April 11th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Committee Reports
  2. Planning for reform CFAA rally, April 13th
  3. Conference

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:


  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • srevilak - Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • steverudy - Steve Rudolfi, Watertown, MA
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa, Cambridge/Boxboro
  • black_van - Sevan


  • davidd
  • cmal
  • passstab
  • illunatic
  • Mozart


Committee Reports

Nothing new to report.

Planning for reform CFAA rally, April 13th

Meet at Dewey Sq.


Decided on Community Church. srevilak will contact and work out the paperwork.

Meeting Minutes


[12:05] <jokeefe> so to the meeting - http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=April_11th,_2013_IRC_Meeting [12:05] <jokeefe> James O'Keefe, S'ville [12:07] <feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: IRC meeting now - agenda: http://t.co/9AYio6nfjc go to: https://t.co/CIxYxZ6kKP channel #masspirates - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/322378797175418881 [12:11] <jokeefe> hey passstab [12:11] <passstab> hi [12:13] <jokeefe> how are things? [12:13] == SplendidSpoon [~SplendidS@38.111.ly.vgu] has joined #masspirates [12:13] <jokeefe> hi SplendidSpoon [12:13] <SplendidSpoon> hey [12:13] <SplendidSpoon> Lauren Pespisa, Cambridge/Boxboro [12:14] <jokeefe> 1. Committee Reports - Nothing I know of to report. [12:14] <jokeefe> 2. Planning for reform CFAA rally, April 13th - i will be there, others? [12:16] <srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington [12:16] <SplendidSpoon> I think I will be, what time does it go to? [12:18] <jokeefe> noon to 2pm would be my guess. [12:18] <srevilak> 60% chance of attending CFAA rally. Will try to make it [12:20] <jokeefe> ok [12:20] <jokeefe> I'll bring the banner(s) [12:20] <jokeefe> 3. Conference [12:21] <jokeefe> Poll was evenly split between the two alternatives. Want to lock things down today. [12:21] <jokeefe> Question seems to be one track or multiple. [12:22] <jokeefe> If going for more people then Community Church likely better choice. [12:22] <jokeefe> Maybe [12:22] <jokeefe> srevilak, so only the auditorium with fixed chairs is on offer? [12:23] == black_van [webchat@rbs-6991y379.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #masspirates [12:23] <srevilak> jokeefe: yes, for community church, just the one room [12:24] <jokeefe> hi black_van [12:24] <jokeefe> on the conference agenda item, you going to CFAA/Aaron rally? [12:24] <black_van> hey sorry im late [12:25] <black_van> loopy from pain meds [12:25] <black_van> i'll let you know if cody wilson gets back to me about key note speaking [12:26] <jokeefe> thanks [12:26] <jokeefe> picking a site. [12:27] <black_van> pick the one that can hold more people [12:27] <jokeefe> that would be Community church [12:27] <black_van> or not, i dont ahve a strong oppinion [12:29] <jokeefe> Cost: community church ~$300 for ten hours, Demo Center, $150 for ten hours [12:29] <jokeefe> CC has wheelchair access, DC doesn't. [12:29] <srevilak> I concur with black_van: bigger venue, and try to fill it [12:30] <black_van> hey steve sorry to hear about your fathers passing [12:31] <jokeefe> So CC cost is $350. [12:32] <jokeefe> based on http://www.communitychurchofboston.org/home/rental-information/ [12:33] <jokeefe> opinions, SplendidSpoon, steverudy? [12:36] <black_van> does anyone know of a good free cad engineering software? [12:37] <jokeefe> sadly not. google has a 3d modeler. what do you want to do? [12:37] <black_van> make a 3 model [12:37] <jokeefe> for? [12:38] <steverudy> (I'll be going to the rally) [12:38] <jokeefe> srevilak, is CC still open on the 22nd? [12:39] <jokeefe> thanks steverudy [12:39] <steverudy> I agree-- bigger venue is better. Was the CC the one with one big room? [12:39] <jokeefe> yes [12:39] <SplendidSpoon> That sounds good [12:40] <jokeefe> Ok, CC it is then. [12:40] <jokeefe> srevilak, do you want to handle the paperwork? [12:41] <jokeefe> black_van, if you want to print it out, I have heard of people making things in minecraft and then printing it out. [12:41] <black_van> my dad is a jeweler, i want to be able to make stuff for him to cast [12:42] <jokeefe> ah [12:42] <passstab> blender? [12:43] <jokeefe> that comes recommended [12:43] <jokeefe> could also ask Clay. I'll send you his email address. [12:44] <black_van> cool thanks guys [12:45] <black_van> have we considered crowd funding as a way to finance this thing and build interest? [12:46] <black_van> I'd rather my five dollars for admission to be public [12:46] <black_van> the downside is we will lose a % to the crwodfunding website we use [12:46] <jokeefe> we will lose in fees anyway. [12:46] <black_van> how so? (you mean if we don't crowd fund right) [12:47] <jokeefe> if they are paying on-line then there are fees. [12:48] <black_van> right [12:49] <jokeefe> was thinking of one of the on-line ticket sellers - meetup or something [12:50] <jokeefe> eventbright, maybe [12:52] <jokeefe> actually campaign finance rules would prevent us from doing so. will have to use existing system. [12:52] <black_van> really what rule would we be breaking [12:53] <black_van> ? [12:54] <jokeefe> see the legal compliance at https://secure.piryx.com/donate/ZeBuHGQi/Massachusetts-Pirate-Party/ [12:54] <black_van> thanks [12:55] <jokeefe> we should make it free for younger than 18. [12:55] <black_van> but we wouldnt be taking donations. We would be crowd funding an event [12:55] <black_van> there seems like it could be distinct [12:56] <jokeefe> welcome to campaign finance laws [12:56] <black_van> hahaha word [12:56] <jokeefe> any other stuff folks want to bring up? [12:57] <black_van> yea srevilak do you go shooting often? [13:03] <jokeefe> motion to adjourn? [13:03] <black_van> k cya guys [13:06] <jokeefe> 2nded [13:06] <jokeefe> all in favor? [13:12] == black_van [webchat@rbs-6991y379.dyn.optonline.net] has quit [Quit: Web client closed] [13:13] <jokeefe> thanks all ... [13:19] <srevilak> jokeefe: I'll see if CC is open on June 22nd, and start paperwork if so