August 14th, 2019 IRC Meeting

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Formation of the National party


Goals for Q3:

  • Organize meetups
  • Organize Fundraiser(s)
  • Organize candidate trainings
  • Revise platform

Regional Meetings


Video Newsletter

Leader: Joseph

  • Next pirate news recording?

Democracy and Dogfood (Tech)

Next meeting will be ?. Topics are:

  • find discussion/voting system;
  • update CCTV cameras to include older cameras outside North America we didn't include;
  • write an app to record the location/ownership of CCTV cameras;
  • set up torrents for PirateCon videos (creynolds);
  • post remaining audio for PirateCon talks (srevilak).


Statement on Alabama/Ohio/Georgia Abortion ban bills/laws

Fight bills to make the Film Credit Permanent

H.2419 would make the film tax credit permanent. It is supposed to expire in 2023. The bill has 100+ signatures this time around. jokeefe will submit testimony.

National Platform reform/remake

Tabled Projects

These have been on our agenda for a long time. How do we make them a reality?

Boston Sex Worker Petition

Non-pirate guest speakers for Pirate News

CCTV camera map

Computer Donations

Video Newsletter guest speakers

FOSS Tutorials

Worcester farm group is interested in having some FOSS tutorials. Perhaps:

  • how to do basic labels in GIMP,
  • work through a few sample spreadsheets related to seed cost and
  • similarly applicable real-world situations, depending on the needs of the group

Basically how to do graph design & product management with open source tools. Malt will put together a one paragraph description of what we need and we can mail it out to ask pirates to help.

Upcoming Events

  • 8/20, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting
  • 8/24, Lowell Pirate Picnic, Lowell
  • 8/27, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting
  • 8/28, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, The Sprouts
  •  ?, ?, Holyoke Pirate Meetup, Board Room, Holyoke Public Library, Holyoke
  • 9/3, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, Industry Lab, Cambridge
  • 9/10, 7-9pm, Mass MeshNet Tech Meeting, Democracy Center, Cambridge
  •  ?, 11am-1pm, Democracy and Dogfood (Tech) Meeting, Arlington


  • hakeon (Brad Jackson, Great Barrington)
  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)
  • Pirate_Joe (Joseph Onoroski, Lowell)
  • Malt (Sam capradae, Worcester)


  • bonelesspepsi[m]
  • davidd
  • hvxgr
  • MikaelaSuomalainen
  • Deffy
  • igel[m]


National party organized as a co-op. One share per state, and one dollar per share. First draft of national bylaws is complete. jokeefe will send copy of bylaws to activists list for local review.

No word (yet) on when the Holyoke meeting will be rescheduled.

Lowell pirate party party still on for August 24th.

Discussion on potential venues for the next piratecon. I believe we were leaning towards E5.

Next video recording: Sunday 10am. Pirate_Joe will man the control room.

Upgraded mediawiki to current version at last tech meeting. Next tech meeting Oct 5th, 11a - 1p. Potentially at E5.


21:01 <@jokeefe> Agenda:,_2019_IRC_Meeting
21:01 <@jokeefe> ids
21:01 <@jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:01 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:01 < Pirate_Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:02 < hakeon> Brad Jackson, Great Barrington
21:03 <@jokeefe> Been a busy week. Sent the reminder far too late
21:03 <@jokeefe> Anything to add to the agenda?
21:03 < srevilak> jokeefe: no worries, stuff happens
21:03 < Pirate_Joe> ^
21:05 <@jokeefe> Saving reviewing the text meeting to later
21:05 <@jokeefe> Decisions/Endorsements
21:05 <@jokeefe> National party organized as a coop, 1 share per state
21:05 <@jokeefe> $1 / share
21:05 <@jokeefe> I will call OCPF to confirm we can buy a share.
21:05 <@jokeefe> ahoy Malt
21:06 < Pirate_Joe> I ment to get to it, I will be able to call them at
        9 am tomorrow if you like
21:06 <@jokeefe> If you can, that would be great. thanks.
21:06 <@jokeefe> Anything up on national party?
21:06 < Pirate_Joe> I have that on my docket already, plus that is my
        role as QM
21:06 < Pirate_Joe> Aye
21:06 < Malt> Sam capradae, Worcester
21:06 < Pirate_Joe> I just finished the draft on our new by-laws
21:07 < Pirate_Joe> Submitted to the SAB list
21:07 < Pirate_Joe> We will plan to discuss at the next national meeting,
        however I borrowed heavily from our own structure and divided the
        positions on the odd.
21:08 < Pirate_Joe> Basically, making a statement vote almost impossible
21:08 <@jokeefe> ok. I will forward to activists list for local review
21:08 < Pirate_Joe> That would be appreciated. Any feedback would help
21:09 < Pirate_Joe> Also, we plan to redo the vote at the nation level
        for the committee after the by-laws get ratified
21:09 <@jokeefe> of course
21:10 < Pirate_Joe> So I may still be First mate, unless you have someone
        better for it.
21:10 <@jokeefe> anything else?
21:10 < Pirate_Joe> That is all I have currently
21:10 < Malt> I failed to write the statement before leaving town
21:12 <@jokeefe> Hope your trip went well. When will you be able to
        write it?
21:14 < Malt> Can try to get something basic out tonight
21:14 <@jokeefe> Thank you!
21:14 <@jokeefe> Projects
21:14 <@jokeefe> Regional Meetings
21:15 <@jokeefe> Sorry no word on the rescheduled Holyoke
        meeting. Guessing November at this rate.
21:15 < Pirate_Joe> We do have the party for pirates. <3
21:16 < Pirate_Joe> August 24th
21:16 <@jokeefe> The blog post should be up and I will send email
21:17 <@jokeefe> I put in requests for space for our party
        conference. Haven’t gotten back answers on what is available.
21:17 <@jokeefe> Whole day for E5 is $200.
21:18 <@jokeefe> $375 for community church. $300 fee, $50 janitor,
        $25 av equipment
21:18 < Malt> Not terrible...
21:18 <@jokeefe> community church is wheelchair accessible. E5 is not
21:18 < Pirate_Joe> Unfortunatly the August 24 will be taking a bit of
        the funds that I was planning to donate this year, I will not be allowed
        to contribute as much as I did last year
21:19 < Pirate_Joe> *unfortunately
21:19 <@jokeefe> thanks for all of your help
21:19 <@jokeefe> makeshift boston is $400 for 8 hours
21:20 < Pirate_Joe> Are we still doing the PirateCon?
21:20 <@jokeefe> That is the plan
21:21 <@jokeefe> If you haven’t filled out
        the conference questionaire, please do. it is at
21:22 <@jokeefe> any recommendations for providing childcare?
21:22 <@jokeefe> 2/3rds supported having it
21:22 < Malt> Could we find a volunteer to watch them?
21:22 < Pirate_Joe>
21:22 < srevilak> in past years, we've also paid a sitter
21:24 <@jokeefe> true
21:24 < srevilak> Of the different venues, I'd be inclined to go for E5.
        Realize it's not HCA, but the cost is very reasonable
21:25 < Pirate_Joe> Abstain for me, I'm happy to go anywhere.
21:25 < Pirate_Joe> if I can
21:25 <@jokeefe> Good point. Also a variety of food choices.
21:25 <@jokeefe> And right next to the MBTA
21:25 < Malt> E5 sounds great
21:26 <@jokeefe> Darker than CCC, though
21:26 < Malt> We are pirates...
21:26 <@jokeefe> not sure if they have an audio mixing board
21:26 < Malt> Hm
21:26 < srevilak> jokeefe: they have projector and sound system
21:26 <@jokeefe> true, Malt. True
21:26 <@jokeefe> also true
21:27 <@jokeefe> how is the internet?
21:28 < srevilak> they have wifi.  Haven't used in a while, but it's
        been reliable in the past
21:29 <@jokeefe> I have seen fairly large groups there.
21:29 <@jokeefe> will follow up on space availability and email the list
21:29 < srevilak> thanks!
21:29 <@jokeefe> Video Newsletter
21:30 < Pirate_Joe> Sunday 10am?
21:30 < Malt> Might be around
21:30 <@jokeefe> Usually Saturdays, but could do Sundays.
21:31 <@jokeefe> 10am-6pm
21:31 < srevilak> I can do sunday 10am
21:31 < srevilak> Would prefer to be done before 6p, though
21:31 < Pirate_Joe> We have quite a bit to cover
21:31 <@jokeefe> agreed on ending by 6pm
21:32 < Malt> Lol
21:32 < Pirate_Joe> lol
21:32 <@jokeefe> Posted srevilak’s audio on artington zoning as a
        youtube video
21:32 < Pirate_Joe> Nice
21:33 < Pirate_Joe> Still at 86 subs for the channel
21:33 <@jokeefe> Anyone around to record a pirate news this weekend?
21:33 <@jokeefe> thanks for that update Pirate_Joe
21:35 <@jokeefe> I know my weekend is pretty busy with family, but a
        night during the week might also be possible
21:35 < Pirate_Joe> I thought we were agreeing to do the video at 10am,
        am I mistaken?
21:35 <@jokeefe> thanks for the reminder
21:35 < Malt> Was my impression
21:36 <@jokeefe> Would one of you be able to run it in my absence? Have
        to pick up my child then.
21:37 < Pirate_Joe> I can
21:38 <@jokeefe> thank you!
21:38 <@jokeefe> I can send you the credentials
21:38 <@jokeefe> unless you have them
21:39 < Pirate_Joe> Malt and srevilak, please email me at so I will remember to send out invites
21:39 < Pirate_Joe> I already have them.
21:39 < Malt> I am far from wifi sadly
21:40 <@jokeefe> great
21:40 <@jokeefe> that sounds like a good thing, Malt
21:40 <@jokeefe> :-)
21:40 < Malt> It's divine
21:40 < Malt> Divine
21:40 <@jokeefe> lol, happy you are happy
21:41 <@jokeefe> Democracy and Dogfood (Tech) Meeting
21:41 <@jokeefe> srevilak updated the wiki software without a hitch
21:41 <@jokeefe> I worked on the video I mentioned
21:42 <@jokeefe> Next meeting is October 5th
21:42 <@jokeefe> 11am-1pm
21:42  * srevilak was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly wiki upgrade
21:43 <@jokeefe> srevilak, what do you think about having it at E5 if
        it is available?
21:43 < srevilak> jokeefe: totally fine with E5
21:43 <@jokeefe> great. will ask them that as well.
21:44 <@jokeefe> Thought on the Trump executive order giving the FCC
        the power to regulate speech on social media?
21:44 <@jokeefe> Thoughts that is ..
21:45  * srevilak remembers when the FCC had equal time rules for
        broadcast stations
21:45 < srevilak> And that is your blast from the past
21:46 < Pirate_Joe> 4.3 Any suggestions on the SAB mailing sent out?
21:46 < srevilak> Have not read the order, but court case(s) are likely
        to be interesting
21:47 <@jokeefe> hadn’t heard that it was out yet. only that it
        was leaked
21:48 < Malt> Lol
21:49 <@jokeefe> Pirate_Joe: I did not receive your sab email
        afterall. confused that with the link to the video chat for the by-law
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> ok, perhaps you can help me sent it out then
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> These are the changes I am purposing in conjunction
        with our Chair, Megan. The positions are as follows:
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Captain
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> First Mate
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Quartermaster
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Lookout
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Swab
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Swarmwise Director
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Webmaster
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> These positions shall be defined as follows:
21:49 <@jokeefe> email to me directly?
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> The Captain or Chairperson, who shall manage all
        administration and operations of the PNC, act as the chairperson and
        spokesperson of the Party, and facilitate PNC meetings.
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> The First Officer or Vice-Chair, who shall assist
        the Captain in managing the administration and operations of the PNC,
        and conduct business on behalf of the Captain or the Quartermaster in
        the event that the Captain is absent or incapacitated.
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> The Quartermaster, Treasurer, is responsible for
        all accounts of funds and reporting those funds to the general public.
        They will also be the main party involved in keeping records of the
        income of such funds.
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> Lookout, State Moderator, COC & Funds enforcer.
        The main role of this council member is to ensure that disputes between
        states have an impartial party that can help produce a resolution.
        The second role of this position is to work with the captains of each
        state with understanding and enforcing the pirate COC.  Lastly, any
        distribution of funds f
21:49 < Pirate_Joe> rom the national level to a state level would then
        fall to the Lookout to ensure that the funds were used appropriately.
21:50 < Pirate_Joe> or post it right here
21:50 < Pirate_Joe> lol, I can still send it to you
21:50 < Malt> Looks all good on my end
21:50 < Malt> Replicate what works
21:50 < Pirate_Joe> Aye Malt, that's what I was thinking
21:51 <@jokeefe> I thought the national party wanted more official
        titles. less piratey
21:51 <@jokeefe> anyhow. that is all I have at this time.
21:51 < Pirate_Joe> That's why I wanted it to go the the SAB list. The
        positions are solid though
21:52 < Malt> Titles can be worked out
21:52 < srevilak> What Pirate_Joe pasted looks fine to me
21:52 < Pirate_Joe> Even if the names changes, those roles need to be
        added to the nation committee
21:53 < Pirate_Joe> We also need someone a bit more regular for the
        "swab" role
21:53 < Malt2> Owp
21:54 < Pirate_Joe> That's all I have as well
21:54 < Malt2> Welp bedtime for me fellas, I'll get that email posted
21:54 < Malt2> Night all
21:54 < Pirate_Joe> Motion to adjourn?
21:54 <@jokeefe> there isn’t a secretary
21:54 <@jokeefe> my 2 cents
21:54 <@jokeefe> 2nd
21:54 <@jokeefe> all in favor of adjourning?
21:55 < Pirate_Joe> Aye
21:55 <@jokeefe> aye
21:55 < srevilak> aye to adjourn
21:55 < srevilak> will post transcript