November 19th, 2017 Video Magazine Meeting

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  • AsamonDajin, Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
  • jokeefe: James O’Keefe, Somerville



Took place over audio at our Discord channel.


  1. SCATV class tomorrow, then jokeefe can apply to be a member. Will send update.
  2. jokeefe posted the links to the piratepads for the flyer text
  3. Steve and jokeefe recorded the campaign talk they participated in yesterday. Steve will post the video so we can work on editing it.

Malt is working on a read through of our scripts so far:

  1. Equifax flyer -
  2. Digital Security 101 text -

Future topics will include FB's attempt to stop revenge porn

AsamonDajin suggested we ask for future topics. jokeefe agreed to put up a piratepad where people can share ideas. Will post on blog, add to email anc. and post to FB/Twitter.

Useful items from last meeting:

  • Still aiming to record it by Dec. 3rd.
  • Aim to make production meetings available for all to participate. Non-meeting discussion will occur on activists list. Need to define rules for dealing with trolls and other disruptive people.


  1. Post meeting announcement - complete
  2. Email supporters to get involved - complete
  3. Write script - complete
  4. Script read through - in progress
  5. Revise script
  6. Record video
  7. Edit video
  8. Upload video


  • Producer: jokeefe
  • Writer: Joe
  • Presenter/reader: Malt
  • Video editor: DannyT