May 9th, 2016 IRC Meeting

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  • International Day against DRM
  • Aaron James Campaign Kickoff Party


Campaigns Status

2016 Campaign

  • Update on Aaron James running for 27th Middlesex State Rep. district

PirateCon 2016

  • Date set at 6/25. Have 4 speakers.
  • Speaker sign up & registration (pay/nonpay) forms and conference page are up.
  • Todo:
    • Get word out
      • Send email to supporters
      • Email act-ma and other lists
      • Call supporters
    • Lockdown audio and streaming setup
    • Flyers
    • Get speakers
    • Finalize schedule
    • Food
    • Plan post-conference activity

Boston Pride Parade

We are marching again this year on 6/11. Got marshals, need:

  • Sign up form / social media events
  • Flags

How is the pirate ship?

Upcoming Events

  1. 5/11, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  2. 5/15, IT/Democracy Meeting, noon-2pm, 111 Sunnyside Ave, Arlington
  3. 5/18, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  4. 5/22, Together Boston Cryptoparty, noon-6pm, Danger!Awesome, 10 Prospect St, Cambridge
  5. 5/25, Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, Tatte Cafe, 101 Main Street, Cambridge
  6. 5/25, Last date for speakers to sign up
  7. 5/25, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  8. 6/10, 6pm, Boston Dyke March, Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common, Boston
  9. 6/11, 10am-4pm, Boston Pride Parade, Boston
  10. 6/25, 9am-6pm, PirateCon 2016
  11. 6/29, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  12. July, WMass Cryptoparty?
  13. 7/27, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  14. July-Aug Pirate Picnic
  15. 8/31, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  16. Sep., Freedom Rally
  17. 9/28, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville

Every Wed., Digital Fourth meeting, noon-1pm, 101 Main Street, Cambridge


  • jokeefe
  • BenC


  • igel
  • davidd




[9:04pm] BenC joined the chat room. [9:05pm] jokeefe: ahoy [9:05pm] BenC: evening [9:06pm] BenC: I heard about a neat new company who's going to offer internet in the Boston area [9:07pm] jokeefe: oh? [9:07pm] BenC: yeah, founded by the same guy who did Aereo [9:07pm] BenC: called Starry Internet. It's going to be high frequency wireless, and supposedly up to a gigabit speeds [9:13pm] jokeefe: hopefully it will last longer than clear [9:15pm] jokeefe: agenda -,_2016_IRC_Meeting [9:15pm] jokeefe: International Day against DRM - how did it go at the lunch? [9:18pm] BenC: the lunch was very good [9:18pm] BenC: I was able to make a few points [9:18pm] BenC: Yochai Benkler was amazing though [9:18pm] BenC: he was able to really strongly argue the anti-DRM point [9:19pm] jokeefe: cool. did it help? [9:20pm] BenC: yeah, I think he was able to challenge the points some of the W3C people were making more effectively than I would have been able to [9:21pm] jokeefe: good [9:22pm] jokeefe: The Aaron James Campaign Kickoff Party went well. [9:22pm] BenC: that's really good [9:23pm] jokeefe: Over 15 people attended. [9:23pm] BenC: that's pretty impressive for a local event [9:24pm] jokeefe: I need to post more of the pictures [9:24pm] BenC: yes, that's always good for outreach [9:26pm] jokeefe: aiming for a larger turnout for the next one [9:26pm] BenC: for sure [9:27pm] jokeefe: Aaron has enough signatures to be on the ballot and has his paperwork all set [9:27pm] jokeefe: will be handing it in soon. [9:27pm] BenC: clearing that first hurdle is always the hardest [9:27pm] jokeefe: true [9:28pm] jokeefe: We should talk more about how ot help his campaign at the IT meeting [9:30pm] BenC: definitely [9:33pm] jokeefe: PirateCon 2016 - need to get more speakers [9:34pm] jokeefe: would be good to have some portion of it be an open discussion [9:36pm] BenC: an open discussion would be great [9:36pm] BenC: perhaps we could have some suggested topics beforehand? [9:36pm] jokeefe: true [9:37pm] jokeefe: was thinking that either discussing the way forward for us or organizing techniques would be good [9:37pm] jokeefe: or both [9:37pm] jokeefe: other ideas? [9:39pm] BenC: I think those are both good ideas [9:41pm] jokeefe: Will keep sending out emails reminding people to register or speak [9:41pm] jokeefe: what other venues do you suggest we reach out to? [9:43pm] BenC: there's a newspaper I can't remember the name of [9:43pm] BenC: their two co-founders do a lot of writing on FOIA issues [9:43pm] jokeefe: weekly dig? [9:43pm] BenC: it has a more traditional sounding name, I think [9:45pm] BenC: I'm going to look it up on my other machine [9:46pm] jokeefe: Bay State Examiner? [9:47pm] BenC: yes, that was the one [9:49pm] jokeefe: Inviting Maya, folks from BINJ would be good [9:50pm] BenC: yes, BINJ have been doing awesome work too [9:50pm] jokeefe: aye [9:50pm] jokeefe: Boston Pride Parade is coming up. Will get a sign up form up. [9:51pm] jokeefe: email about it [9:51pm] jokeefe: that is all I have [9:52pm] jokeefe: how are things? [9:52pm] BenC: very busy [9:53pm] BenC: working while trying to interview for a new job [9:53pm] jokeefe: good [9:55pm] jokeefe: shall we adjourn? [9:55pm] BenC: I think so [9:56pm] BenC: not enough people to discuss the rest of the agenda [9:56pm] jokeefe: agreed [9:56pm] jokeefe: have a good night. see you Sunday. [9:56pm] BenC: you as well, see you then [9:56pm] BenC left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed)