September 11th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies

Decisions/Events Status

  1. Freedom Rally
    1. Location - Same as last year.
    2. Email - one sent last week. Another to go out Friday morning
    3. Materials - ordered
    4. Logistics
  2. FCC open reply comment period ending on 9/15
    1. Blog post?
  3. Endorse Citizens Rising?
  4. Software Freedom Day Cryptoparty
    1. Blog post
    2. Email
  5. Freedom Not Fear event - firm date/time?
  6. Maker Faire 10/4 update - cryptoparty table idea posted
  7. Wikileaks 8th BRICnic/Birthday Party, 10/4
    1. Choose time
  8. PirateCon 2015
    1. Survey - CiviCRM site up, working on the survey

Events Summary

Anyone planning to attend either the MIT key signing party or Citizens Rising?

  1. Sep. 13-14 noon-8pm Freedom Rally, Boston Common Logistics facebook event
  2. Sep. 17, 6:30-9pm, Key Signing Party, MIT Building E-51, Room 325, Wadsworth Street, Cambridge
  3. Sep 19, 5p-9p. Citizens Rising: A Republic Held Hostage And The Plan To Take It Back
  4. Sep. 20, 9a-5p. Software Freedom Day. Industry Lab 288 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA. We're doing a cryptoparty from 10:30 - noon.
  5. Sep. 26th. DMC in-person meeting. 4pm?
  6. Sep. 26-29, Freedom Not Fear wiki
  7. Oct. 4, 9am-6pm, MIT Maker Faire
  8. Oct. 4, Wikileaks birthday
  9. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.


  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • Joe - Joe Guertin
  • Bluelustreak


  • davidd
  • Pharyngeal




[21:04] <jokeefe> Agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting [21:04] <jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [21:05] <jokeefe> Review - Update on candidate status, campaign strategies [21:05] <jokeefe> The standout went well. [21:06] <Bluelustreak> Lucia Fiero [21:06] <Bluelustreak> Jason is in the den with David DOING THE TAXES. [21:06] <jokeefe> good luck [21:06] <Bluelustreak> (He won't be joining us) [21:06] <jokeefe> Liked the pictures of you two at your standout [21:07] <Bluelustreak> We need to order signs [21:07] <Bluelustreak> real candidate signs. You can suggest a source? [21:07] <Bluelustreak> Who did you use when you ran, jokeefe? [21:07] <Joe> I have some places that sent me stuff in the mail about purchasing signs. We can contact a few places and check on the cost [21:08] <jokeefe> Good. Would like to read that [21:08] <jokeefe> Freedom Rally [21:09] <jokeefe> Bluelustreak - you going to be able to setup on Friday or is the plan for Saturday? [21:10] <Bluelustreak> Jason just came upstairs.. asking [21:10] <Bluelustreak> Not looking good right now. [21:12] <Bluelustreak> Unless other people can help me set up. [21:13] <jokeefe> srevilak is there Saturday. I will see him tonight, so can see what his plans are [21:15] <jokeefe> I don't know if I can be there Saturday, but I will be there Sunday. [21:15] <jokeefe> Any idea when others will be there? [21:17] <jokeefe> Will check the event and email folks [21:19] == Bluelustreak [] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds] [21:22] <jokeefe> yt Joe? [21:22] <Joe> Yes I am [21:23] <Joe> Just lurking away looking at building a website for my campaign [21:26] <jokeefe> sorry, turn out is low since everyone is busy. [21:27] <jokeefe> since you have to leave at 9:30 and Bluelustreak had to head out, shall we adjourn? [21:28] <Joe> Sure, I don't think there's much we can accomplish on our own [21:28] <Joe> I do have a question [21:28] <jokeefe> sure what is it? [21:29] <Joe> Did Noe purchase the domain name through nationbuilder? [21:29] <Joe> Seems like a pretty solid service [21:29] <jokeefe> no, purchased separately [21:30] <Joe> ah okay, I'll contact her for the infoa [21:30] <Joe> ino* [21:30] <Joe> info* [21:30] <Joe> third times the charm [21:33] <Joe> I need to go afk, I'll be back in a few [21:33] <jokeefe> take care, sorry for being distracted [21:33] <jokeefe> i can get you the info on getting the domain [21:42] <Joe> Sure that would be great [21:42] <jokeefe> ok, will email you [21:42] <Joe> no worries on being distracted, I have a terrible attention span [21:44] <jokeefe> dealing with other issues [21:44] <jokeefe> back now [21:50] <Joe> Okay I have to get going shortly, would you like to adjourn? [21:50] <jokeefe> sure [21:50] <jokeefe> all in favor [21:50] <jokeefe> aye [21:55] <jokeefe> any opposed? [21:57] <Joe> I'm in favor [21:57] <Joe> wasn't sure whether to say aye or nay [21:57] <jokeefe> motion passes. See this weekend? [21:58] <Joe> Yes I will be there saturday [21:59] <jokeefe> great