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Policy and Identity Committee, Future Plans

The Policy and Identity committee plans to focus on two primary areas. Identity speaks to the branding of the Pirate Party and what is our message. Policy speaks to having a tightly-integrated set of positions on the critical issues in the minds of voters, that are strongly connected to our identity and to our core values.


The Pirate Party was founded on the proposition that monopoly intellectual property laws are wrong and outdated. We want to create an intellectual commons where inventions and creative works can be exchanged, modified and remixed freely and without restriction. We aren't saying that people shouldn't be paid for their work - in fact we want to ensure that creative and inventive people reap much greater rewards for their contributions.


Here are some areas of critical policy interest to the Massachusetts Pirate Party

  • intellectual property monopoly: copyright, patents, trademark
  • privacy
  • open government
  • making democracy more democratic
  • education
  • marijuana legalization