April 25th, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Endorsements
    1. International Day Against DRM - May 3rd
  2. Events
    1. Need new fliers proto
    2. Wake up the Earth Festival - Jamaica Plain (Boston), Sat., May 4th?
    3. Together Boston Expo - May 18th?
    4. Security BSides - May 18
    5. AnimeBoston - Hynes Convention Center, May 24-26th.
    6. Boston Pride Parade - June 8th
  3. Conference
    1. Flyers
    2. Schedule
    3. Speakers
  4. National Affairs
    1. Erik Stepped down, need a replacement
  5. Organization
    1. Move meeting to evenings?

Quick Notes / Summaries Re Proposed Bills to be Discussed:

  • International Day Against DRM - May 3rd


place holder

  • jokeefe - James O'Keefe, Somerville
  • srevilak - Steve Revilak, Arlington
  • steverudy - Steve Rudolfi, Watertown, MA
  • SplendidSpoon - Lauren Pespisa, Cambridge/Boxboro
  • black_van - Sevan


  • davidd
  • cmal
  • passstab
  • illunatic
  • Mozart



International Day Against DRM - May 3rd


Need new fliers proto

Wake up the Earth Festival - May 4th

Together Boston Expo - May 18th?

Security BSides - May 18

AnimeBoston - Hynes Convention Center, May 24-26th

Boston Pride Parade - June 8th





National Affairs

Erik Stepped down, need a replacement

Bluestreak is our new rep.


Move meeting to evenings?

Put up a poll - http://doodle.com/p9n8ae3md9kmxtt4

Meeting Minutes


[12:01] <@jokeefe> agenda at http://masspirates.org/wiki/index.php?title=April_25th,_2013_IRC_Meeting [12:01] <@jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [12:04] <@srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington [12:05] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: But will they listen? - Yemeni Tells Senators About �Fear and Terror� Caused by U.S. Drones http://t.co/MSXRsPmdXI - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/327452007281602560 [12:06] <+Bluestreak> Lucia Fiero [12:08] <@jokeefe> endorsements - International Day Against DRM - May 3rd any reason not to endorse? [12:09] <+Bluestreak> Do we need to DO anything? [12:09] <@jokeefe> exhort [12:09] <+Bluestreak> Casue yeah DRM sucks [12:09] <@jokeefe> could hold an event with FSF [12:09] <+Bluestreak> FSF [12:09] <+Bluestreak> ? [12:10] <@srevilak> FSF = free software foundation [12:10] <@srevilak> I support endorsement [12:10] <+Bluestreak> TY [12:11] <+Bluestreak> I meant to submit something for the agenda but didn't sorry...Jamie spoke at a conference on security vs privacy last night. Nobody seemed to want to talk about what had happened Friday [12:11] <@jokeefe> I can put it on the agenda [12:12] <+Bluestreak> lol [12:12] <@jokeefe> I support International Day Against DRM [12:12] <@jokeefe> Bluestreak? [12:12] <+Bluestreak> second [12:12] <@jokeefe> passes then [12:13] <@jokeefe> so Friday - would like to just discuss as we move along with the agenda if ok? [12:14] <+Bluestreak> I can adress WUTE right away with: I am booked on the 4th. [12:15] <@srevilak> I am out of town from May 2nd - 5th [12:15] <+Bluestreak> But I can attend/coordinate with Together Boston [12:16] <@jokeefe> WUTE next year [12:17] <+Bluestreak> I liked doinf WUTE I would do it again [12:17] <@jokeefe> thanks, Bluestreak. SplendidSpoon said she could table it [12:17] <@jokeefe> I'll be at some of Security BSides [12:18] <@jokeefe> anyone at AnimeBoston? [12:18] <+Bluestreak> Sam lol [12:18] <+Bluestreak> We are going to NH [12:18] <+Bluestreak> It's Mem Day wken [12:20] <@srevilak> I'll try to attend Security BSides, if there's still space available [12:20] <+Bluestreak> What will you do there? Network? Speak? [12:20] <@jokeefe> may 27th is memorial day [12:21] <@srevilak> Bluestreak: at least attend and network. [12:21] <+Bluestreak> That is Anime Boston [12:21] <@jokeefe> I was thinking we would flyer all the events and network where possible. [12:22] <@jokeefe> Together Boston would be tabling [12:23] <+Bluestreak> Oh, I can do that. [12:23] <+Bluestreak> I mean not every night I would need others [12:24] == js0000 [~jsaylor@makqkv-95.feldberg.brandeis.edu] has joined #masspirates [12:24] == mode/#masspirates [+v js0000] by [4Q] [12:24] <+Bluestreak> Day? [12:24] == mode/#masspirates [+l 19] by [4Q] [12:25] <+Bluestreak> Oh wee need to pick a meeting date [12:25] <+Bluestreak> The poll [12:26] <+Bluestreak> I have to finalize that ASAP [12:26] <@jokeefe> send out a reminder to folks [12:27] <@jokeefe> On the flyers: sent a 2nd email to Jeanne asking for the old InDesign file. I'll talk with Dana and put out a general announcement. [12:27] <+Bluestreak> Delegate [12:28] <+Bluestreak> Gimme stuff to do [12:28] <+Bluestreak> I have lots of time to play phone tag [12:28] <@jokeefe> I will send you her mobile # [12:28] <@jokeefe> thanks [12:29] <+Bluestreak> There ya go [12:29] <@jokeefe> I cc'd you on the email to the other graphic designer [12:29] <+Bluestreak> Great [12:29] <@jokeefe> I'll leave all flyer stuff to you. [12:29] <+Bluestreak> OK [12:30] <+Bluestreak> I needed the activist list password too, but I forgot to ask you to have it for me last night [12:30] <@jokeefe> we need a main one and issue ones: privacy, copyright, patents, gay liberation, open gov. I will get it to you. [12:30] <@jokeefe> surveillance [12:30] <+Bluestreak> K [12:31] <@jokeefe> put up a piratepad page and we can ask for text suggestions [12:31] <+Bluestreak> Woosh [12:31] <+Bluestreak> (Over my head) [12:31] <+davidd> dont worry [12:32] <@jokeefe> http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/create?padId=JE4kvzHUlE [12:32] <+davidd> enough people here to help [12:32] <+davidd> noooooo! [12:32] <+davidd> 1. dont use piratepad.net [12:32] <+davidd> it sucks [12:32] <+Bluestreak> LOL [12:32] <+davidd> piratenpad.de is best [12:32] <@jokeefe> what is better? [12:32] <+davidd> they have the cash to do it correctly [12:32] <+davidd> and 2. [12:32] <+davidd> always name the pad sensible [12:33] <+davidd> http://piratenpad.de/gotothisnametocreatethisname [12:33] <+Bluestreak> "sensible"? [12:33] <+davidd> so this pad is about flyertexts [12:33] <@jokeefe> yes [12:33] <+Bluestreak> Gotcha thanks [12:34] <@jokeefe> once you have the pads created, we can post about them on the blog, email, etc. [12:34] <+davidd> http://piratenpad.de/flyertextsmasspirates [12:34] <@jokeefe> would have one for each subject? [12:34] <+davidd> and you can more easily find it back via your browser history [12:35] == Shidash [~shidash@nxchdawh7i-869-62-18-566.bu.edu] has joined #masspirates [12:35] == mode/#masspirates [+o Shidash] by [4Q] [12:35] == mode/#masspirates [+v Shidash] by [4Q] [12:35] <+davidd> dont go to the front and click create, but go to url to create a understandable link [12:35] == mode/#masspirates [+l 20] by [4Q] [12:35] <+davidd> dutch pirates actually lost quite a lot of work when piratepad.ca went down [12:35] <+Bluestreak> Well tempus fugit we need to start flyering ASAP [12:36] <+davidd> we have gotten a backup from .ca , but havent restored it [12:36] <@jokeefe> hi Shidash [12:36] <@Shidash> hi [12:36] <+Bluestreak> Hey! [12:36] <+davidd> just google translate some german flyers [12:36] <@jokeefe> Bluestreak, sent you the text SplendidSpoon did. [12:36] <+davidd> see if they strike a chord with you [12:36] <@jokeefe> good start [12:37] <@jokeefe> reuse and share after all [12:37] <+Bluestreak> Look at my inbox! [12:37] <+davidd> i would link you to a bunch of dutch flyertext pads, if .ca was still up [12:37] <@jokeefe> So: Conference [12:38] <+davidd> we used a ton of different padservers, but .ca was very reliable [12:38] <+davidd> until it was taken offline [12:38] <@jokeefe> Dana is updating the 1/4 page conference flyer with the latest info [12:38] <@jokeefe> we need a bittorrent for text pads [12:39] <@jokeefe> on schedule: 10am-~5pm, so about six hourlong sessions/panels [12:39] <@jokeefe> one of which would be a keynote [12:39] <+davidd> did you check with the speakers about speech lenght yet? [12:40] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: RT @boingboing: EFF, FSF, Creative Commons and many others ask W3C to reject DRM conspiracy http://t.co/Mi09HmKwgi - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/327460773444071425 [12:40] == passstab [~coplon@xx.pirate] has joined #masspirates [12:40] == mode/#masspirates [+o passstab] by [4Q] [12:40] == mode/#masspirates [+v passstab] by [4Q] [12:40] <@jokeefe> don't have speakers yet [12:40] == mode/#masspirates [+l 21] by [4Q] [12:41] <@jokeefe> Could ask Kit to approach http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/people [12:41] <+Bluestreak> None? [12:41] <+davidd> where do you usually discuss this? do you have a mailinglist that could keep me updated? [12:41] <@jokeefe> yes, activists@masspirates.org [12:41] <+Bluestreak> Um... other than the activist list? [12:42] <+Bluestreak> I assumed you wer on that DD [12:42] <+davidd> no but i think it is time [12:42] <@jokeefe> discussions are on activists [12:42] <+davidd> could you add davidd@piratenpartij.nl to that? [12:42] <@jokeefe> yes [12:42] <@srevilak> wrt speakers, I'd like to approach wendy seltzer. Gave a good copyright talk at libre planet [12:42] <+davidd> thanks capt [12:42] <+Bluestreak> I think our "candidate" shoule be at the conference all day [12:43] <@jokeefe> blackvan was working on getting someone to talk about 3dPrinting and guns [12:43] <@jokeefe> yes, all of them. [12:43] <@jokeefe> know how to contact wendy? [12:44] <@srevilak> I assume the web will help me figure it out :) [12:45] <@srevilak> The web delivers. http://wendy.seltzer.org/ [12:45] <+davidd> so educated guess wendy@ [12:45] <@srevilak> davidd: yes, that's what's listed [12:46] <+davidd> i have this: http://www.david.van.deijk.nl/ [12:46] <+davidd> but i dont link anything from the / just hidden links [12:47] <+davidd> http://www.deijk.nl/~davidd/ppfl01_a5_flyer_universiteit.pdf [12:47] <@jokeefe> yes, she would be very good. Would you be able to approach her srevilak? [12:48] <+davidd> http://www.deijk.nl/~davidd/folderprivacy-finaltext.pdf [12:48] <@srevilak> sure - I'll write to her [12:48] <@jokeefe> i"ll put out the call in a blog post for speaker ideas [12:49] <+Bluestreak> Check your .org email, Cap'n [12:49] <@jokeefe> k, could invite David House & Gregg Housh - Housh and House? [12:50] <+Bluestreak> Yes please [12:50] <+Bluestreak> I think Gregg will do it [12:50] <+Bluestreak> Do you care what he talks about? [12:51] <@jokeefe> I know Gregg will have an interesting talk [12:51] <+Bluestreak> We had a talk about the Pirates after you left. [12:51] <+Bluestreak> I'll approach him [12:51] <@jokeefe> a good one I hope [12:51] <@jokeefe> thanks! [12:52] <@jokeefe> I'll approach some folks I know about an open gov panel discussion [12:52] <+Bluestreak> So we need to get SS on House, then? [12:52] <@jokeefe> Should we redo the talk on "creaters on the front line"? [12:53] <@jokeefe> Our I can email him. [12:54] <@jokeefe> I do like a Housh & House talk - Perhaps This Housh House talk? [12:54] <+Bluestreak> Cute [12:54] <@jokeefe> thanks srevilak [12:54] <@jokeefe> was trying to go for a play on This Olde House, but it didn't succeed. [12:55] <+Bluestreak> Enough with the puns [12:55] <@jokeefe> k [12:55] <+Bluestreak> lol [12:55] <@jokeefe> We we have some ideas and names which is great. [12:55] <+Bluestreak> I say that with love, man [12:56] <@jokeefe> Favorite pun as at a Boskone years ago. The topic was cars and some one did "emmm ... geee". the audience groaned [12:56] * js0000 groans [12:56] <+Bluestreak> tee hee [12:56] <@jokeefe> lol, good to see you js0000 [12:57] <+js0000> yeah, for non visual definitions of "seeing" ... [12:57] <+js0000> good to be a pirate ... [12:57] <@jokeefe> So mildbeard stepped down from his responsibilties because he is now working a 2nd job helping his wife with her writing career. [12:58] <+Bluestreak> It happens [12:58] <@jokeefe> We need a replacement at the national IRC meetings. Once a week. [12:58] <+Bluestreak> What time? [12:59] <@jokeefe> Wed, 9pm, EST IIRC [12:59] <+Bluestreak> What just participate? [12:59] <@jokeefe> yes [12:59] <+Bluestreak> Done. [13:00] <@jokeefe> SplendidSpoon is the 2nd [13:00] <+Bluestreak> Um OK [13:00] <@jokeefe> so if you want to be the primary, she should know when you cannot make it. [13:00] <+Bluestreak> Send me the details. [13:00] <@jokeefe> k [13:01] <@jokeefe> any objections to Bluestreak being our national rep? [13:01] <@srevilak> no objections. I applaud you, Bluestreak [13:02] <+Bluestreak> Shucks [13:03] <@jokeefe> good luck Bluestreak [13:03] <@jokeefe> 2nd to last item - Move meeting to evenings? [13:04] <+Bluestreak> SECOND [13:04] <+Bluestreak> DO IT! [13:04] <+Bluestreak> Joe has work, SS has work [13:05] <@jokeefe> my thought is to just put a poll out with noon Thu and different evening dates S-Thu 9pm [13:05] <+Bluestreak> Sounds good. [13:05] <@jokeefe> aim to have the poll done by next week and switch the following week [13:06] <+Bluestreak> So you are doing that? [13:06] <@jokeefe> srevilak, js0000? probably wouldn't be good for you davidd [13:07] <+davidd> right now we are just past 7 pm [13:07] <+davidd> local timezone [13:07] <+davidd> do the math [13:07] <@jokeefe> lol [13:07] <@jokeefe> well you will be on our email list [13:07] <+davidd> but i dont want you to feel that you cant do without me [13:08] <+davidd> i have some experience with pirateorganising, but in the end you guys will need to do it [13:09] <@srevilak> I'm okay with evenings [13:09] <+Bluestreak> I think we will be OK. Get on the activist list, though. [13:09] <+Bluestreak> We had a "meeting" about Vermin Supreme by activist list [13:11] <@jokeefe> ok, I'll put out a poll today [13:11] <@jokeefe> talk about Friday? [13:11] <+Bluestreak> Thank you. [13:12] <+davidd> let me add this, i think there is tons i can learn from you guys, especially jokeefe [13:12] <+Bluestreak> We can send you our transcript [13:12] <+Bluestreak> plural [13:12] <+davidd> i quite often use the links that feedbot spams here from the twitter [13:13] <+Bluestreak> So Friday, Friday, Martial Law on Friday [13:14] <+Bluestreak> We had some martial law here David [13:15] <+feedbot> [Twitter] masspirates: Once the defense contractors help the military sort through their data, the police won't be far behind http://t.co/iieIVVcpn8 - http://twitter.com/masspirates/statuses/327469675061587968 [13:15] <+davidd> yes i am very interested in all stuff regarding that event [13:16] <@jokeefe> thanks for the kind words, davidd [13:16] <+Bluestreak> Yes thank you [13:16] <+davidd> i have boston youtube search open in my browser, check every day for new vids [13:16] <+Bluestreak> So fist thing about Friday: It sucked. [13:16] <@srevilak> I was shocked to discover that IEDs are really WMDs [13:17] <+Bluestreak> hardly [13:17] <+davidd> i was surpised by the added words "in the US" [13:17] <@srevilak> and disapponted too ... [13:17] <+davidd> like everywhere else was ok [13:17] <+Bluestreak> Its not OK anywhere [13:18] <+Bluestreak> The elites are becoming very afraid of the People. [13:18] <@jokeefe> IRC poll at http://doodle.com/p9n8ae3md9kmxtt4 [13:18] <+Bluestreak> Thanks [13:20] <+Bluestreak> I like Tuesday because then I can report on Wednesday to the National Chat [13:22] <@jokeefe> but do any of the other days work? [13:22] <+Bluestreak> Well not Wed for me, Obviously [13:22] <+Bluestreak> But I am usually busy Sunday night [13:22] <@jokeefe> you could have two windows ;-) [13:23] <+Bluestreak> I could arrange it so I am avialable Sun [13:23] <@jokeefe> I can do Tue/Thu but will be late until June. [13:24] <+Bluestreak> There I have two checked now [13:25] <@jokeefe> For me, the lock down could be justified in Watertown (though the fact that they didn't find him until they lifted it shows that the lockdown wasn't effective), but to close down cabs and the MBTA for the rest of city was completely unnecessary. [13:26] <+Bluestreak> Agreed [13:26] <@jokeefe> after all, if he hadn't been wounded, he could have been out of the area and they wouldn't have found him. if everyone is about, then there are more eyes looking for him. [13:26] <+Bluestreak> It essentially extended thelock down to anyone who depends upon the T [13:27] <+Bluestreak> This is why it was so fishy [13:27] <@jokeefe> I know the justification is that he might have had a suicide vest, but my guess is that with the word out, everyone one would have run away from him. Not that that wouldn't have caused chaos though. [13:27] <@srevilak> and also to somerville. Two cities away. No busses in arlington, 3 cities away [13:27] <+Bluestreak> Your point, I mean, Jamie [13:28] <+Bluestreak> How many pressure cooker bombs could he have been on the run with? [13:29] <+Bluestreak> Hadn't he already used a few? [13:29] <+Bluestreak> He couldn't go home for more [13:29] <+Bluestreak> The reaction just doesn't fit the crisis [13:29] <@jokeefe> well it would have been a vest of pipe bombs, I would think [13:30] <+Bluestreak> There were snipers in DC [13:30] <+Bluestreak> there were some checkpoint [13:30] <+Bluestreak> s [13:30] <+Bluestreak> People went about their business [13:30] <@jokeefe> agreed, but the perceptions are that a sniper is different from a bomber. [13:30] <+Bluestreak> Where does that perception come from? [13:30] <+Bluestreak> The Media, the government [13:31] <+Bluestreak> they are writing the narrative [13:31] <+Bluestreak> the locals arent getting a say [13:31] <+Bluestreak> the feds are moving in [13:31] <@srevilak> Over last 10 years, US has done this sort of thing (lockdown) many times in middle east. Only a matter of time before it happened here [13:31] <+Bluestreak> Oh thats comforting [13:31] <@jokeefe> the behaviors are different. the snipers tended to kill one or two, IIRC then leave. The bombs killed/wounded many more. [13:32] <+Bluestreak> Its wrong there its wrong here [13:32] <@jokeefe> true srevilak [13:32] <+Bluestreak> Mass shootings kill more [13:32] <@srevilak> I agree with Bluestreak. Spend enough time blowing up other folk's innocent bystanders, and someday they'll blow up some of yours [13:33] <@jokeefe> agreed, was comparing to sniper. they tend not to want to get caught. mass shooters don't seem to mind that or kill themselves. [13:33] <+Bluestreak> The snipers killed more people than the bombers did [13:33] <@jokeefe> true, but wounded fewer. [13:34] <+Bluestreak> So martial law? [13:34] <@jokeefe> no [13:34] <@jokeefe> just differentiating the perceptions, not justifying their behavior [13:34] <+Bluestreak> Maybe we should have a tlak about this at the conference? [13:34] <@jokeefe> gov's behavior [13:34] <+Bluestreak> Just a thought [13:35] <@jokeefe> works for me. [13:35] <+Bluestreak> Oh good [13:36] <+Bluestreak> I'm brainstorming who to ask [13:36] <+Bluestreak> This may take a while [13:38] <+Bluestreak> I will have something for the next chat [13:39] <@jokeefe> good [13:39] <@jokeefe> someone needs to be discussing it [13:39] <+Bluestreak> Aye! [13:41] <+Bluestreak> Gah CISPA! [13:41] <+Bluestreak> Nevermentioned that [13:41] <+Bluestreak> Dead? Dying on the vine? [13:41] <+Bluestreak> Zombie bill? [13:42] <@jokeefe> just saw this from SuffolkU twitter - Police activity on Boston Common and Public Garden. Suspect in reported shooting apprehended & weapon recovered. Please stay way from area. [13:43] <+Bluestreak> It never ends [13:45] <+Bluestreak> http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/04/25/aclu-cispa-is-dead-for-now [13:45] <+Bluestreak> It will rise again! [13:46] <+Bluestreak> Are we done? [13:50] <+Bluestreak> Move to adjourn [13:50] <+davidd> had to run out to get to the store before closing [13:51] <+Bluestreak> I think we are done [13:51] <@jokeefe> 2nd [13:51] <@jokeefe> all in favor [13:51] <+Bluestreak> Have a great day, folks