October 10th, 2011 IRC Meeting

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1. Status everything

   a.  OccupyBoston update
   b.  Getting $ donation form up
   c.  Review of last Friday's talk

2. What should be in the next email blast? 3. Anything else others want to bring up

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


Shidash McGrath, James O'Keefe, Lucia Fiero, JP Hollembaek, Tyler Desmond, Peter Morency

  • irc name - name, home town


1. Status

  a.  March today was attended by thousands, returning group took over 2nd site.  BPD told OccupyBoston to move off of 2nd site or both sites removed.
  b.  David working on setting up donation site.  Jamie will check in with him on how it is coming.
  c.  The talk went well.  Eight people attended besides Gregory.  Jamie has video (6.5GB) and Erik said he will put it together so we
      can post.

2. We decided that the new email blast will focus on OccupyBoston and mention that the talk went well and we will put it up. Jamie will write and send for review.

Meeting Minutes


[21:29] == ghyul5 [452b5802@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:30] == meleemario [~meleemari@] has joined #masspirates [21:30] <jokeefe> hi! [21:31] <meleemario> hello! [21:31] <meleemario> looks like im just in time for the meeting :D [21:31] <ghyul5> hi! [21:31] <Lucia> Hi [21:32] <jokeefe> welcome [21:32] <meleemario> thank you [21:32] <jokeefe> well lets start. please id yourself name, city/town [21:32] == jp_ [183f564d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [21:33] <jokeefe> jokeefe = James O'Keefe, Somerville [21:33] <Lucia> JP! [21:33] <jp_> evening [21:33] <meleemario> Tyler Desmond, East Falmouth [21:33] <jokeefe> hi jp_ [21:33] <Lucia> Lucia Fiero [21:33] <jp_> jp, lowell [21:33] <ghyul5> Peter Morency, Boston [21:35] <jokeefe> Shidash = Shidash McGrath, Brookline, since he is busy at #OccupyBoston [21:35] <jokeefe> Here is the suggested agenda: [21:35] <jokeefe> 1. Status everything a. OccupyBoston update

b.  Getting $ donation form up     c.  Review of last Friday's talk

2. What should be in the next email blast? 3. Anything else others want to bring up [21:35] <jokeefe> Anyone want to add / subtract to / from it [21:35] <jokeefe> ? [21:35] <@Shidash> ah, sorry [21:36] <@Shidash> I am not there but following it closely [21:36] <ghyul5> I went over the weekend [21:36] <meleemario> i heard on the news today that Anonymous is going to be taking part in the OccupyBoston (or another state) soon [21:36] <meleemario> i know a couple of other states are doing thos movement, but i can't recall besides us [21:36] <meleemario> *this [21:37] <@Shidash> Nothing to add or subtract [21:37] <@Shidash> Should I do a? [21:37] <ghyul5> BPD might kick #occupyboston out [21:37] <jokeefe> I believe Anon is already helping [21:37] <@Shidash> Out of the second park [21:37] <@Shidash> Not the first park [21:37] <jokeefe> #OccupyBoston that is [21:37] <ghyul5> correct [21:37] <ghyul5> there's a lot of confusion [21:37] <@Shidash> They are either going to clear people out at 12 or between 2:25 and 3 am [21:38] <meleemario> thats a shame [21:38] <meleemario> whatever happened to our rights to protest? [21:38] <@Shidash> most people want to stay, it seems [21:38] <meleemario> last i knew, we had something in our constitution about a right to protest... [21:38] <@Shidash> The people in charge of conserving the Greenway have given OB permission to stay in both parks if they take care of the plants [21:39] <ghyul5> im not sure what BPD's reasoning is [21:39] <@Shidash> There were some arrests earlier today. [21:39] <Lucia> On FB they said they could stay in Rose Kennedey Greenway [21:39] <@Shidash> ghyul5: The mayor is angry and that is enough for the BPD [21:39] <Lucia> screw Mumbles [21:39] <ghyul5> the mayor needs to go [21:39] <@Shidash> Lucia: There are two camps on the Greenway. One is okay. Another is not for the BPD. [21:40] <ghyul5> he's been in office almost as long as ive been alive [21:40] <@Shidash> In any case, it is unclear right now how this will turn out so I will keep you posted if anything major happens while the meeting is still going on [21:40] <jokeefe> So then we are in the OccupyBoston update [21:40] <@Shidash> yes [21:40] <jp_> red and I went to the march. Im ballparking 3-5k at the peak, anyone else an assessment? [21:41] <@Shidash> I think what I just said is it for the most part. For the past week it has been thriving and police have left us alone. [21:41] <ghyul5> i'd camp out if i wasnt a student [21:41] <@Shidash> Twitter said 10k [21:41] <ghyul5> jp_: which march? [21:41] <ghyul5> today? [21:41] <jp_> that would be awesome [21:41] <jp_> occupy bosotn, yeah [21:41] <@Shidash> The media team is hiding out in a hotel with no one on the ground [21:42] <jokeefe> huh? [21:42] <ghyul5> can i post a link to OB's press release? [21:42] <jokeefe> sure [21:42] <ghyul5> http://occupyboston.com/press/press-releases/october-10-2011-we-will-occupy/ [21:42] <@Shidash> Watching the police from the hotel and waiting for the danger to pass. [21:43] <jokeefe> thanks, ghyul5 [21:44] <ghyul5> @GarrettQuinn has been there all day. tweeting up a storm [21:44] <jokeefe> I saw one of his tweets [21:44] <jokeefe> did not seem supportive [21:47] <ghyul5> we'll see what happens. hopefully no violence from either side [21:47] <jokeefe> yes [21:47] <jokeefe> any other reports from #OccupyBoston? [21:47] <jp_> no violence at the bridge earlier, we'll see about the tents tonite [21:48] <jp_> crowd seemed big, in a good mood [21:48] <jp_> cops were on good behavior [21:48] <jp_> lot of filming and pics going on [21:48] <jokeefe> BPD != NYPD [21:48] <jp_> indeed [21:49] <jokeefe> Re: 1b Getting $ donation form up - I talked with David at the Friday event [21:50] <jokeefe> he said he was working on it. I will ping him tomorrow. [21:51] <Lucia> I already gave them 100 bucks on the 1st night for the generator fund [21:52] <jokeefe> cool [21:53] <meleemario> how many people are at Occupy Boston? im just curious [21:54] <ghyul5> camping out? [21:54] <meleemario> or groups of people, rather [21:54] <meleemario> yes [21:54] <@Shidash> usually 100-200 a night with several hundred more who come at some point during the day [21:54] <ghyul5> 200 ish id say [21:54] <@Shidash> today a lot more [21:55] <ghyul5> from @lizpelly: Police are threatening to shut the entire camp down if second campsite doesn't pack up [21:55] <jp_> I saw... 50ish tents? spread on two fields near south station [21:55] <meleemario> holy smokes, thats alot [21:58] <jokeefe> Re: 1c. Review of last Friday's talk [21:58] <ghyul5> i wonder if the movement will continue if they get kicked out of dewey square [21:58] <jokeefe> I would think they would come back, or could move to other squares, more squares [21:58] <jp_> yeah, its not stopping [22:03] <jokeefe> The talk went well. There were eight people there not including Gregory. I have most of the talk as mp4 files. [22:03] <jp_> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150349917628490 first video posted, afaik [22:04] <jp_> could you post the mp4s? [22:04] <jokeefe> Erik said he would turn them into a video, so I will get the files to him. [22:05] <jokeefe> I plan to put them up as a torrent file. I will send the link around for people to view until Erik gets the file up as one movie [22:05] <ghyul5> i cant torrent :-/ [22:05] <ghyul5> school blocks em [22:07] <jokeefe> the final version won't be only a torrent. I could put them up as zip file. I'll check how big they are [22:07] <jokeefe> combined they are 5GB [22:09] <ghyul5> zip file would work. school is just really strict about torrenting [22:09] <Lucia> GTG Falling asleep have to take Jason to hospital tomorrow for an MRI to see if they can take the stent out. [22:09] <@Shidash> The new camp unanimously voted to stay. [22:09] <Lucia> It is driving him mad that he can't be out on the street right now. [22:09] <Lucia> So good night all [22:10] <meleemario> cheers lucia [22:10] <ghyul5> night Lucia [22:10] <jokeefe> good night [22:10] <jp_> peace [22:10] == Lucia [ad4cff92@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [22:10] <ghyul5> btw i have a link to a police scanner if anyone wants one [22:11] <jokeefe> sure [22:11] <ghyul5> http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?action=cwp&ctid=1225 [22:11] <ghyul5> just click on BPD [22:11] <jp_> ty [22:11] <meleemario> kk [22:14] <jokeefe> Gregory talked about the party in Germany and how they have used transparency to differentiate themselves from the other parties. they use wikipedia instance for documenting efforts and liquidfeedback for ways of seeing how much support proposals have and to work them out [22:15] <jokeefe> the actual decisionmaking process seems to be at their annual meetings. [22:15] <jokeefe> no the local level, he talked about questioning the effectiveness and cost of CCTVs. [22:15] <jokeefe> we had a good dinner afterwards. [22:16] <jp_> excellent [22:17] <jokeefe> The MP4s don't compress at all, which I guess isn't surprising [22:17] <jokeefe> joys of 720p video [22:22] <jokeefe> my film making skills are not the best, but the audio is ok, if a bit faint [22:24] <jokeefe> Hopefully Erik can fix it all up [22:24] <jokeefe> Next on the agenda is Re: 2. What should be in the next email blast? [22:24] <jokeefe> Suggestions? [22:25] <jp_> OWS seems the big one, and how we are participating [22:26] <ghyul5> agreed [22:28] <jokeefe> works for me. [22:32] <jp_> anyone have anyting else? [22:32] <ghyul5> maybe if there are any other events coming up? [22:33] <jokeefe> we can mention that the Friday event went well and that we will post video of it. [22:35] <jp_> sounds good [22:37] <jokeefe> I'll post the text for review [22:38] <jokeefe> Tyler & Peter, would you two be interested in being on our activists email list? [22:38] <ghyul5> sure! [22:38] <meleemario> i was actually gonna ask about this email blast thing, id love to be apart of it! [22:39] <meleemario> heres my email address: meleemario_ns@yahoo.com [22:39] <ghyul5> im petermorency@msn.com [22:40] <jokeefe> ok, will add you two. [22:40] <meleemario> sweet, thank you! [22:41] <jp_> I have to get going, its getting late [22:41] <jp_> good night all [22:41] <ghyul5> night! [22:41] <jokeefe> well, we covered everything on the agenda [22:41] <meleemario> cheers jp [22:41] <jokeefe> thanks, JP! [22:41] <jokeefe> anything else anyone wants to discuss? [22:43] <ghyul5> i think im all set [22:45] <jokeefe> sounds good. [22:45] <jokeefe> motion ajourn? [22:45] == jp_ [183f564d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds] [22:47] <meleemario> hmmm [22:47] <meleemario> i think im good too [22:48] <ghyul5> i cant believe BPD is going to kick OB out because of grass [22:48] <jokeefe> Likely a useful excuse. [22:49] <jokeefe> have a good night to anyone who wants to head out. [22:49] <jokeefe> I'll add folks and post the minutes [22:51] <ghyul5> thanks [22:51] <ghyul5> night!