November 7th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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Upcoming Events

Who will be at:

  1. Nov. 9th, Sat., Scorpion Bowl, Positronic Design, 903 Dwight St, Holyoke,
  2. Nov 17th In-Person Meeting, 2-5pm, Regina Pizzeria, 353 Cambridge St, Allston, MA (see above)
  3. Nov 23rd Cryptoparty

Arbitrator Election

Kendra has graciously offered to be our Arbitrator (see Article 9 of Articles of Agreement). No others have offered, but have been notified by mail. Elect or announce again and then hold election?


We have a fundraiser scheduled for 12/28 and will send out a fundraising email. Besides calling folks, what other fundraising ideas can folks suggest?

Issues/Platform Discussion

Our next In-Person Meeting will be 2-5pm. Sunday Nov. 17th, at Regina Pizzeria, 353 Cambridge St, Allston, MA. We're going to try a different format: instead of discussing planning and logistics, this meeting will be a social event where we talk about issues, politics, and our party platform.

During tonight's IRC meeting, we'd like to develop a short list of topics to talk about on the 17th.

For example, our core platform centers around four points: Open Government, Open Innovation, Open Culture, and People First. We could have a discussion that elaborates on these points, talk about how some of today's big issues can be framed in terms of these four points, or talk about issues that don't fall neatly into the core platform.

Of course, that's just an example. We can elaborate more tonight.

jokeefe suggests going through, and seeing what we can adopt as-is. See also:

Nov. 23rd CryptoParty

Also: we have a cryptoparty on Nov. 23rd. We should spend a few minutes discussing topics and presenters.

Notes on the Recent Events


  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)
  • js0000 (john saylor waltham)
  • Kendra (Kendra Moyer, Arlington)
  • Igel (William Fleurant, Arlington)
  • Bluestreak (Lucia Fiero)
  • shep
  • Joe


  • davidd
  • zby


Meeting Minutes

[9:01pm] jokeefe: Agenda at,_2013_IRC_Meeting
[9:02pm] jokeefe: hi Kendra
[9:03pm] Igel: ahoy 
[9:07pm] jokeefe: Upcoming Events - just checking to see who will be there
[9:09pm] srevilak: I'll be at (2), (3).  Won't be able to make (1)
[9:10pm] jokeefe: thanks
[9:12pm] Igel: ill swing thru for (2),
[9:13pm] Kendra: I can  make 1 and 2.  Might be going out of town for a bit, not sure about 3.
[9:13pm] jokeefe: thanks
[9:13pm] Igel: sorry i missed out last one jokeefe, howd it go?
[9:14pm] jokeefe: it went well.  good attendance and question.  good reception
[9:15pm] Bluestreak joined the chat room.
[9:15pm] Bluestreak: Super sorry
[9:15pm] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero
[9:15pm] jokeefe: hi bluestreak
[9:15pm] Bluestreak: Had to pick up Sam and shw wasn't ready and waiting to go. 
[9:16pm] jokeefe: forgot to ids, James O'Keefe, Somerville
[9:16pm] Igel: hi Bluestreaku
[9:16pm] Kendra: Kendra Moyer, Arlington
[9:16pm] Igel: William Fleurant, Arlington
[9:17pm] srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington
[9:18pm] Bluestreak: Did I miss anything?
[9:19pm] js0000: john saylor waltham
[9:19pm] jokeefe: Just went over events - Next up - Arbitrator Election - Kendra offered to be our Arbitrator
[9:20pm] Bluestreak: Is that the term we are going to use?
[9:20pm] Igel: hey steve I wound up helping berkman center with a lot of stuff for wednesday -- they were able to exceed beyond olsr's capabilities with cjdns... so yeah, that went well.
[9:21pm] Bluestreak: Can we stay on the agenda?
[9:21pm] jokeefe: that is the term in the Articles of Agreement
[9:21pm] Bluestreak: I was looking for that... Um link?
[9:22pm] jokeefe:
[9:22pm] Bluestreak: Thanks!
[9:22pm] Bluestreak: srevilak, if I may ask why is my Mac asking me to enter my OpenPGP certificate passphrase?
[9:23pm] Bluestreak: NVM
[9:23pm] srevilak: because your mac thinks your (a) signing, or (b) decrypting a PGP message
[9:24pm] Bluestreak: Well I am not ... may I talk to you after the meeting?
[9:24pm] Bluestreak: Back to the agenda
[9:24pm] Bluestreak: I move to nominate Kendra Moyer to the position of Arbitrator.
[9:25pm] shep joined the chat room.
[9:25pm] js0000: i second
[9:27pm] jokeefe: discussion?
[9:27pm] jokeefe: hi shep
[9:27pm] shep: r
[9:28pm] Bluestreak: Doesn't Kendra give a "pitch"?
[9:28pm] Kendra: does anyone have any questions for me?
[9:28pm] shep: *here. hi
[9:29pm] Bluestreak: Yes, Kendra, when did you become so very awesome at detecting bullshit?
[9:29pm] Kendra: I would like to represent the Mass Pirates as an Arbitrator because I believe we would benefit from having someone to help out with conflict and other decision making .
[9:29pm] jokeefe: aye!
[9:29pm] Kendra: How that for Bs?
[9:29pm] Bluestreak: LOL
[9:30pm] js0000: i already know kendra
[9:30pm] Kendra: No I am serious, though I will say I hope that the conflict can be kept to a minimum.
[9:30pm] js0000: she would be great
[9:30pm] js0000: but that is only one person's opinion ...
[9:30pm] Bluestreak: Kendra has great networking skills, and an investigative mindset
[9:31pm] Kendra: I was thinking the other day that trolling people online and in real life has become a bad habit and people need to chill out.
[9:31pm] Igel: i know kendra and yaar for third that motion
[9:31pm] jokeefe: any questions for Kendra?
[9:32pm] Bluestreak: Can you make the commitment?
[9:32pm] Bluestreak: Until the Next PirateCon at least?
[9:32pm] Bluestreak: That's all I want to know from Kendra
[9:33pm] Kendra: Can I ask you what you need in an arbitrator and what the commitment entails?  I expect to be in the area through next summer.
[9:33pm] Bluestreak: I'm good, then.
[9:34pm] Bluestreak: We need to you to keep doing what you are doing as an organizer, and merely be available in the case of conflict, which are few.
[9:34pm] jokeefe: Mostly arbitrating disputes
[9:34pm] Kendra: I think I can commit until the next Pirate Con.
[9:34pm] jokeefe: sounds good
[9:35pm] Bluestreak: It's nice when every single concern doesn't wind up in the Captain's lap... and I am prolly more guilty of whining at the Captain than any of us.
[9:35pm] jokeefe: any further questions of Kendra?
[9:35pm] Bluestreak: None from me
[9:35pm] js0000: go detroit!
[9:36pm] Bluestreak: No, STAY BOSTON... ok yeah that was weak
[9:36pm] Igel: yaar --^
[9:36pm] jokeefe: ok, move to a vote, then
[9:37pm] jokeefe: since it has been raised and 2nded
[9:37pm] jokeefe: all in favor?
[9:37pm] srevilak: ayes
[9:37pm] Bluestreak: aye
[9:37pm] jokeefe: aye
[9:37pm] Igel: yar
[9:37pm] js0000: +1
[9:37pm] Igel:
[9:38pm] Bluestreak: gott say aye for the record
[9:38pm] Bluestreak: pls
[9:38pm] js0000: aye
[9:38pm] Bluestreak: Igel
[9:38pm] js0000: see how compliant i am?
[9:38pm] Igel: hi
[9:38pm] Igel: aye
[9:38pm] Bluestreak: this is kinda official and all
[9:38pm] Bluestreak: Votes are in
[9:38pm] jokeefe: any opposed?
[9:39pm] shep: stay capital at least.  aye, arbitrate .
[9:39pm] jokeefe: any abstentions?
[9:40pm] jokeefe: motion passes - welcome to the land of titles Kendra!
[9:40pm] jokeefe:
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: We have FOUR OFFICERS!
[9:40pm] Bluestreak: We rock
[9:41pm] jokeefe: Next up: Fundraising
[9:41pm] Kendra: Thanks everyone, I will represent you wel.
[9:41pm] Bluestreak: I am confident in you
[9:41pm] jokeefe: aye!
[9:41pm] js0000: +1
[9:41pm] Bluestreak: Here is our official officers photo:
[9:42pm] jokeefe: We have the fundraiser on 12/28 - any update?
[9:42pm] Bluestreak: I have nothing new.
[9:42pm] Bluestreak: On the entertainment end.
[9:42pm] Kendra: Jamie I emailed Sarah at Vs, today and she asked for your contact info.  They seem enthusiastic overall.
[9:43pm] jokeefe: ok, do you need me to send it to you?
[9:44pm] Kendra: I gave her your email if that is ok.
[9:44pm] jokeefe: sure, that is fine
[9:45pm] Bluestreak: May I ask...
[9:45pm] Bluestreak: What does she need from Jamie?
[9:46pm] Bluestreak: Can he have her email so he can proactive if he has the time?
[9:46pm] Bluestreak: Is there anything he can delegate?
[9:47pm] Kendra: I don't know.  I wondered the same thing, but what ever.  I think they just want to settle down the terms.  jamie if you are to busy to be a contact person I will let them know that Lucia and I will do th eevent planning.
[9:47pm] Bluestreak: Up to you, sir.
[9:47pm] jokeefe: I am always busy.  I have faith in you two.
[9:48pm] Bluestreak: Send me her email address and I will follow up with her.
[9:48pm] Bluestreak: Pls, Kendra
[9:49pm] Bluestreak: I have to follow up with Chance who offered to perform for free
[9:49pm] Bluestreak: See if he has any friends who feel the same
[9:50pm] Bluestreak: And my Dance Friday DJ friend has not gotten back to me about her friend's availability, I have to follow up with her.
[9:50pm] jokeefe: Thanks for the update.
[9:50pm] Bluestreak: What about food? Pizza or something posher?
[9:51pm] Bluestreak: Alcohol y/n?
[9:51pm] Bluestreak: And we need to settle on a final cover price.
[9:52pm] jokeefe: Agreed.  Pizza sounds good.  Any permits needed for alcohol?
[9:52pm] Kendra: We need a theme and decent food.  I suggested a masked ball.  We can have alcohol as long as we are respectful.  they did not need a permit at the last party.  It is considered a private event. 
[9:52pm] shep: there is posh pizza. alcohol... beer/wine/cordials require less permitting
[9:52pm] Bluestreak: Good to know.
[9:53pm] Bluestreak: When you say "decent" Kendra, did you have something in particular in mind?
[9:54pm] Kendra: We should discuss some of that at the next face to face.  Probably ok for beer and wine.  When I say decent I mean something more in tune with a holiday type party.
[9:54pm] Kendra: We can figure something out, we have time.
[9:54pm] Bluestreak: I can wait until the 17th
[9:54pm] Bluestreak: Is that alright with everyone?
[9:55pm] Bluestreak: Discuss the fair on the 17th?
[9:55pm] Bluestreak: fare
[9:55pm] jokeefe: Masked ball sounds good.  How about on email as well.
[9:56pm] jokeefe: discuss on email as well.
[9:56pm] Bluestreak: Agreed.
[9:57pm] shep: agreed. agreed.
[9:58pm] jokeefe: Start time?
[9:59pm] jokeefe: end time?
[9:59pm] Joe joined the chat room.
[9:59pm] Bluestreak: Hey Joe!
[10:00pm] Joe: Hey, sorry I'm late I lost track of time
[10:00pm] Bluestreak: Election's over (Kendra won)
[10:00pm] Joe: Awesome, Grats Kendra
[10:00pm] Bluestreak: idk 7 pm to 11 pm?
[10:00pm] Kendra: 7 to 11-- same thing
[10:01pm] shep: same 7_11
[10:01pm] jokeefe: all in favor?
[10:02pm] Bluestreak: aye
[10:02pm] Kendra: aye
[10:02pm] srevilak: aye
[10:02pm] shep: aye
[10:02pm] Igel: aye
[10:03pm] jokeefe: motion passes, then.  so just need agreement on location and other other details, and we can announce.
[10:06pm] js0000 left the chat room. (zzzzz)
[10:06pm] jokeefe: srevilak, need an easy way to sell tickets.  it seems that some objected to the online system we used for the conference
[10:06pm] Bluestreak: Sigh.
[10:07pm] Bluestreak: Tiny 3rd parties need a break from all the red tape!
[10:07pm] srevilak: jokeefe: let me try to figure out if we can do it through eventbrite or such
[10:07pm] Bluestreak: That would be awesome.
[10:07pm] jokeefe: thinking more of getting contours of what is possible from OCPF.  Tally Fox should also help.
[10:08pm] Bluestreak: Once we can afford it... zing!
[10:08pm] jokeefe: we have it now, we should use it.
[10:08pm] shep: cash. stamps. browpaper tickets works.
[10:08pm] srevilak: now that you mention it, doing tickets through tallyfox might not be a bad idea
[10:08pm] Bluestreak: Yes, positivity is good.
[10:08pm] jokeefe: we need to get names & address at minimum.
[10:08pm] Bluestreak: Oh please, let's!
[10:08pm] Bluestreak: If it works i will stop complaining about the cost... for now
[10:09pm] • srevilak debates trying to implement registration via civicrm, and hosting on MF/PL
[10:10pm] Kendra: We can get a carbon receipt book or a receipt book or one with the stubs to keep track of who is donating at the door.  That way they have a record too.
[10:10pm] Kendra: And then put it into a database for future campaigns
[10:10pm] Bluestreak: I HAVE one of those. Tee hee.
[10:11pm] Bluestreak: I bought one for PirateCon, we never used it.
[10:11pm] Bluestreak: Oh, right, never reported that expenditure to srevilak
[10:12pm] shep: g g good
[10:12pm] srevilak: Bluestreak: if we don't use it, it can be your personal expense
[10:13pm] Bluestreak: idk where the receipt is, anyway.
[10:15pm] jokeefe: we are over time.  suggest we move discussion back to email list.
[10:15pm] Kendra: which list are you referring to?  A contacts list?
[10:16pm] shep: same question here
[10:16pm] jokeefe: activists
[10:17pm] Igel: night all
[10:17pm] Bluestreak: Are you on the activist's list, shep?
[10:17pm] Bluestreak: night, will
[10:17pm] Igel left the chat room. (Quit: ZNC -
[10:18pm] shep: yes. fixing filters or forwardingops tonight.
[10:18pm] Bluestreak: So... move to adjourn?
[10:19pm] Kendra: second
[10:19pm] srevilak: third
[10:19pm] shep: aye
[10:19pm] Joe: aye
[10:19pm] Bluestreak: Zzzz
[10:20pm] shep: nite nye
[10:20pm] jokeefe: aye
[10:20pm] jokeefe: have a wonderful night folks!
[10:20pm] Kendra: nite all
[10:20pm] Kendra left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed)
[10:21pm] shep left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed)
[10:21pm] Joe: Goodnight everyone
[10:21pm] Bluestreak: Night night
[10:22pm] Bluestreak: Steve, I figured out my PGP question myself...
[10:22pm] Bluestreak: so goodnight, srevilak