeefe: quick conference update [9:53pm] Bluestreak: Too hot for wool [9:54pm] Bluestreak: I will be roasting alive in my get up. [9:54pm] Bluestreak: Sorry [9:54pm] jokeefe: Suggesting that we call it PirateCon 2013 [9:54pm] Bluestreak: 2nd [9:54pm] Joe: 3rd [9:55pm] jokeefe: We have panels on Crowdfunding, open gov, Government Power in 2020. Maybe NDAA [9:55pm] Bluestreak: You want Rich? [9:55pm] jokeefe: Would like more than just Rich [9:56pm] Bluestreak: Yes but do you want him at all? [9:56pm] jokeefe: varied viewpoints are good [9:56pm] Bluestreak: "varied" lol [9:57pm] Bluestreak: I asked him to sterr clear of the conspriacy theories [9:57pm] jokeefe: always good [9:58pm] Bluestreak: So you want him on the NDAA panel? [9:58pm] jokeefe: would be good to have many speakers or have NDAA as part of another panel [9:59pm] Bluestreak: I just need to know if you want him so he can put it in his schedule. Be honest, please. [10:00pm] jokeefe: When I have met him he has seemed reasonable. Should I doubt that assessment? [10:00pm] Bluestreak: Nope [10:00pm] jokeefe: then ask [10:01pm] Bluestreak: He's a bit more ebullient than you may like. But its not about you, right? [10:01pm] Bluestreak: I already asked him and he is interested [10:01pm] jokeefe: great [10:02pm] jokeefe: shouldn't be about me [10:02pm] Bluestreak: I was joking sorry [10:02pm] Bluestreak: brb AJ needs me to locate tape [10:03pm] Bluestreak: back [10:07pm] jokeefe: other suggestions for topics or people are welcome [10:07pm] Bluestreak: I had an idea but I want to ask first report after [10:08pm] Bluestreak: If I am successful you will be pleased. [10:09pm] jokeefe: cool [10:10pm] Joe: I am still putting together and organizing things. I am looking for help putting together a campaign and running for state rep [10:10pm] jokeefe: Conf. Logistics - need to scope out wifi, live streaming, food [10:10pm] jokeefe: volunteers [10:10pm] jokeefe: but it is getting late [10:11pm] Bluestreak: I am aldeady the defacto campaign manager [10:11pm] Bluestreak: until someone decides to knock me off that hill [10:11pm] Joe: haha [10:12pm] Bluestreak: Lauren was very eager to help... last Tuesday [10:12pm] jokeefe: cool [10:12pm] Bluestreak: We need to collect those signatures [10:13pm] jokeefe: have from Feb - April 2014 [10:13pm] Bluestreak: Joe you can borrow my copy of "No Safe Harbor" if you like [10:13pm] Joe: That would be great [10:13pm] Bluestreak: We cant start before Feb? [10:14pm] jokeefe: nomination papers available in Feb. [10:14pm] Bluestreak: Thank you. [10:14pm] jokeefe: dates at [10:14pm] jokeefe: more or less [10:15pm] jokeefe: if it is the office I am thinking of [10:15pm] jokeefe: any national news? [10:16pm] Bluestreak: Pirate News? [10:17pm] jokeefe: yes [10:17pm] jokeefe: no meeting? [10:18pm] Bluestreak: No Lindsay wrote and said.... [10:18pm] Bluestreak: It was every other Wed [10:18pm] Bluestreak: I had a 50-50 chance of getting it right. [10:19pm] Bluestreak: I opened a can of worms in the USPP chat just by bringing up the PNC [10:19pm] Bluestreak: People starting ranting [10:19pm] jokeefe: joy [10:19pm] jokeefe: have you seen any nat. mailing list mail yet? [10:20pm] Bluestreak: Yes I am on it now, thanks [10:21pm] jokeefe: good [10:21pm] jokeefe: anything else folks want to bring up? [10:21pm] Bluestreak: Last point on the agenda [10:21pm] Bluestreak: Moved to now in part to accomodate Lauren and she split [10:22pm] Bluestreak: Works for Joe though thats good [10:22pm] Bluestreak: Not for Steve Revilak, though? [10:22pm] jokeefe: Organization? place holder, left over from last meeting [10:22pm] Bluestreak: Never mind then [10:23pm] jokeefe: that is all I have for now. [10:23pm] Bluestreak: Move to adjourn [10:23pm] jokeefe: 2nd [10:23pm] jokeefe: all in favor [10:23pm] Joe: 3rd [10:23pm] Bluestreak: aye [10:23pm] jokeefe: aye [10:23pm] Joe: aye [10:23pm] jokeefe: all opposed? [10:26pm] jokeefe: motion passes