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A city is divided into districts, one district is approximately 60-90 households. Create record cards in groups and bag them with maps of the blocks to be canvassed. Distribute the bags. Then go around the neighborhoods. (The people he talked to went round on Tuesday morning and Thursday evening, because:) Different people are at home different times of the day. Use the cards to take notes on what they talked to voters about, and what issues intersted them. Make note of the address, and if they offer it, their names. The notes are placed in the plastic bag along with the map. Try to avoid knocking more than once at persons who were not interested.

Canvass in groups for safety. Canvass several districts that are adjacent. Divide into twos to canvass then reassemble and take a final snack. Sometimes you'll get yelled at. Most often you will get a 'no thank you.' Sometimes you get a longer conversation. It's helpful to get together and share experiences before moving on to the next district. Remember to shake hands and end by saying your name and give thanks. "Be neatly dressed with a tie except in the middle of high summer heat." (? Open for discussion, perhaps.) Pirate costumes for canvassing, at least, are right out. People have little sense of humor when strangers apporach their doors. One of my friends recommended me to order custom writing on EssaysProfessors.Com. To tell you the truth, I have never regretted my decision. The writers are real professionals and know how to write impressive work full of knowledgeable information. A relaxed, easy style is very important to establish a rapport. Sunday afternoons are best to get around since most people are at home then.

Public schools, both secondary and high school are not for targeting at this point. Focus on college campuses. The young people you meet there often do not have the prejudices that have the elderly and middle aged.

The benefits of telephone calling is the person you call can hang up if they want. The disadvantages are that the personal contact is lost by phone. Another drawback is that people over the phone can be more unpleasant and rude.

Don't be dishearted by rejection. You have no idea what is going on in a voter's life when you knock or call. Perhaps they were sick on the toilet and rushed to the door! Or they were waiting for a call from a lover or a late family member. Boy will they be miffed to her your voice, instead. Don't personalize, and don't fret.

See "Political argument support" to assist you in your discussions with receptive voters.

Training of members

Members meet once a month, on a Sunday from 2-4 until further notice.


You do not pay dues, all contributions are voluntary (and anonymous?) Right now everyone pays their own expenses. If this is a problem, contact the party leaders