April 24th, 2012 IRC Meeting

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1. May 12th Film Fest Schedule

2. Upcoming Events

3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot?

4. Anything else others want to bring up.

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

1. May 12th Film Fest

Link to page asking for suggestions: http://piratenpad.de/p/masspiratesfilmfest

2. Upcoming events

  • Get JP on the ballot
  • May 5th - Wake Up The Earth, JP
  • May 12th: Film Festival, see below
  • June: Boston Pride

3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot? - Probably will be deferred


[Not the actual list, just posted the attendees from last meeting so there is less work to to]

  • bsod - http://activepolitic.com:82/
  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • erixoltan - Erik Zoltan, Framingham
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa, Boxboro/Cambridge
  • JP, Lowell
  • Brady - Washington State
  • multiple observers including - septemberagain, passstab & illunati1


1. Film Fest

Schedule by Hour

  • 3pm Sneeze Me Away (14) / Steamboat Willie (8) / ... / Copying is not Theft & All Creative Work Is Derivative (3)
  • 4pm - The $8 billion iPod (5) / Steal This Film 2 (44) / Drew Curtis; How I beat a patent troll /
  • 5pm - Open Source Cancer Research TED Talks (13) / Patent Absurdity (30) / Innovation in Fashion Industry TED talk (15)
  • 6pm - 6:30pm - Rick Falkvinge I am a Pirate TED Talk (15) / Government Crowdsourcing TED Talk (12)
  • 6:30pm - 7:00pm - break time
  • 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Pioneer One Eps 1
  • 7:30pm - 8:00pm - Otherworlds shorts? (Kitty Kitty, The Third Letter, ITD, Candy)
  • 8pm - 9:30pm - Night of the Living Dead

2. Upcoming events

  • JP on track to get on the ballot - will keep asking people to help
  • May 5th - Wake Up The Earth - Lauren & Lucia can be there
  • June 9th - Boston Pride

3. National Party stuff

Candidates for Captain, 1st Officer & Quartermaster at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N1XcHG-qNeygxzgv1SqHG2GPLIlQdGK2rLqvMXIY7Xs/edit

They are hashing out who can vote.

4. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot?

Will post for questions.

Meeting Minutes


[12:02] == erixoltan [~erik@pool-71-174-228-218.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #masspirates [12:02] <erixoltan> Good afternoon everyone. [12:03] == SplendidSpoon [~lpespisa@] has joined #masspirates [12:03] <jokeefe> hi [12:03] <jokeefe> Agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=April_24th,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:03] <jokeefe> Want to add anything to it? [12:03] <SplendidSpoon> Hey everyone [12:04] == JP [183f564d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [12:04] <SplendidSpoon> Lauren Pespisa - Boxboro/Cambridge [12:04] <erixoltan> Erik Zoltan, Framingham [12:04] <JP> JP, Lowell [12:05] <jokeefe> hi JP [12:05] <jokeefe> Agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=April_24th,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:06] <jokeefe> erixoltan any national issues we should decide on? [12:06] <jokeefe> jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville [12:08] <erixoltan> There is national news. [12:09] <erixoltan> The PNC has solicited nominations for temporary slots for some of the key positions in the USPP. [12:09] <erixoltan> There will be a meeting tonight to consider those nominations. [12:09] <jokeefe> ok, to add it after upcoming events? [12:10] <erixoltan> sure [12:11] <jokeefe> Item 1. May 12th Film Fest Schedule [12:11] == Brady [~Grizzly@static-50-34-13-58.evrt.wa.frontiernet.net] has joined #masspirates [12:12] <erixoltan> Any word on our featured speaker? [12:12] <jokeefe> I called Dr. Ball and haven't heard back. Hoping he is well, but he hasn't confirmed, so I think we need to plan accordingly [12:12] <jokeefe> I updated the schedule at http://piratenpad.de/p/masspiratesfilmfest [12:13] <erixoltan> Are we ready to get a flier in the works? [12:13] <jokeefe> Jeanne was working on it, but needed the schedule [12:13] <jokeefe> hi Brady, Agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=April_24th,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:14] <jokeefe> How does the schedule look? [12:14] <jokeefe> I just did some updates [12:14] <erixoltan> You know I like it. [12:16] <jokeefe> I wanted to put in Doctorow's 28C3 talk, but we are pretty heavy with talks [12:16] <jokeefe> We could use some more kids fare [12:17] <jokeefe> How does the post 6pm schedule look to folks? [12:18] <[bsod]> do we know Doctorow? [12:19] <jokeefe> No, but is 28C3 talk is really great and can be freely distributed. He is in the UK now. [12:19] <Brady> Those times don't seem to provide much room for breaks/bathroom/food? [12:19] <erixoltan> I'm also concerned that the scheduling is tight. [12:19] <[bsod]> i used to see him in telecomix irc alot [12:20] <erixoltan> Anyone else think we need popcorn? [12:20] <jokeefe> yes [12:20] <[bsod]> cispa is today isnt it [12:20] <jokeefe> I put in a 6:30 - 7pm break for folks to get dinner [12:22] <jokeefe> checking on CISPA [12:22] <jokeefe> I know they want it to be put to a vote this week [12:22] <[bsod]> cool, im talking to dutch pirates [12:24] <erixoltan> I think we should do the open source cancer research TED talk rather than the other open source science one. The cancer one is better and was filmed in Boston. [12:24] <jokeefe> from http://majorityleader.gov/ votes will be postponed to 6:30pm [12:24] <[bsod]> cool [12:24] <[bsod]> that give me time to flood people with stop cispa posts out of the telecomix twitter later [12:24] <jokeefe> makes sense, erix. feel free to change it [12:24] <erixoltan> changed [12:24] <jokeefe> cool [12:24] <SplendidSpoon> Yea people gottta jump on Cispa like with sopa [12:24] <SplendidSpoon> Mobilize internet defense forces! [12:25] <jokeefe> no web site blackouts [12:25] <[bsod]> http://activepolitic.com:82/News/2012-04-19e/CISPA_Protesters_Get_Fatigued.html [12:25] <erixoltan> CISPA is going to be harder because it won't hurt corporations, just individual citizens. [12:25] <SplendidSpoon> Right [12:25] <jokeefe> is half an hour enough of a break time? [12:25] <SplendidSpoon> The corporations aren't on board as much as they were before. [12:26] <jokeefe> I figure it is ala cart, so few people will come for the whole thing. [12:27] <jokeefe> are folks ok with the Otherworld shorts? [12:28] <jokeefe> or Pioneer 1 [12:28] <SplendidSpoon> Yup [12:30] <[bsod]> i dunno, pioneer 1 is cool and all, but just random eps from a seriese might leave people hanging [12:30] == septemberagain [813fd4dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #masspirates [12:31] <jokeefe> was thinking of ep1 and they can go download the rest at home [12:31] <SplendidSpoon> So it'll sort of be like a teaser, we can show where to download when we're done showing it [12:31] <jokeefe> hi septemberagain, welcome, please id with whatever info you want to give [12:31] <SplendidSpoon> ? [12:31] <erixoltan> I think the quality of Pioneer 1 is important. It's a good show and some people will be surprised that something that good is for free. [12:32] <jokeefe> yeah, I was thinking of putting the links on our site and we can point people there or have a brief handout of links [12:33] <jokeefe> so does the schedule work? [12:34] <erixoltan> sure [12:36] <jokeefe> septemberagain, the agenda and notes are at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=April_24th,_2012_IRC_Meeting [12:37] <jokeefe> JP, any updates on the campaign and how we can help in your final week of signature gathering? [12:37] <jokeefe> do you have any signature days scheduled that we should notify people about? [12:37] <JP> the media and fundraisers are interested, but wait to wait until Im officially on the ballot. signatures are going well, and I will be heading out to collect more after this meeting [12:38] <jokeefe> how many more do you have to get? [12:38] <JP> Im collecting everyday until done, so whenever people want to stop by, feel free to email [12:38] <[bsod]> heh, hey JP [12:38] <JP> hey bsdo [12:38] <[bsod]> i emaild you about an interview and never mailed back about a place and time [12:38] <[bsod]> figured id see you in here [12:38] <JP> few more pages. Im pretty encouraged by this area, people seem to like being involved [12:38] <jokeefe> good [12:39] <JP> hunh, I wonder if my filter got it. yeah, grab me on fb. j.p. hollembaek [12:39] <jokeefe> will keep up with getting the word out. [12:40] <jokeefe> Lucia is organizing the Wake Up The Earth table on May 5th. SplendidSpoon, you can still make it yes? [12:44] <SplendidSpoon> Yes [12:44] <jokeefe> thanks [12:44] <SplendidSpoon> Sorry at work kind of distracted [12:45] <[bsod]> talking to laxsill again i see [12:45] <jokeefe> no problem [12:45] <[bsod]> i got too many irc chats to interact with today [12:46] <[bsod]> so, JP did you want to talk about your candidacy and maybe i can make a promotional piece or something ? [12:46] <jokeefe> So Boston Pride is in June, will put up events for them [12:46] <[bsod]> ive never been to one of those before [12:46] <[bsod]> sounds so gay [12:46] <jokeefe> erix, want to tell us what is going on at the national level? [12:47] <erixoltan> sure [12:47] <JP> sure., bsod [12:47] <erixoltan> First, the PNC hasn't been restricted to only the state representatives. A lot of people from other states, as well as multiple people from represented states, have been showing up and participating. [12:48] <erixoltan> At the last meeting it was decided that this is OK, so people from Mass can feel free to show up at the Wednesday PNC meetings (9pm) if anyone is interested. [12:48] <[bsod]> oh, is that allowed [12:48] <erixoltan> apparently yes. [12:48] <Brady> Well... [12:48] <[bsod]> k`tetch told me that was only for the big boys so i just went back to #ppi [12:49] <Brady> Our original proposal was somewhat loose. [12:49] <Brady> If this is going to be more effective, it may be for the best. [12:49] <[bsod]> no wait, i mean #uspp [12:49] <erixoltan> https://webchat.pirateirc.net/?nick=&channels=uspp [12:49] <[bsod]> im all over on that server now [12:49] <erixoltan> ANd for PNC you can join #PNC. [12:49] <Brady> irc.pirateirc.net 6667 (6697 SSL) #uspp/#pnc [12:49] <erixoltan> The PNC meeting is Wed 9pm and the USPP is Tue 9pm. [12:50] <[bsod]> ya, i prefer the client to a webapp [12:50] <erixoltan> Right, you can use a chat client as Brady suggests and get a better result if you are familiar with IRC clients. [12:50] <jokeefe> so can anyone vote on PNC? [12:50] <[bsod]> so, tonight and tomorrow [12:50] <erixoltan> We have been operating from consensus rather than voting. [12:50] <Brady> jokeefe - They wanted that, but I'm trying to discourage it [12:50] <erixoltan> If push comes to shove (for example if we were inundated with pro-copyright trolls) then only the state reps would vote. [12:50] <Brady> Unfortunetly, a few states frequently fail to represent [12:51] <Brady> But doing such a loose voting system is somewhat damaging to credibility. [12:51] <[bsod]> and random stragglers from states that have no previous interaction sometimes show up [12:51] <jokeefe> we have been down that path [12:51] <Brady> If the PNC doesn't take itself seriously, no one else will. [12:51] <jokeefe> it didn't seem to work [12:51] <Brady> Aye [12:51] <erixoltan> I would be happy if it was limited to state reps - however since other states have multiple people ther e participating and getting involved, it would be wrong for Mass to be excluded just because we're well-behaved. [12:51] <Brady> It's not supposed to be fun-fun everyone participate. [12:52] <Brady> That is Amanda's fault [12:52] <Brady> She needs to put her foot down. [12:52] <[bsod]> haha, im crashing in since everyone else is doing it then [12:52] <erixoltan> That's not the point, however. [12:52] <Brady> I do think it is the point. [12:52] <Brady> The PNC was never intended to be a consensus model [12:52] <Brady> Or a crowd model [12:52] <erixoltan> That's a fine thing to bring up on the PNC meeting. [12:53] <Brady> I apologize, I'm interrupting your Mass meeting. [12:53] <Brady> Excuse me. [12:53] <jokeefe> ostensibly the PNC reps represent an org. there is some accountablity [12:53] <[bsod]> we enjoy it, sometimes it gets silent in here [12:54] <jokeefe> everyone participating in the discussion is fine. but the vote should be a roll call vote with each state having one vote [12:54] <jokeefe> is anyone drafting a new constitution? [12:54] <Brady> I am [12:54] <[bsod]> ohh, i figured over populated states like massachusetts could run things by being assigned more representatives [12:54] <[bsod]> like the house [12:54] <Brady> http://iPir.at/constitution [12:55] <erixoltan> Anyway, the second thing about the USPP is that nominations were made for several official positions, Captain/First Mate/ Quartermaster, and those will be discussed tonight at the open USPP meeting. [12:55] <[bsod]> heh, you found the pirate link shortener eh [12:55] <jokeefe> not for now, bsod, this is the interrim agreement till we figure out something more permanent [12:55] <Brady> I've made like, 10 links [12:55] <[bsod]> k [12:55] <jokeefe> not quite sure why we need permanent positions when we don't have a permanent org [12:55] <erixoltan> These are temporary until there's a constitution. [12:56] <erixoltan> Somebody needs to chair the meetings, somebody needs to take the minutes, and somebody needs to serve as a backup chair. [12:56] <jokeefe> fair enough. [12:57] <erixoltan> So in a couple months there'd be a process to come up with permanent positions based on the constitution. [12:57] <jokeefe> hopefully ;-) [12:57] <jokeefe> meant :-) [12:57] <erixoltan> There is now an IT committee - there will be several new committees formed soon. HOpefully this week. [12:57] <jokeefe> so for the elections, erix, do you have any recommendations? [12:57] <[bsod]> the greece government just siezed ppGr's bank account 10 days before the election [12:58] <jokeefe> what? [12:58] <[bsod]> im learning all kind of intresting stuff over on that pirate irc server [12:58] <erixoltan> And there's a big controversy over whether the USPP should be limited to only 3 issues, or whether it's OK to talk about additional positions outside the core 3. [12:58] <jokeefe> they are dropping out of the Euro then [12:58] <erixoltan> They have statements by all the candidates - I would say read the statements and see who you like. [12:59] <[bsod]> they dont know why yet [12:59] <jokeefe> got a link, bsod? [12:59] <erixoltan> I haven't seen where the candidate blurbs have been made public yet. [12:59] <[bsod]> nah, its from conversation happening in #ppi [13:00] <[bsod]> im gonna write something if i get enough [13:00] <jokeefe> thanks, erixoltan, would you forward the statements to the email list? [13:00] <[bsod]> also about breins trial in NL, i have a few things to do today [13:00] <jokeefe> yes, bsod [13:00] <erixoltan> I will ask Amanda to give me the list of them. Not sure I have them all. Will forward as soon as I get them. [13:00] <jokeefe> any other national news, erixoltan? [13:01] <erixoltan> Uh, I think that's enough for this week. [13:01] <jokeefe> So the last item is 3. Public policy questions to put on the Nov. 2012 ballot? [13:02] <jokeefe> here is the info from the state - http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/eleguide/guidepubpol.htm [13:02] <[bsod]> JP, what kind of times are you online with nothing to do, im getting kinna swamped right now [13:02] <jokeefe> basically we can gather signatures to put a question before voters in the november election that would be non-binding on a state rep or senator [13:02] <JP> unless Im doing signatures, Im online. throw me some questions on fb and Ill chomp em out [13:03] <[bsod]> okay [13:03] <[bsod]> the greece party says they'll put a press release on their site soon [13:03] <jokeefe> ugh [13:04] <jokeefe> they are leaving the Euro [13:04] <[bsod]> they're in denial lol [13:04] <erixoltan> how about a ballot question that all written work produced with state funding shoudl be public domain... [13:04] <jokeefe> only reason I can see for them seizing bank accounts [13:04] <jokeefe> sure [13:04] <[bsod]> ya, it doesnt make much sense [13:04] <[bsod]> isnt that already public domain? [13:05] <jokeefe> or that CISPA doesn't apply in MA [13:05] <[bsod]> or was that only sarah palins emails [13:05] <jokeefe> the schedule is at the link and we have until July 3rd to gather the sigs. [13:05] <jokeefe> 200 for state rep district [13:06] <jokeefe> seemed like an organizing activity we could be doing [13:06] <jokeefe> if we turn up a few more people to run then they can run as write ins [13:06] <jokeefe> or in 2013 [13:07] <jokeefe> but what question(s) should we do? [13:07] <[bsod]> laws about alcohol restrictions seem to be popular the last few times [13:07] <jokeefe> grog, arrr [13:08] <[bsod]> maybe we should do something about campaign financing [13:08] <[bsod]> nah not that [13:08] <jokeefe> was thinking more about our issues [13:08] <[bsod]> i know right [13:08] <jokeefe> yeah, not that sadly [13:08] <[bsod]> but also something that people like [13:08] <[bsod]> hmm [13:08] <jokeefe> agreed, we want them to win [13:08] <[bsod]> i dunno, lets take a week to think about it [13:08] <Brady> Uumm [13:08] <[bsod]> lol [13:08] <Brady> Do you guys have a presidential candidate we could...borrow? [13:09] <erixoltan> Hey I'll run... [13:09] <jokeefe> Jill Stein is from MA, but she is on loan already [13:09] <Brady> Might have to get you to Seattle for a weekend. [13:09] <[bsod]> me and erixoltan have to face off in a primary first [13:09] <Brady> All we need is a signed certificate of nomination [13:09] <[bsod]> i actually voted for her [13:09] <[bsod]> damn wasted vote [13:09] <jokeefe> Run someone local, though I don't recommend running a prez candidate [13:09] <Brady> It's our only way to become a 'real' party in the next four years... [13:10] <Brady> I'll ask you about it later. [13:10] <erixoltan> I think it would be great to have a PP presidential candidate - because it would give people in every state a candidate to support. Anyone in a swing state shouldn't vote for them. [13:10] <jokeefe> sure [13:10] <[bsod]> has to be 35 and naturalized citizen and all that eh [13:10] <jokeefe> and we would get 0.05% of the vote [13:10] <[bsod]> and if you're from the south you are told they must have had military service even though that isnt true [13:10] <jokeefe> we have time to think about the questions. how about we put the idea out there and see what suggestions folks give? [13:12] <erixoltan> great [13:12] <jokeefe> I'll post it to the blog and send it out in the next email. [13:12] <[bsod]> yes [13:14] <jokeefe> BTW: the lunch went well [13:15] <jokeefe> next one in May after the film fest. we can advertise it there. just need to pick a date [13:16] <erixoltan> I found the candidate blurbs for the USPP [13:16] <erixoltan> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N1XcHG-qNeygxzgv1SqHG2GPLIlQdGK2rLqvMXIY7Xs/edit [13:16] <erixoltan> will send to the activists list too. [13:17] <SplendidSpoon> Hey jokeefe I'm working on the new wording for the flyer. [13:17] <jokeefe> thanks [13:17] <SplendidSpoon> Want me to email it to you when I'm done, and anyone who wants can edit? [13:17] <jokeefe> thanks. when will you be done, because we need to get it printed [13:18] <SplendidSpoon> Probably by the end of the day [13:18] <jokeefe> email it to me, jeanne and the list [13:18] <SplendidSpoon> I don't know if it's perfect because I can't actually see if it fits because I can't edit the pdf [13:18] <jokeefe> no problem, Jeanne can do that. [13:18] <SplendidSpoon> ok cool [13:18] <jokeefe> just takes time to get it printed [13:18] <jokeefe> for the 5th [13:19] <SplendidSpoon> So I did Open government blurb, open culture blurb, open innovation blurb [13:19] <SplendidSpoon> Now just a people first blurb [13:19] <SplendidSpoon> But it doesn't really leave room for defending privacy [13:20] <[bsod]> hmm, pirate party's .. pirate parties [13:20] <[bsod]> my brain isnt working [13:20] <jokeefe> isn't that part of people first? [13:20] <jokeefe> & open culture [13:20] <jokeefe> should be able to share without losing your privacy? [13:21] <SplendidSpoon> ok I guess I can throw it into open culture [13:21] <jokeefe> whatever you think works. evolving work in progress afterall :-) [13:26] <SplendidSpoon> ok