May 2nd, 2016 IRC Meeting

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Review & Decisions

Campaigns Status

Tuesday, International Day against DRM

FSF is holding an event. Looking for the details.

2016 Campaign

  • Update on Aaron James running for 27th Middlesex State Rep. district
  • 5/8, 3-5pm, Aaron James campaign kick off party

PirateCon 2016

  • Date set at 6/25. Have 3 speakers.
  • Speaker sign up & registration (pay/nonpay) forms and conference page are up.
  • Todo:
    • Get word out
      • Send email to supporters
      • Email act-ma and other lists
      • Call supporters
    • Lockdown audio and streaming setup
    • Flyers
    • Get speakers
    • Finalize schedule
    • Food
    • Plan post-conference activity

Upcoming Events

  1. 5/3, 5pm, Last day to drop off nomination papers at cities/towns for signature validation
  2. 5/3, International Day Against DRM
  3. 5/3, 6:30-8:30pm, Muslim Justice League: Resisting Surveillance - Countering Counterintelligence Creatively, Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry, 10 Putnam St, Roxbury
  4. 5/4, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  5. 5/5, 6:45pm, Killer Drones: An evening of information and reflection on our government’s drone assassination program, Central Square Library, 45 Pearl Street, Cambridge
  6. 5/8, Aaron James campaign kick off party
  7. 5/11, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  8. 5/15, IT/Democracy Meeting?
  9. 5/18, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  10. 5/22, Together Boston Cryptoparty
  11. 5/25, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  12. 5/25, Last date for speakers to sign up
  13. 5/25, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  14. 6/25, 9am-6pm, PirateCon 2016

Every Wed., Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, 101 Main Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe
  • Ben___


  • igel
  • davidd


International Day Against DRM is scheduled for 11:30am Tuesday outside MIT STATA center.

Discussed past events:

  • Security Training at the Co-op DiscoTech taught PGP, but wasn't as well attended as would have hoped. Good conversations. Worthwhile attending.
  • Middlesex Community College Cryptoparty went well. Taught three people to at least use mailvelope.



[9:36pm] Ben joined the chat room. [9:36pm] jokeefe: ahoy [9:36pm] Ben is now known as Ben___. [9:36pm] jokeefe: prepped for tomorrow? [9:36pm] Ben___: good evening, sorry for my lateness [9:36pm] Ben___: I hope so [9:37pm] jokeefe: no worries [9:37pm] Ben___: I will be picking up materials from the FSF office beforehand [9:37pm] Ben___: I might have to familiarize myself with some of the W3C arguments [9:38pm] jokeefe: wise [9:38pm] Ben___: do you feel well versed in the DRM talking points? [9:39pm] jokeefe: in general [9:39pm] jokeefe: DRMs lead to security holes [9:39pm] Ben___: very true [9:39pm] jokeefe: DRMs are locks owned by neither the creator or the owners [9:40pm] Ben___: absolutely [9:40pm] jokeefe: ultimately ineffective since it doesn’t take long to find an exploit [9:41pm] Ben___: so it's fundamentally futile [9:41pm] jokeefe: of course. [9:42pm] jokeefe: Doctorow speaks about that elequently [9:42pm] Ben___: although it can still infringe on lots of user rights along the way [9:42pm] jokeefe: of course [9:43pm] jokeefe: trying to get the word out [9:44pm] Ben___: I think most people are easily convinced of the harms of DRM once it's explained [9:44pm] jokeefe: agreed [9:46pm] Ben___: do you have any preferences on what materials I bring for our flyering? [9:46pm] jokeefe: 1/4 page flyers [9:46pm] jokeefe: anything bigger than 1/3 page is probably wasted paper [9:47pm] jokeefe: How did the Security Training at the Co-op DiscoTech go? [9:47pm] Ben___: it was unfortunately one of the least attended workgroups, as far as I could tell [9:48pm] Ben___: I was able to have really detailed conversations with a few interested people though [9:49pm] jokeefe: Sounds interesting at least [9:49pm] jokeefe: What were some of the conversations like? [9:49pm] Ben___: the event itself was really interesting, I'm glad I went [9:50pm] Ben___: I was able to teach someone how to use PGP for their email [9:50pm] Ben___: I showed him how you write a message, and then how you receive it [9:51pm] Ben___: he was under the impression that he wouldn't be able to use his existing email address, but I explained why that isn't true [9:51pm] jokeefe: Good [9:52pm] jokeefe: the Middlesex Community College Cryptoparty went well. Got three people to at least use mailvelope [9:52pm] Ben___: that's awesome [9:52pm] Ben___: mailvelope is still PGP [9:52pm] jokeefe: Agreed, though it has limitations [9:52pm] jokeefe: as does the Windows PGP [9:53pm] jokeefe: doesn’t use the key servers, unfortunately [9:54pm] Ben___: that's a strange design choice [9:54pm] jokeefe: or allow encryption and signing in the same message, at least from what I can tell [9:54pm] jokeefe: I need to use it some more to make sure [9:55pm] Ben___: that's definitely bizarre [9:56pm] Ben___: it looks like they still put out a new release every month or so [9:56pm] Ben___: hopefully issues like that will be resolved in time [9:56pm] jokeefe: hopefully [9:57pm] jokeefe: in the meantime I need to find a better email client than thunderbird [9:57pm] Ben___: what are the issues you're having? [9:59pm] jokeefe: Thunderbird isn’t the most updated software. It pauses for a while sometimes. doubles messages. not quite sure how many messages it can handle [9:59pm] Ben___: it definintely doesn't get as much development attention as Firefox, for example [10:00pm] jokeefe: yes [10:00pm] Ben___: unfortunately, I think that webmail has significantly killed off most of the innovation in mail clients [10:01pm] jokeefe: Nylas N1 could be promissing [10:01pm] jokeefe: Not fond of its keep things in the cloud methods [10:02pm] Ben___: there's also roundcube [10:02pm] Ben___: I don't know if it's any good [10:05pm] jokeefe: something to consider [10:05pm] Ben___: on a completely different topic, do you know if anyone has invited Evan Greer from FightForTheFuture to the conference again [10:06pm] jokeefe: Haven’t yet [10:06pm] jokeefe: Good idea [10:07pm] Ben___: also two of the Digital Fourth folks are in Boston [10:07pm] jokeefe: Alex spoke a few years ago. [10:07pm] jokeefe: Could invite him as well [10:08pm] Ben___: I invited someone local who works on OpenStreetMap, but he's not available that date [10:08pm] jokeefe: that is a shame [10:09pm] jokeefe: thank you for asking [10:10pm] Ben___: no problem [10:10pm] Ben___: well, it's quite late [10:11pm] jokeefe: agreed [10:11pm] Ben___: I think I need to get a few things done in advance of tomorrow [10:11pm] jokeefe: have a good night [10:11pm] Ben___: see you at MIT [10:11pm] Ben___: you as well [10:11pm] jokeefe: thanks [10:11pm] jokeefe: 11:30, then