November 15th, 2015 Campaign Planning Meeting

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Attending: Steve, James


Before the discussion, please review the following documents:

What are our goals?

What do we need / What do we have?

Why Run as a Pirate?


Reaching Out to Supporters

  • reach out to supporters:
    • ask to organize/volunteer/recommend candidates

Identifying Candidates

  • videos:
    • why run
    • how to run set
  • mentor & support candidates

get candidates on the ballot

Who leads up what?


What are our goals?

  • More candidates than last time
  • Better support for candidates
    • Web site -
    • How-tos
      • Pick an office
      • Get on Ballot
      • Run ...
  • More press attention
  • Expand number of chapters
  • Expand volunteer network

What do we need / What do we have?


Why Run as a Pirate?

Campaign issue ideas

  • Innovation/Competition
    • Ban non-compete agreements
    • Oppose video/film subsidies
    • Setup Single payer healthcare for all
    • Making all public higher education free
    • Raising up spending on K-12 education
    • Stream-line process to setup a business
      • especially for cooperative businesses?
      • Recognition of L3C corporations
    • Basic Income? / Right to a job?
  • Automatically put all state records on-line with ability to exempt/Fixing Public Records
  • Improve transportation
    • Remove all tolls on the pike and elsewhere
    • Fixing the MBTA
      • make it focus on transporting people
      • so it is more sustainable financially
      • better supports the needs of people
      • main goal seems to be catching fair evaders & people who assault bus drivers
      • Remove the big dig debt from the t's books
  • Municipal broadband
  • Legalize / tax all drugs / treat as public health issue
  • Education
    • No for-profit charter schools
      • no wall street folks making money off the backs of our children
  • Taxes
    • Increase taxes on rich - See [1]


For December 6th meeting

Update CiviCRM to meet our needs

  • SSO? /openid?
  • How to search blank fields
  • smart groups for people w/o email or phone
  • find out how to get people to update their contact info
  • Embedded signup forms in blog/other site (CSS issues?)
  • Video Game Company Tax Credit petition (jokeefe)
  • geo tagged / smart lists for regions (jokeefe)

For December 19th meeting

After cleaning up list, call people to setup regional meetings

  • Need sign up sheet for regional organizers
  • Put out calls for regional organizers
  • Start calling for organizers in late Dec/early Jan

Regional meetings in early/mid January - February

  • Get access to regional lists to organizers
  • Need regional meeting pages /
  • Need people to sign up for meetings
  • Get details on meetings

Next Meetings

The next meetings will be Sunday, Dec. 6 at Regina Pizzeria in Allston and Saturday, Dec. 19th at a location determined by a poll. srevilak will post the poll.