September 4th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies
  2. Maker Faire update - really only for groups with maker projects
  3. Freedom Rally
    1. Location
    2. Email
    3. Materials
  4. Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party, 10/4
  5. PirateCon 2015
    1. Survey


  1. Sep. 9, 5-7pm, Noelani Primary standout, Somerville
  2. Sep. 13-14 noon-8pm Freedom Rally, Boston Common Logistics facebook event
  3. Sep. 17, 6:30-9pm, Key Signing Party, MIT Building E-51, Room 325, Wadsworth Street, Cambridge
  4. Sep 19, 5p-9p. Citizens Rising: A Republic Held Hostage And The Plan To Take It Back
  5. Sep. 20, 9a-5p. Software Freedom Day. Industry Lab 288 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA. We're doing a cryptoparty from 10:30 - noon.
  6. Sep. 26th. DMC in-person meeting. 4pm?
  7. Sep. 26-29, Freedom Not Fear wiki
  8. Oct. 4, 9am-6pm, MIT Maker Faire
  9. Oct. 4, Wikileaks birthday
  10. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.


  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • Joe (Joseph Guertin, Bellingham)
  • noe (Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville)
  • Bluelustreak


  • davidd
  • zby
  • Pharyngeal


Candidate updates. Joe is organizing volunteers, and working on signs. Working on youtube videos to promote campaign and pirate party. Noe has signs ready for a standout on primary election day. Joe and Noe trying to arrange an interview with

Maker Faire. Group only offers tables to maker groups; jokeefe seeing if we can get a table.

Freedom rally. Bluestreak trying to find location of our table. srevilak to work on flyer. Jokeefe needs flyer by Monday, to take to printer.

Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party. Same day as Maker Faire, so we may be doing two events in one day. Some support for doing wikileaks birthday party as a #BRICnic. (i.e., picnic outside the Boston Regional Intelligence Center). ANONinMASS working on flyer.

PirateCon 2015. srevilak has a few hours set aside on Sat. to work on CiviCRM install. That will give us the ability to do surveys, etc in preparation for the conference



[21:01] <jokeefe> Agenda -,_2014_IRC_Meeting [21:01] <jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [21:01] <Joe> id - Joseph Guertin, Bellingham [21:01] <noe> Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville [21:03] <srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA [21:05] <jokeefe> anything folks want to add? [21:05] <srevilak> agenda looks good to me [21:06] <noe> I think we've got a lot going on. Whew! [21:06] <jokeefe> noe & Joe, would you give updates on your campaigns? [21:07] <Joe> Sure [21:07] <noe> Joe: you can go first! [21:07] <Joe> I've been organizing volunteers to help me with signs, I'm just trying to figure out a cost efficient way of doing it ourselves [21:08] <jokeefe> getting them printed is likely the least expensive per sign [21:08] <Joe> Planning some simple youtube videos to shake things up for the pirate party and get us some internet love [21:08] <srevilak> Joe: is your bank account set up? [21:08] <Joe> Aside from that just waiting for Jason to be around to set up the account [21:09] <noe> I concur with jokeefe about the price. We made signs for our Standout on Tuesday and it was probably in the range of $50 for 5 signs. [21:10] <noe> Granted, I brought and used supplies that were fairly cheap, and if people already have paints and boards lying around, those are sunk costs. [21:10] <jokeefe> Not sure it was that much, noe [21:10] <jokeefe> at least I hope not :-) [21:11] <noe> I hope not, too! But the truth is, much of the supplies I brought and some we used had been pre-purchased for other uses, so it was probably around that cost if we had purchased those items new. [21:12] <Joe> That's about it [21:12] <Joe> stupid chat froze [21:12] <srevilak> Joe: fwiw, avoid cheap crayola markers. They're not worth it. [21:12] <Joe> Can we use wood for the signs? [21:13] <noe> Size of sign also matters: 8"x11" will be much cheaper than 2'x3', in terms of all supplies needed, but 2'x3' is more visible from farther away. [21:13] <Joe> I can't color inside the lines anyways so I'll avoid crayola [21:13] <srevilak> Joe: I don't see why wood would be a problem [21:13] <Joe> Noe would you mind sending me a picture of the sign or a list of the materials? It would be a huge help [21:13] <Joe> I spoke to jokeefe and we weren't sure if there was a law against using wood since you can beat people with it [21:14] <jokeefe> Joe, yes you can use wood to hold up signs, if the town allows it. [21:14] <Joe> ^^ ah okay, I'll check into that [21:14] <Joe> Who would be the best person to ask? Town clerk? [21:15] <jokeefe> town clerk should know all relevant election laws such as how far you have to be away from a polling place. [21:15] <jokeefe> update noe? [21:15] <noe> Joe: compiling list now [21:15] <noe> All right! We made signs this past weekend for the standout next week Tuesday 9/9 5-7pm in Davis Square [21:16] <noe> I have not heard back from Touch 106.1 FM regarding Steve and me interviewing [21:16] <noe> But our first possible date was 9/19 [21:17] <noe> I had to turn down an interview with Occupy Boston Radio this Wednesday due to a standing conflict, Joe this might be a good place for you to interview as well [21:18] <Joe> Sure I'd love to [21:18] <jokeefe> Do you two want to setup another date for occupy boston radio? [21:18] <Joe> It would be great to have both of us interviewed [21:18] <noe> Yes! Its like getting the band back together. :D [21:20] <Joe> Sweet home Massachusetts, something something this is a song [21:20] <noe> Patrick Wilson is the contact I have and I can ask for potential dates. [21:20] == ANONinMASS [] has joined #masspirates [21:20] * srevilak waves to ANONinMASS [21:20] <ANONinMASS> Hi everyone [21:20] <Joe> Greetings fair Anon [21:20] <srevilak> should have expected him :) [21:20] <Joe> haha [21:20] <ANONinMASS> lol [21:20] <noe> jokeefe is bravely handling leaflets for my campaign, and I am grateful. [21:21] <noe> jokeefe and I are regularly posting to [21:21] <jokeefe> hey ANONinMASS! [21:21] <jokeefe> as are you noe, thanks! [21:21] <ANONinMASS> hello Captain [21:21] <jokeefe> agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting [21:22] <jokeefe> anything else on campaigns? [21:22] <noe> donations are trickling in slowly , , , but i'm of the mind that freedom rally might help more than anything. [21:22] <noe> i think that's all i have. [21:23] <Joe> how much is the website costing you? I was going to try to throw one together [21:23] <jokeefe> $19/mo I think [21:23] <Joe> Oh that't not bad [21:24] <jokeefe> all in one. pretty easy. has voter lists as well. volunteer management, donations, etc. [21:24] <jokeefe> So moving on to Maker Faire update [21:25] <jokeefe> Looking into getting a table. They are only for groups with maker projects [21:26] <noe> sign painting does not count, i imagine. [21:27] <jokeefe> probably not [21:27] <srevilak> does making a better world count? :) [21:27] <jokeefe> worth a shot. [21:28] <Joe> I could see them being big supporters of Net Neutrality [21:28] <jokeefe> good idea. [21:28] <jokeefe> anyway we have until the 15th to apply. Will submit something like that and see how it goes. [21:28] <jokeefe> 3. Freedom Rally [21:28] <Joe> Worth a shot [21:29] <Joe> ah yes, Freedom Rally [21:29] <jokeefe> Don't know the location yet. Bluelustreak asked. Hopefully where it was last time. [21:29] <jokeefe> Email will go out in the morning. [21:29] <jokeefe> I haven't had a chance to do a flyer. Did you srevilak? [21:30] <Joe> I'm fairly concerned about how they are going to enforce the smoking ban [21:30] <noe> there is a smoking ban? [21:30] <srevilak> jokeefe: haven't had a chance to work on flyer. Tomorrow night [21:30] <Joe> As far as I know its a ban in public parks [21:31] <jokeefe> thanks, srevilak [21:31] <srevilak> Joe: If turnout is like last year, there may be some logistical challenges in enforcing a smoking ban [21:31] <jokeefe> yeah [21:32] <srevilak> If they do enforce, will be interesting to see demographic breakdown of enforcees [21:33] <jokeefe> lots of people recording that [21:33] <ANONinMASS> When I chatted with police last year about the conundrum, they said they were following orders [21:33] <Joe> ^ That is what worries me with a large crowd [21:33] <srevilak> ANONinMASS: that's the usual excuse, er, I mean response [21:33] <jokeefe> aye [21:33] <srevilak> #ftp. Film the police [21:34] <jokeefe> anything else on Freedom Rally I missed? [21:34] <Joe> While I'm expecting a friendly demonstration and zero violence I could just see this causing a lot of grief [21:34] <noe> I shall mentally prepare myself for grief. [21:34] <ANONinMASS> thats what I'm kind of worried about this year, [21:35] <ANONinMASS> I would love to see the BPD behave themselves like they have in the past, and let everyone have a good time within reason [21:36] <jokeefe> hopefully [21:36] <jokeefe> 4. Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party, 10/4 [21:37] <jokeefe> any suggestions for where? [21:37] <ANONinMASS> #BricNic [21:38] == Bluelustreak [] has joined #masspirates [21:38] <srevilak> ANONinMASS: I like BricNic. Especially on a Saturday [21:38] <jokeefe> ahoy Bluelustreak! [21:39] <Bluelustreak> Sorry. Was sleeping. [21:39] <ANONinMASS> It just seems fitting that we celebrate wikileaks by having a picnic at the BRIC [21:39] <Bluelustreak> Jason tried to wake me, like trying to wake th dead [21:39] <ANONinMASS> ahoy Lu [21:39] <Bluelustreak> hey bry [21:39] <Bluelustreak> I thought we were makerspacing on the 4th? [21:40] <jokeefe> is there a BricNic scheduled for then, ANONinMASS [21:40] <jokeefe> ? [21:40] <Bluelustreak> *tries to wake up* [21:40] <ANONinMASS> no there isn't but that would be awesome! [21:40] <noe> Two events in one day! [21:41] <jokeefe> I am game for it. [21:41] <Bluelustreak> Well Jason and I have already been planning for the tabling event so we will take that [21:42] <Bluelustreak> Wikileaks birhtdya cupcakes are involved [21:42] <Bluelustreak> zzzz [21:42] <jokeefe> yum! [21:42] <Bluelustreak> AND BUTTONS [21:43] <noe> buttons are awesome [21:43] <Bluelustreak> Did I miss the freedom rally discussions? [21:43] <noe> as are cupcakes [21:43] <srevilak> from earlier discussion, sounds like Maker Faire is contingent upon us getting a table [21:43] <jokeefe> yes, did you hear where we are? [21:43] <jokeefe> at freedom rally [21:43] <Bluelustreak> Cheking email now [21:44] <jokeefe> thanks [21:44] <Bluelustreak> No. Crap. I have his number somwhere, I think. I will call. [21:44] <Bluelustreak> Tomorrow [21:44] <jokeefe> So Wikileaks BRICnic on 10/4? [21:45] <srevilak> I'm in favor. Should invite our colleagues at Fight for the future [21:45] <ANONinMASS> aye [21:46] <noe> do we have to motion and vote? [21:46] <Bluelustreak> Aw I wanna do both. :-( [21:46] <Bluelustreak> I need a clone [21:46] <noe> me too! [21:46] <noe> just to the needing a clone. it would be so easy to do labwork. [21:46] <Bluelustreak> lol [21:47] <noe> i'm willing to hang out at the MakerFaire so people can go BRICnicing [21:47] <Joe> You don't do cloning in your labwork? [21:47] <Joe> For shame. [21:47] <Joe> I'm down with a BricNic [21:47] <jokeefe> we can do BRICnic in the afternoon [21:48] <jokeefe> not seeing any opposition, guess it is a go. [21:48] <srevilak> I think BRIC location is fitting; it was the end of the Michael Brown march. And it's also BRIC. [21:49] <noe> we do, but if i had a clone, i could double the cloning! [21:49] <srevilak> Noe noe2 = noe.clone(); [21:49] <jokeefe> ++ [21:50] <srevilak> See, computers can do anything! [21:50] <Bluelustreak> All in favor of Pirate clones? [21:50] <jokeefe> lol [21:51] <Bluelustreak> Did we talk about the Freedom Rally specific flyers yet? [21:51] <jokeefe> srevilak will work on them [21:51] <Bluelustreak> Who will print them? [21:52] <Bluelustreak> You gonna use your guy in Somerville, there, James? [21:52] <jokeefe> Possibly [21:52] <srevilak> One note: remembering last year's freedom rally, we may want to limit ourselves to one flyer [21:53] <jokeefe> need something by Monday or so. will see their rates [21:53] <jokeefe> we have the trifolds for people who want more info [21:53] <noe> i shall leave my trifolds for door-to-door at home [21:54] <srevilak> Looking at [21:55] <srevilak> anything we need to add to the logistics/planning list? [21:55] <jokeefe> not at this time [21:56] <jokeefe> 5. PirateCon 2015 [21:56] <jokeefe> working on getting the survey software up [21:57] <jokeefe> anything I can do to help with that srevilak? [21:57] <Bluelustreak> I am confused what is the survey for? [21:58] <jokeefe> dates for pirate con [21:58] <jokeefe> other questions [21:58] <srevilak> jokeefe: not yet. But after initial install, yes. [21:58] <jokeefe> ok, great [21:58] <srevilak> jokeefe: I have some time set aside on Sat to work on it [21:58] <jokeefe> thank you! [22:00] <noe> are we at time? [22:00] <jokeefe> aye [22:00] <jokeefe> motion to adjourn? [22:00] <noe> sooooo busy! [22:00] <noe> so moved [22:00] <noe> 2nd? [22:00] <ANONinMASS> working on 10/4 flyer [22:01] <jokeefe> thanks ANONinMASS [22:01] <srevilak> ANONinMASS: thx! [22:01] <jokeefe> all in favor? [22:01] <srevilak> second motion to adjourn [22:01] <Bluelustreak> aye [22:01] <srevilak> aye [22:01] <noe> ANONinMASS: awesome [22:01] <jokeefe> you joining us at freedom rally ANONinMASS? [22:01] <noe> aye [22:01] <jokeefe> aye [22:01] <ANONinMASS> yes I will be at the freedom rally, my hand since surgery is coming along and should be a-okay [22:01] <jokeefe> srevilak, you want me to post the notes or do you want to post a better version? [22:02] <jokeefe> glad to hear that your hand is improving [22:02] <noe> g'nite all, i'm happy we'll all be at freedom rally :) [22:02] == noe [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [22:02] <srevilak> jokeefe: since you've started, I'll let you finish [22:02] <jokeefe> motion passes [22:02] <jokeefe> night all [22:02] <jokeefe> thanks [22:03] <Bluelustreak> Yes, Bryan glad to hera you are better [22:03] <Bluelustreak> night sir