November 7th, 2011 IRC Meeting

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1. Status Reports

   a.  OccupyBoston update
   b.  Issues update
   c.  National party book project

2. 2011 Objectives

   a. Stopping E-PARASITE/SOPA/PROTECT-IP bills
   b. Teach-ins on our issues at Occupy events
   c. Teach-ins on How 2 Run 4 Office
   d. Budget & Fundraising.  Also find a new treasurer

3. Switching to PirateIRC

4. Anything else others want to bring up

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


  • irc name - name, home town


Meeting Minutes


[21:30] == DoctorOrbis [47aefb72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:30] <jokeefe> hi [21:31] <Grizzly> How are things in Mass? [21:32] == AphelionZ [] has joined #masspirates [21:32] <jokeefe> we are plugging away [21:32] == SplendidSpoon [] has joined #masspirates [21:33] <Grizzly> Sounds good. [21:33] <jokeefe> how are things with your state. Grizzly? [21:33] <Grizzly> Struggling to find the time to work more. [21:33] <AphelionZ> hi everybody. I'm a MA native and I'm currently serving in South Dakota as an Americorps VISTA [21:33] <Grizzly> They are moving forward. [21:34] <Grizzly> Wish I wasn't also going to school [21:34] <Grizzly> Not enough spare time. [21:34] <jokeefe> hi AphelionZ! [21:34] <jokeefe> welcome [21:34] <AphelionZ> thanks :) [21:34] <Grizzly> Howdy, AphelionZ [21:34] <jokeefe> hi DoctorOrbis & SplendidSpoon [21:34] <SplendidSpoon> Hi :D [21:34] <Grizzly> jokeefe: Will you be coming to the USPP meeting tomorrow? [21:35] <DoctorOrbis> Hello :) [21:35] <jokeefe> hopefully [21:35] <Grizzly> I'm hoping at least for a rep from each state. [21:36] <Grizzly> We really need to move forward...I think we can all help each other. [21:36] <jokeefe> tonight's agenda is at,_2011_IRC_Meeting [21:36] <Grizzly> I'll leave that for later. /me sits down [21:39] <jokeefe> 1. Status Reports [21:40] <jokeefe> OccupyBoston - the How 2 Run 4 Office class went well. nothing to report beyond that. Anyone been to OB and care to report back? [21:46] <jokeefe> b. Issues - JP has a google doc where some folks are fleshing out issue language. I will send it out to everyone [21:46] <AphelionZ> I certainly havent haha… but I've been following the twitter feeds and some radio shows a bit [21:47] <jokeefe> when are you back in MA? [21:47] <AphelionZ> mid-April, about 5 months from now [21:47] <AphelionZ> looking forward to it immensely [21:48] <jokeefe> just when it gets warm [21:48] <jokeefe> Grizzly: do you want to talk about the national book? [21:53] <Grizzly> Sorry, had ot go AFK [21:53] <Grizzly> That's totally out of my court [21:53] <Grizzly> Sorry. [21:57] <Grizzly> Been on the phone between class, issues with our occupy. [21:58] <jokeefe> hope Occupy is going well in your area. [21:58] <AphelionZ> can somebody maybe just talk a little bit about what the book is? [21:58] <jokeefe> Sure, various folks are working on a Pirate Party book that has different essays on our issues. [21:58] <jokeefe> let me find the wiki page [21:59] <Grizzly> Anarchists are trying to take it over. [21:59] <Grizzly> And the occupy leadership is not doing it's job [21:59] <AphelionZ> ugh is it those black shirt dudes [22:00] <jokeefe> here is the book wiki page: [22:00] <Grizzly> Yeah [22:00] <Grizzly> Black shirts [22:00] <Grizzly> Excessive drinking and fighting now [22:00] <Grizzly> Not helping... [22:00] <AphelionZ> thats a bummer man, sorry [22:00] <AphelionZ> what city? [22:00] <AphelionZ> jokeefe: thanks [22:01] <Grizzly> Seattle [22:01] <Grizzly> Sorry, afk [22:01] <AphelionZ> np [22:01] * AphelionZ shuts up [22:02] <jokeefe> sorry to hear that Grizzly, good luck [22:03] <jokeefe> The next in-person meeting is 11/27 -,_2011_In-Person_Meeting [22:05] <jokeefe> next on the agenda was talking about 2011 Objectives in the two months we have left [22:06] <jokeefe> JP suggested that OccupyBoston should be a big focus and bringing up some of our issues would be a good focus [22:07] <jokeefe> the suggestions are on the wiki page. any other ideas or observationd? [22:07] <jokeefe> d/s [22:08] <AphelionZ> Is the MPP a registered entity? 501c3 or other? [22:09] <jokeefe> we are registered with the mass office of campaign and political finance [22:09] <jokeefe> pretty much a 527 [22:10] == MOB_ [4c6d7894@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [22:10] <AphelionZ> k [22:11] == MOB_ [4c6d7894@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit] [22:12] <jokeefe> sorry getting over a cold, I forgot to do intros: [22:12] <jokeefe> jokeefe = James O'Keefe, Somerville [22:14] == Shidash [] has joined #masspirates [22:15] <jokeefe> hi Shidash [22:15] <Shidash> hi [22:15] <jokeefe> we got started, but are doing intros now [22:17] <SplendidSpoon> SplendidSpoon = Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro [22:17] <AphelionZ> AphelionZ = Mark Henderson, Dennis (currently in Pierre, SD) [22:17] <DoctorOrbis> DoctorOrbis = Alfred B. Roney, Belmont [22:21] <jokeefe> Grizzly is from Washington state, Shidash McGrath is from Brookline and other parts [22:22] <jokeefe> does anyone have any other suggestions for what we should focus on for 2011? [22:24] == Grizzly [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds] [22:26] <jokeefe> how do days for for folks for these irc meetings? [22:26] <SplendidSpoon> ? [22:26] <SplendidSpoon> What was that last sentence? [22:29] <jokeefe> I was wondering if days were a better time for these irc meetings? [22:29] <SplendidSpoon> Any time is fine for me [22:29] <SplendidSpoon> maybe days I might be working sometimes but I work online so I could still pop in [22:30] <AphelionZ> im pretty much always on the computer so whatever [22:31] <DoctorOrbis> Nights are better for me. [22:32] <jokeefe> Is Monday ok, or would another night work better? [22:33] <jokeefe> just trying to maximize participation [22:33] <SplendidSpoon> thing is everyone who would answer otherwise isnt here [22:33] <SplendidSpoon> so its kind of odd to ask right now lol [22:33] <DoctorOrbis> good point [22:33] == d-usa [62a8a405@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [22:34] <jokeefe> agreed [22:34] <DoctorOrbis> I need to go afk. Goodnight all :) [22:34] <jokeefe> good night [22:35] == DoctorOrbis [47aefb72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [22:35] <jokeefe> but I noticed that some of you are on the OB irc, so was wondering whether that influences things? [22:35] <jokeefe> hi d-usa [22:35] <SplendidSpoon> I idle everywhere all the time [22:35] <SplendidSpoon> occupy all ircs [22:35] <d-usa> hi there, meeting still going on? [22:36] <jokeefe> k [22:37] <jokeefe> we are past our traditional end time, but haven't formally ended it. [22:37] <jokeefe> just talking [22:38] <SplendidSpoon> Yea looks like mostly idlers tonight [22:38] <AphelionZ> I'm here but im new so im just listening [22:38] <SplendidSpoon> Yea sort of in same boat [22:38] <AphelionZ> If we're just hanging out though - I'm one of the two devs that made http://somedemands | http://someactions [22:38] <AphelionZ> oops [22:39] <d-usa> I just saw that the meeting was going on, thought I would drop by and say hi [22:39] <AphelionZ> | [22:39] <jokeefe> cool [22:39] <jokeefe> seems like there are a bunch of things we can do in the next two months, but only so much time available [22:40] <AphelionZ> anything i can do to help from here? [22:40] <jokeefe> nice sites [22:41] <AphelionZ> thanks [22:41] <jokeefe> not sure what the 2nd # at the top means [22:42] <AphelionZ> its the sum of up+down votes… we're working now to try to figure out some sort of meaningful stat that takes into account the total number of votes, the sum of up+down, and a few other things [22:42] <AphelionZ> but statistics are tough :p [22:44] <SplendidSpoon> like reddit [22:44] <SplendidSpoon> but occupy [22:45] <AphelionZ> basically :) pretty simple really [22:46] <jokeefe> Is something unanimous if it is only negative votes? [22:47] <AphelionZ> only negative or only positive [22:47] <jokeefe> k [22:47] <jokeefe> good [22:47] <AphelionZ> something is divisive if it has >10 upvotes AND >10 downvotes, but the score is still right around zero [22:47] <AphelionZ> those algorithms are basically made just so the data is interesting though haha [22:48] <jokeefe> popular is just a sum of all votes or only a high score? [22:48] <AphelionZ> popular is the high score of upvotes - downvotes [22:49] <jokeefe> yes, that makes sense [22:51] <AphelionZ> Jordyn, the other developer seems pretty into pirate party stuff too, and she lives in brighton currently [22:51] <AphelionZ> im sure we'd be happy to help out in any capacity we can [22:52] <jokeefe> sounds good. any suggestions for a website redesign are welcome - [22:53] <AphelionZ> ok cool, we'll take a look :) [22:53] == d-usa [62a8a405@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [22:53] <jokeefe> thanks [22:55] <jokeefe> I have to head out and try to beat the cold I have. Ok to stop the formal meeting now? Folks can hang around of course. [22:55] <AphelionZ> have a good night! [22:55] <SplendidSpoon> feel better! [22:56] <jokeefe> thanks