November 11th, 2012 In-Person Meeting

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1. National party update

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

1. National party update


  • James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • Steve Revilak
  • Lucia Fiero


1. National party update

Meeting Minutes


1. nat. issues

Erik asked our opinions on the national election.

2. planning


don't destroy our lives, scaling down expectations of what people need to do, get on the ballot

young get it, but don't think it affects their next paycheck or daily lives, platform / message needs to be right

policies vs. message

what is our short message?


Advocate for Open meeting laws - legislature, agencies Organize precinct meetings & web site before town meeting and after the warrant articles are out so people can give their opinion on the issues

(need web software that we can share)


Benefit of local offices is we can get in But what are our policies? municipal wifi/school / city surveillance

Issue: Lower the voting age

3. policy / people

invent the pirate ground game have a better message get the message in front of more people

stop signs are great for having a short but captive audience

need to record people at events talking with people and boil it down to an instructional video that gets people past their fear of the uncertainty. tough questions, signing people up and showing people how it is done.

need to mail our supporters with the Jan meeting date, and include 5 ways they can help with a SASE:

come to event come to conference canvassing come to a mailing party give money run for office

4. campaigning

debates among pirates to generate attention

how to decide on policies

5. policies

what do our principles say about the policies ask voters ask candidates pirate wheel

forum ? -

6. tech

three points to the consider on the tech front

Money privacy labor

send the whole site ssl cert

5. events

budget npr - need to ask 5 times before people realize they are being asked for money need compelling notion of what we would do with the money

6. todo

conference - physical with followup virtual


put this out draft letter compile lists flier (forward text to erik & steve)

Here is the current list, though there is more we can add to it.

   1.    Sending out a Supporter Survey
   2.    Finding Interns
   3.    Revising Materials
   4.    Requested Pirate voter list
   5.    Letter to OCPF on new fundraising methods
   6.    Mail thank you letters
   7.    Mail letter on State of Mass. Pirates to our voters?
   8.    College tour during the winter?
   9.    Planning for 2013 events
   10.    Consolidating to another platform
   11.    Getting an ssl cert for
   12.    Distributing social media efforts
   13.    Fundraising
   14.    Planning a 2013 Pirate conference

Here are a few events in early 2013 we should look at participating in:

   •    Digital Media Conference & Grassroots Use of Technology Conference which should be sometime in 2013 (;
   •    Together Boston music festival is in April/May IIRC (
   •    Wake up the Earth Festival in JP on Sat., May 4th (
   •    Pax East which is March 22-24th.  They are looking for submissions (, though they do focus on computer gaming;
   •    AnimeBoston which is May 24-26th.
   •    Boston Pride Festival on Sat. June 8th (