September 22nd, 2021 IRC Meeting

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Started work on two new planks:

Party Budget

Start discussion of 2022 party budget.

Currently have $1800 in bank account. jokeefe renewed web hosting fees and will need to be reimbursed $200.




Leader: Malt

  • Next pirate moot?
  • Setup local video meetups by region with people who said they were interested in organizing a local chapter
  • Organize candidate trainings

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Pirate news recording scheduled for Sundays, 7pm with go-live at 7:30pm. Unless changed

Trans Advocacy Telethon

Other To Do

  • Application to PPI

Upcoming On-line Events


  • Joe
  • malt
  • srevilak


  • davidd
  • hvxgr
  • slerman



  • Joe will get reimbursement out to Jamie


  • Some drafting to immigration platform
  • minor edits to digital freedom for all

pirate news

  • As usual, on for 7pm Sunday. Malt will be out of town.


21:01 < srevilak>,_2021_IRC_Meeting
21:01 < srevilak> hai Joe
21:01 < malt> pfft thanks
21:02 < malt> sam capradae, worcester
21:02 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:02 < Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:03 < srevilak> looks like there are two things on the agenda, planks
       and budget
21:04 < Joe> I didn't get to the budget yet. I HA
21:04 < srevilak> Propose budget first, as it's likely to go more quickly
21:04 < malt> jamie's out 200
21:04 < Joe> I have everything I need just have yet to get to it yet.
21:05 < srevilak> okay
21:05 < srevilak> is there anything else budget related?
21:06 < Joe> No, just need to sit and do it.
21:06 < srevilak> okay, then on to plans
21:06 < srevilak> okay, then on to planks
21:06 < srevilak> Preference for which one to work on?
21:06 < srevilak>
21:06 < malt> immigration seems pressing
21:07 < malt> there's a lot of depressing shit going on about it
21:07 < Joe> I also linked it to the uspp for assistance
21:15 < malt> debased cabal of armigerous failsons
21:15 < malt> im clever
21:15 < srevilak> heh
21:15 < Joe> I like the piece of eri
21:15 < Joe> America pmchi did
21:16 < Joe> You definitely know how to turn a phase as the saying goes.
21:17 < Joe> Which plank should be next?
21:18 < srevilak> Looks like
21:18 < malt> digital free
21:18 < malt> yeah
21:18 < malt> although i feel like we got this one pretty much wrapped?
21:19 < Joe> I agree, digital freedom seems done enough until we code
       it for law
21:19 < srevilak> I'm making a few small edits
21:21 < Joe>  Democratic Party on Drugs Click here for 7 full quotes on
       Drugs OR other political leaders on Drugs.Past time to end the failed
       "War on Drugs". (Jul 2020)Reduce racial disparities in sentencing for
       drug crimes. (Sep 2012)Join Central American governments to combat
       narco-traffic. (Sep 2012)Bring to justice those bringing drugs to
       America. (Jul
21:21 < Joe> 2004)Drugs in prison: get clean to get out. (Aug 2000)Dry
       up drug demand via more enforcement plus more treatment. (Aug 2000)Fight
       drugs and economic hopelessness that fuels it. (Aug 2000)
21:22 < srevilak> Digital freedom seems pretty solid
21:22 < Joe> Drugs and crime seems like a good plank to work on even
       though I mostly agree with the dems
21:23 < Joe> Just don't agree more enforcement though more treatment
       will be more beneficial
21:28 < srevilak> Will everyone be able to make it for Sunday at 7pm?
21:29 < Joe> Should be able to
21:29 < srevilak> Cool
21:29 < Joe> Malt?
21:30 < malt> i will be out of town!
21:30 < Joe> Ok
21:30 < malt> some desperately needed time in the woods
21:30 < Joe> Be safe and have fun
21:30 < malt> always do!
21:30 < srevilak> Anything else, or shall we call it a night?
21:30 < malt> i'm up for whatever
21:31 < Joe> Lets call it.
21:31 < malt> we could get started on another plank
21:31 < malt> okay!
21:31 < srevilak> I'll motion to adjourn
21:31 < Joe> 2nd
21:31 < srevilak> all in favor?
21:31 < malt> aye
21:31 < Joe> Aye
21:32 < srevilak> Thanks all, will post transcript
21:32 < Joe> Ty guys
21:32 < malt> sleep well!