2017 Event Notes

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1/21/2017 Democracy/IT meeting

Three people attended. Useful discussion about what message board/communication software we could use. Setup next meeting.

1/29/2017 Boston Protest Against Muslim Ban and Anti-Immigration Orders

We stood out at this event with banner and flags. Six supporters attended.

2/4/2017 Somerville Sanctuary City Rally

Two supporters handed out flyers for us and for upcoming cryptoparties. Flew the flag, talked with people about us, upcoming cryptoparties and training people on digital privacy.

2/5/2017 Digital Privacy 101 Workshop

Four people attended. All had some familiarity with the topics. Trained in 2FA with Google authenticator, Mailvelope, and Ricochet. Had a demonstration of Qubes OS and talked about what hardware it runs on. At least one person was able to leave having created and tested a Mailvelop GPG key and with Ricochet working.

2/18/2017 Democracy/IT meeting

3/24/2017 Annoying Legislators for Freedom

4/25/2017 Holyoke Campaign Workshop

Lousy weather. It poured.

Six attendees. It was a good discussion, and we might get some new pirates out of it.

4/29/2017 PirateCon

About 20-something people came during the course of the day. We had 18 talk proposals. First attempt at video streaming. Had some technical problems with the stream in the morning, but got it straightened out during the day. Have both audio and video recording. Next year: make the first hour "registration and socializing". That way, we won't disrupt the schedule if setup runs over. Had a good brainstorming session at the end.