October 9th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies
  2. Past Events
    1. MIT Mini Maker Faire
    2. Wikileaks Birthday Party
    3. Confronting Police Brutality & Racial Profiling - Rally & Send Off

Decisions/Events Status

  1. Boston Security Conference #3


  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • Lulu (Lucia Fiero)


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal
  • zby

Events Summary

  1. Oct 11-12, MIT IndieWeb bar camp
  2. Oct 20, Boston Security Conference #3, Kendall Sq., Cambridge
  3. Oct. 25, Newbury St. Shutdown
  4. Nov. 5, Million Mask March
  5. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.


Discussion of upcoming events and campaigns. Agenda pushed off to next week.



[21:01] <jokeefe> agenda - https://masspirates.org/wiki/October_9th,_2014_IRC_Meeting [21:01] <jokeefe> thogh everything can wait until next week if need be [21:01] <Lulu> I'm cool [21:01] <Lulu> Seriously [21:02] <Lulu> Alex's meeting... didm;t happen [21:02] <Lulu> Next meeting 10/26 [21:02] <Lulu> (Sunday) [21:02] <Lulu> I'm busy all weekend. [21:02] <Lulu> Would you rather sleep, my dear? [21:03] <jokeefe> Noe & srevilak were at the police brutality rally, IIRC. [21:03] <Lulu> I wouldn't mind hearing about the Ferguson send off... but I can wait. [21:03] <jokeefe> now if there is someone here who can speak on that topic. [21:04] <Lulu> We couldn't have a crypto party at MIT due to poor wi-fi [21:04] <Lulu> and we got poured on [21:04] <Lulu> I am happy to report I washed the flags [21:04] <jokeefe> but oh the buttons! [21:04] <Lulu> so that they didn't get moldy [21:04] <Lulu> Yes bug hit [21:04] <Lulu> big even [21:04] <jokeefe> always preferable [21:05] <Lulu> No one can HONK? [21:05] <Lulu> this weekend is HONK [21:05] <Lulu> You know what? [21:05] <jokeefe> We will flier honk [21:05] <Lulu> Cool. [21:06] <jokeefe> and / or register voters [21:06] <Lulu> Thanks. [21:06] <Lulu> A friend of ours wants to go, but I want to save my energy for Med Manor [21:06] <Lulu> You met her at Arisia [21:06] <Lulu> "I voted for him. Twice" [21:06] <jokeefe> aye [21:07] <Lulu> OK I am not sure what is expected of me on the 20th. [21:07] <Lulu> So if you have time to email me a little something about what you are expecting of me that would be dreat [21:07] <Lulu> great even [21:07] <jokeefe> proably buttoms and show off tor. there will be wifi, should even be very fast [21:08] <Lulu> OK can I put on a presentation? [21:08] <Lulu> Or just have talking points ready? [21:08] <jokeefe> mostly just demos at a table. [21:08] <Lulu> Cool. [21:08] <Lulu> And after that what? MMM? [21:09] <Lulu> We have a ton of time [21:09] <Lulu> Campaigning [21:09] <Lulu> I will be fixing Joe's blog. [21:09] <jokeefe> great [21:09] <Lulu> Not sure how to add links to his Tw?FB [21:09] <jokeefe> yes, campaigning is the primary thing on my pirate agenda until the 5th. [21:10] <Lulu> I have not changed the passwords. Is this something you can do? [21:10] <Lulu> OK so... we will... [21:10] <Lulu> UM stand on the corner with signs? [21:10] <Lulu> Find local events? [21:10] <jokeefe> links are <a href="https://www.twitter.com/voteguertin>@voteguertin</a> [21:10] <jokeefe> opps [21:10] <Lulu> MMMM [21:10] <Lulu> nvm [21:11] <Lulu> I will figger it out :-P [21:11] <jokeefe> <a href="https://www.twitter.com/voteguertin">@voteguertin</a> [21:11] <Lulu> Greek. Seriously. If you don't do it, it will take me a couple of hours [21:11] <Lulu> BUT [21:11] <jokeefe> there should be a link button. it has a chain link [21:11] <Lulu> at least I will have learned to fish [21:11] <Lulu> Yes sir [21:11] <jokeefe> aye! [21:12] <jokeefe> there has to be a how to edit in wordpress video out there. [21:12] <Lulu> Seriously you want to call it a night? I'm cool. [21:12] <Lulu> I am anxious to do some sewing [21:13] == srevilak [~srevilak@50.12.vlw.yn] has joined #masspirates [21:13] <jokeefe> ahoy! [21:13] <srevilak> good evening [21:13] <srevilak> sorry I'm late, just walked in the door [21:13] <jokeefe> we were just thinking of calling it a night - agenda at https://masspirates.org/wiki/October_9th,_2014_IRC_Meeting [21:13] <jokeefe> no worries [21:14] <jokeefe> did you get to the rally? [21:14] <Lulu> LOL [21:14] <Lulu> DOCTOR! [21:14] <srevilak> This evening's rally? Sadly, no [21:15] <srevilak> I have two brief updates [21:15] <jokeefe> fire away [21:15] <srevilak> 1) will try to spend a little time w/bitpay integration this weekend [21:16] <srevilak> 2) I've been thinking about a different way of promoting our events [21:16] <Lulu> Oh? [21:16] <srevilak> I'll write that up and send to activits@ [21:16] <jokeefe> ok, thanks. [21:16] <Lulu> Wow. I can't wait to read it! [21:17] <srevilak> one of my mfpl colleagues is asking me to help with a server problem [21:17] <Lulu> May first........? [21:18] <jokeefe> motion to adjourn, then [21:19] <jokeefe> aye, Lulu, may first [21:20] == Joe [webchat@u-42-193-167-09.hsd7.ct.comcast.net] has joined #masspirates [21:20] <Lulu> LOL [21:20] <Joe> Hello everyone [21:20] <jokeefe> ahoy, Joe [21:20] <Lulu> You're here! [21:20] <jokeefe> any campaign questions I can answer? or you can email me or we can talk on the phone? [21:21] <Joe> Not off the top of my head atm, I'll make a list [21:21] <Lulu> We need to hit the bricks boy-o [21:21] <jokeefe> great! [21:21] <Lulu> Corner standing [21:22] <Lulu> event flyering [21:22] <Lulu> SOMETHING! [21:22] <Lulu> Back me up here captain [21:22] <jokeefe> the Hannafords? [21:22] <Lulu> Ha! [21:23] <Lulu> Genius [21:23] <Joe> I'm going to check out an event coming up this weekend [21:23] <Lulu> YOU REMEMBERED! [21:23] <Lulu> Not Saturday, I hope? [21:23] <jokeefe> call up senior centers and see if you can speak to them [21:23] <Lulu> Not at night I mean [21:23] <Joe> Can you hand out flyers outside of stores? [21:23] <jokeefe> I recommend door-to-door. start with your neighborhood and work outward [21:23] <Lulu> Gotta leave for Boston @ 7:45 latest [21:23] <Lulu> I will if you will, Joe [21:24] <jokeefe> you can flier provided there are two or more stores in the "mall" [21:24] <Joe> No I'm asking if it counts as solicitations [21:24] <Joe> solicitation* [21:24] <jokeefe> If only a wallmart, then no [21:24] <jokeefe> no, just free speech [21:24] <Joe> ah okay [21:24] <Lulu> He should know [21:24] <Lulu> TRUST HIM [21:25] <Lulu> Jason would like to see you this weekend [21:25] <Lulu> He keeps asking about you. [21:26] <Joe> I have a ton to due this weekend, not sure about my schedule [21:26] <Joe> I'll know more tomorrow. I'm casting a huge tournament and a few people haven't filled in their times [21:26] <Lulu> Are you... [21:26] <Lulu> Talking about your candidacy to your collowers? [21:27] <Lulu> followers even? [21:27] <Lulu> Couldn't hurt [21:27] <Joe> No, its very dangerous to mix politics with twitch [21:27] <Lulu> Sigh [21:27] <Lulu> My 14 y/o does it! [21:27] <jokeefe> Very few of his twitch followers are in his district. [21:27] <Joe> It would be like running at a bees nest naked and hitting it with a baseball bat [21:28] <Lulu> Tick tock [21:28] <Lulu> Election o'clock [21:28] <Lulu> time waits for no man [21:28] <jokeefe> aye, neither does sleep ;-) though yesterday it did [21:28] <Joe> Yes I understand that [21:29] <jokeefe> Do what you can, Joe. [21:29] <jokeefe> And then some more :-) [21:29] <jokeefe> The more effort the better the results, just don't burn yourself out. [21:30] <jokeefe> The more people you can talk to and can remind to vote for you the week before election day, the better [21:31] <Lulu> Your results will be a matter of public record [21:31] <Lulu> It will reflect on the whole party. [21:31] <Lulu> We have to try at least [21:32] <jokeefe> Better to have identified 100 people who support you and you can come back to next year than to get 1000 votes from unknown people. [21:33] <jokeefe> So, Joe, please email your questions out to me or the list and I will do my best to answer them. [21:33] <Joe> Sure, will do [21:33] <Lulu> Or email him privately. [21:34] <Lulu> If you rather [21:35] <jokeefe> Anything else to discuss that cannot wait until the next meeting? [21:35] <Lulu> Not by me! [21:35] <Lulu> Motion to adjourn early? [21:37] <jokeefe> 2nd [21:37] <jokeefe> all in favor? [21:37] <Lulu> aye [21:37] <Joe> aye [21:38] <jokeefe> aye [21:38] <jokeefe> thanks all, have a wonderful night! [21:38] <Joe> Goodnight [21:38] <Lulu> kissy