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The Pirate Party encourages everyone to chip in as best they can. See an issue that needs to be addressed? Take the initiative and get it done. This page has our current To Do & Help We Need lists. If in doubt, feel free to contact us at [1].


  • Design new fliers
  • Make stickers
  • Make flags
  • Post list of email lists to blog
  • Teach activists to post to blog
  • Decentralize posting to twitter/facebook/etc social media accounts
  • Decentralize writing/sending email blasts


  • Welcome new supporters
  • Call members
  • Voter registration
  • Fundraise
  • Develop tools for managing social media contacts in CiviCRM


  • Organize media list by region and topic
  • Test emailing to media list
  • Write, adapt and edit articles for a quarterly newsletter (Kendra/ ???)



  • Post list of Congress folk's votes on FastTrack (jokeefe/igel)


Pirate Con

  • Post raw videos & slide decks (jokeefe)
  • Format videos of each talk
  • Post audio recordings of talks (srevilak)
  • Post videos to Youtube account
  • Post videos as torrents

Freedom Rally

  • Ask pirates to work table
  • Get new fliers for event
  • Work rally
  • Post pictures/blog about parade
  • Record what worked & didn't

Tech To Do

  1. CiviCRM
    1. Migrate from mailchimp to CiviCRM
    2. Teach Pirate Council members to use Civi
    3. Get Bitcoin/cryptocurrency donations working
    4. Add CiviCRM member pages
    5. Improve theme
  2. Setup forum on web site
  3. Restructuring the first page of wiki to call out activities & meetings
  4. Platform on git/stash (jokeefe)
  5. Expose more wiki bits on blog - wordpress plugin?

Nice to Have

  • Voting app
  • Get a liquid feedback-like deliberation system up
  • Roll out Falkvinge's accounting system
  • Setup a tor hidden service for our website