September 1st, 2013 General Meeting

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  1. Events
    1. Art of the Schmooze, 9/3
    2. Berkman Institute Open House, 9/9
    3. Freedom Rally, September 14 & 15 - Need organizers, announcement for volunteers
    4. Constitution Day Speakout, September 17, Boston
    5. Boston Software Freedom Day, Sat., Sept. 21st, 9:30am - 5:30pm
    6. CryptoParty, Sat., Sept. 28th, ?
    7. Digital Media Conference, Cambridge, Oct. 25-27
    8. LibrePlanet Free Software Meeting, Weds Nov 6th, evening, Jamie speaking on the "Dangers of the Surveillance State
    9. Scorpion Bowl, Holyoke, Nov. 9
    10. LibrePlanet Free Software Meeting, Weds Dec 4th, evening, Steve speaking
  2. Campaign Tasks
    1. College Coordinators (black_van)
    2. Research what qualifies as an acceptable signature and other ballot access requirements
    3. Research DB & Community Site (Gregg)
    4. Get a list of the colleges in Mass. and what their requirements are to start a Pirate group (Kendra/William)
    5. Identify dates and requirements for 2014 Town & 2013 City elections (Jamie)
    6. Divide Mass. into 27 districts (Jason/John/William)
    7. Setup voter reg app (John/Steve)
    8. Min materials for College Groups
    9. Make How to Party videos
    10. Develop draft platform / planks
    11. Media strategy
    12. Start College Swarms
    13. Revise platform / planks
    14. Make How to Campaign videos
    15. Create candidate recruitment web site that:
      1. lists where we currently have candidates
      2. allows someone to search for their district:
        1. register as a candidate. Registration must include:
          1. how many people have agreed to support a Pirate & how many Pirates are in their district
          2. their contact info
          3. that they agree to whatever minimum requirements we set
          4. drops them into a "how to run" page that they can bookmark
          5. sends them an email thanking them, and telling them where on the site to go to start planning their campaign
        2. register to support a candidate
      3. Recruit candidates
      4. Train candidates
  3. Post-convention tasks
  4. Endorsements


  • jokeefe
  • Igel
  • Kendra
  • srevilak


  • davidd
  • Shidash
  • oneirosFade


  1. Call people on list
    1. Jamie makes the script:
      1. who you are
      2. what issues are important to them?
      3. what we are doing
      4. can they help can help (freedom rally, cryptoparties, with campaigns)
      5. Are they a college student? If so, can they organize a meet and greet at their campus
      6. Can they give $?
    2. Lucia and others call
  2. Data Layers
    1. Get cities towns data
    2. Blog post
    3. Pirate Pad
  3. College Chapters
    1. First Meeting
      1. Find out how to table or get a room for an event
      2. Pick a date & location for event or table
      3. Coordinate with us to make sure we have a speaker or someone to help
      4. Setup a social media Event and advertise
      5. Put up meeting fliers
      6. Hold event/table and setup next meeting
      7. Send us the list of contacts
      8. Follow up with contacts on how they can help and setup next meeting if not done
    2. Materials
      1. Check list
      2. Social media template for event
      3. Party Fliers
      4. Draft meeting flier
      5. Signup Sheet
      6. MA Voter Registration Forms

Meeting Minutes