September 11th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies
  2. Maker Faire update - really only for groups with maker projects
  3. Freedom Rally
    1. Location
    2. Email
    3. Materials
  4. Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party, 10/4
  5. PirateCon 2015
    1. Survey


  1. Sep. 9, 5-7pm, Noelani Primary standout, Somerville
  2. Sep. 13-14 noon-8pm Freedom Rally, Boston Common Logistics facebook event
  3. Sep. 17, 6:30-9pm, Key Signing Party, MIT Building E-51, Room 325, Wadsworth Street, Cambridge
  4. Sep 19, 5p-9p. Citizens Rising: A Republic Held Hostage And The Plan To Take It Back
  5. Sep. 20, 9a-5p. Software Freedom Day. Industry Lab 288 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA. We're doing a cryptoparty from 10:30 - noon.
  6. Sep. 26th. DMC in-person meeting. 4pm?
  7. Sep. 26-29, Freedom Not Fear wiki
  8. Oct. 4, 9am-6pm, MIT Maker Faire
  9. Oct. 4, Wikileaks birthday
  10. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.


  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • Joe (Joseph Guertin, Bellingham)
  • noe (Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville)
  • Bluelustreak


  • davidd
  • zby
  • Pharyngeal


Candidate updates. Joe is organizing volunteers, and working on signs. Working on youtube videos to promote campaign and pirate party. Noe has signs ready for a standout on primary election day. Joe and Noe trying to arrange an interview with

Maker Faire. Group only offers tables to maker groups; jokeefe seeing if we can get a table.

Freedom rally. Bluestreak trying to find location of our table. srevilak to work on flyer. Jokeefe needs flyer by Monday, to take to printer.

Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party. Same day as Maker Faire, so we may be doing two events in one day. Some support for doing wikileaks birthday party as a #BRICnic. (i.e., picnic outside the Boston Regional Intelligence Center). ANONinMASS working on flyer.

PirateCon 2015. srevilak has a few hours set aside on Sat. to work on CiviCRM install. That will give us the ability to do surveys, etc in preparation for the conference