August 16th, 2016 IRC Meeting

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  • Video Streaming Update


Aaron James Campaign

  • 8/20, ?pm, Going door-to-door
  • 8/30,6-9:30, Aaron James Event, The Somerville Armory, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville

Surveillance camera map

jokeefe will:

  • put together a flyer for using PushPin to map cameras.
  • work on a how to video and email supporters about it

There may be a focused effort on mapping the cameras in Somerville and Cambridge.

Freedom Rally

Freedom Rally will be 9/17-18. We will have a table. Need a sign up form for people to help and email/call volunteers.

PirateCon Recording Status

  • Audio
  • Video

November Run for local office conference

At the Pirate Picnic we tentatively scheduled November 12th to be a Run for local office conference. The objective is to teach people to run for local office. There will be sessions on:

  • running for representative town meeting
  • running for town-wide and city elections
  • what you can accomplish in local office.

We will reach out to other groups and see if they are interested in participating.

It will run from noon-5pm. srevilak is checking on the availability of the Tent City Community Room.

Democracy center's room rates are here:

Upcoming Events

  1. 8/27, 1-5pm, Boston Public Library Cryptoparty, Grove Hall Branch, 41 Geneva Avenue, Dorchester.
  2. 8/30,6-9:30, Aaron James Event, The Somerville Armory, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville
  3. 8/31, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  4. 9/17-18, Freedom Rally Table
  5. 9/28, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville
  6. Democracy/IT meeting
  7. WMass Cryptoparty
  8. How to file a FOIA request by Maya Shaffer
  9. 11/12, noon-5pm, Run for local office conference


  • jokeefe
  • srevilak
  • moses
  • kendra


  • davidd
  • papegaai


Video Streaming. Steve is doing a test, streaming commentary of tonight's IRC meeting. Safari doesn't know how to handle video/webm, but firefox is okay with it. Chrome had problems, so we have to take a closer took at the codecs chrome supports.

Aaron James Campaign. We went door to door last weekend. We also made a happy birthday video for the Swedish pirate party.

Freedom Rally. We need volunteer signup form and email. Steve volunteered to work on the signup form.

Piratecon recording status. One more audio spot to go.

November run for local elections. We're booked in the democracy center from 12:30-5:00pm on 11/12. We're assuming 12:30 - 13:00 for setup. Jamie will contact Arise about hosting a western mass event there. Will also contact Stone Soup, where we held the MAAPL hackathon.


[21:03] <jokeefe> agenda:,_2016_IRC_Meeting
[21:04] <@papegaai> Title: August 16th, 2016 IRC Meeting - Mass Pirate
        Wiki (at
[21:04] <jokeefe> guess we are on video streaming
[21:04] <srevilak> ok, will have to look into codecs that chrome supports.
        Thought I thought they would have supported VP8
[21:05] <srevilak> video codecs are a mess, due to patent restrictions :(
[21:06] <jokeefe> Safari thinks it is a download
[21:06] <jokeefe> yes
[21:06] <srevilak> Safari was never the brightest bulb in the box
[21:07] <srevilak> So, starting with Video streaming Update?
[21:07] <srevilak> since that seems to be first on the agenda
[21:07] <jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville
[21:07] <srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
[21:08] <jokeefe> yes
[21:08] <jokeefe> lets start there
[21:08] <srevilak> Well, I'm streaming :)
[21:08] <jokeefe> aye
[21:08] <srevilak> The setup I'm using is what I would take to a
        remote site
[21:08] <srevilak> including the 4G LTE hotspot
[21:08] <srevilak> yay calyx
[21:09] <srevilak> Hi moses
[21:09] <MOSES> AHOY
[21:09] <jokeefe> hi MOSES
[21:10]  * srevilak laughs at moses's keyboard
[21:10] <jokeefe> no worries MOSES
[21:10] <jokeefe> Agenda:,_2016_IRC_Meeting
[21:11] <@papegaai> Title: August 16th, 2016 IRC Meeting - Mass Pirate
        Wiki (at
[21:11] <srevilak> and I'm video streaming commentary at
[21:11] <srevilak> hi kendra
[21:11] <Kendra> Hey everyone
[21:12] <Kendra> Kendra Moyer, Highland Park, MI
[21:13] <jokeefe> hi Kendra
[21:13] <MOSES> OH RIGHT
[21:13] <jokeefe> MOSES has a broken keyboard
[21:14] <srevilak> technically, I think it's half a keyboard -- just
        the upper case half
[21:14] <jokeefe> LOL
[21:15] <Kendra> Mine broke too, on the laptop, I have the plugin on
        top of my built in keyboard
[21:15] <jokeefe> glad you are making progress on the video streaming
[21:15] <jokeefe> projects
[21:15] <jokeefe> Aaron James Campaign
[21:15] <srevilak> heh., googlebot just turned in
[21:15] <srevilak> Somehow that's depressing
[21:16] <jokeefe> ?
[21:16] <Kendra> where is this googlebot?
[21:17] <srevilak> Googlebot is coming from
[21:17] <srevilak> and that IP block is registed to google.
[21:17] <srevilak> So apparently their bot is watching my video streaming
[21:17] <jokeefe> that was fast
[21:17]  * srevilak is kind of tempted to kick the bot off
[21:18] <Kendra> how do you do that? Spam filter?
[21:18] <srevilak> googlebot kicked :)
[21:18] <srevilak> icecast's administrative interface.  You can kick
        off listeners
[21:18] <srevilak> I kicked off googlebod
[21:19] <srevilak> Gotta wonder what google was indexing there
[21:19] <srevilak> anyway, I digress
[21:20] <jokeefe> we had a good time going door to door for Aaron's
        campaign and we recorded a video for the Swedish Pirate Party
[21:20] <MOSES> YAY
[21:21] <Kendra> How did it turn out?
[21:21] <Kendra> The video?
[21:23] <jokeefe> it is at!64ISgbaB!njMs5xmsjx8WnysDSgk16jT7QMXQsqPTLMD3oEwxzGw
[21:24] <jokeefe> srevilak, unless you have a way of converting it to
        something more open than mp4, I will send it as is
[21:24] <srevilak> jokeefe - might as well send as is.
[21:24] <srevilak> I might have time to run the video through ffmpeg
        tomorrow, but maybe not
[21:26] <srevilak> but no need to wait for me
[21:26] <jokeefe> ok, will do srevilak
[21:28] <jokeefe> working on Aaron's db and the Surveillance camera
        mapping flyer
[21:28] <Kendra> How was the door ro door stuff?
[21:29] <jokeefe> it went well
[21:29] <srevilak> door to door, the people I spoke with gave a good
[21:30] <jokeefe> we handed out most of the flyers, but had to contend
        with a little rain
[21:30] <Kendra> Well probably better than the heat wave
[21:31] <srevilak> Yes, the rain is a welcome break.  Especially for
        the farmers
[21:31] <jokeefe> true on both points
[21:32] <jokeefe> Freedom Rally
[21:33] <jokeefe> we need a volunteer sign up sheet and an email
[21:33] <srevilak> Concessions LTD just cashed our check
[21:33] <jokeefe> good
[21:34] <srevilak> Will work on volunterr signup sheet.
[21:34] <srevilak> After all, I'd volunterred to do that :)
[21:34] <jokeefe> thank you
[21:35] <jokeefe> PirateCon Recording Status
[21:35] <jokeefe> thanks to srevilak for finishing the audio
[21:35] <srevilak> almost -- one more talk to go
[21:36] <jokeefe> thanks for the correction
[21:36] <jokeefe> will get the video from Noe
[21:36] <srevilak> currently on Maya's talk
[21:36] <srevilak> it's almost enough to motivate me to run for Secretary
        of the Commonwealth
[21:37] <jokeefe> :-)
[21:38] <jokeefe> November Run for local office conference
[21:39] <srevilak> Got in touch with democracy center
[21:39] <srevilak> Reserved room from 12:30 - 5pm on 11/12
[21:39] <srevilak> Extra 30 minutes being for setup
[21:39] <jokeefe> great
[21:39] <srevilak> One of needs to come in for a tour, and to get
        door code
[21:39] <jokeefe> yes
[21:39] <srevilak> However, have to come in between 9 and 4 on weekdays
[21:40] <srevilak> but, we have time between now and then to figure this
        out, and we're on the schedule
[21:40] <jokeefe> Will announce it in next email as a save this date
[21:41] <jokeefe> I will contact Arise and see if they would host a
        similar WMass meeting
[21:42] <srevilak> What's "Arise" (haven't heard of them before)
[21:43] <jokeefe>
[21:43] <jokeefe> This might be more current
[21:43] <@papegaai> Title: ARISE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (at
[21:44] <jokeefe> What about doing a meeting in Worcester at the place
        we held the MAAPL db hack a thon?
[21:44] <srevilak> Stone soup?  I like the place, but IIRC, we'd need
        a member organization to sponsor us
[21:45] <jokeefe> I think I have a member org who would.  will make
[21:46] <jokeefe> Will focus on Worcester since have the best connection
[21:46] <srevilak> ok
[21:47] <jokeefe> that is all that is on the agenda.  other things to
        bring up?
[21:48] <srevilak> nothing here
[21:48] <Kendra> motion to adjourn
[21:48] <srevilak> second
[21:49] <srevilak> hi JTIII
[21:49] <JTIII> Hey!
[21:50] <jokeefe> hi JTIII
[21:50] <jokeefe> welcome
[21:50] <JTIII> hey
[21:51] <JTIII> did I miss the meeting?
[21:51] <jokeefe> just wrapping up
[21:52] <jokeefe> we try to keep it to 9-10pm
[21:52] <jokeefe> how have you been?
[21:52] <JTIII> Things have been good. How are you these days?
[21:53] <jokeefe> good
[21:53] <JTIII> do you need volunteers for the event tomorrow/the
        next day?
[21:54] <jokeefe> sorry, which one?
[21:54] <JTIII> whoops looks like its 9/17-18 not 8/17-18
[21:55] <srevilak> Yes, we still have a month before freedom rally
[21:55] <JTIII> well, either way, I might be able to help out if you
        need it
[21:55] <jokeefe> right, yes we will need volunteers
[21:56] <srevilak> JTIII: thanks!
[21:56] <JTIII> no problem
[21:56] <jokeefe> how goes FFtF?
[21:56] <JTIII> also, I am going to be changing my registration to Pirate
        soon, and would like to get more involved generally going forward.
[21:57] <jokeefe> thanks! welcome as always
[21:57] <JTIII> FFTF has been consistently exciting and challenging. It's
        definitely the best job I have ever had.
[21:57] <srevilak> that's great!
[21:58] <JTIII> Did anyone end up running for office btw?
[21:58] <srevilak> yes,
[21:58] <@papegaai> Title: Aaron James | MA Pirate Partys Candidate for
        27th Middlesex State Representative, Somerville (at
[21:59] <JTIII> Awesome!
[21:59] <JTIII> let me know if there is anything I can do to help out
        with that
[21:59] <jokeefe> there is an event on 8/30
[22:00] <jokeefe>
[22:00] <@papegaai> Title: True Progress (at
[22:01] <jokeefe> You should check out, JTIII
[22:02] <JTIII> Anything I should be doing now if I am planning to run
        in 2018?
[22:02] <jokeefe> We will have a how to run for local office on 11/12
[22:02] <jokeefe> we are at time, and there was a motion to adjourn the
        official meeting.  shall we?
[22:03] <jokeefe> It will be at the Democracy Center 1pm-5pm
[22:04] <JTIII> Cool. I'll be there +1.
[22:04] <jokeefe> great!
[22:05] <jokeefe> srevilak, how much bandwidth did 1 hour use?
[22:05] <JTIII> Don't want to keep you guys. Thanks for chatting! Meetings
        are Tuesdays at 9 now?
[22:05] <jokeefe> yes
[22:05] <srevilak> jokeefe - about 98M
[22:05] <JTIII> cool. talk to you both soon. take care :)
[22:05] <jokeefe> you too!
[22:05] <srevilak> I think I may have found the chromium problem
[22:06] <jokeefe> good
[22:06] <srevilak> chromium (FOSS chrome) displays the video after a
        minute or two
[22:06] <srevilak> I think I may just need a higher burst value
[22:06] <srevilak> Will experiment
[22:06] <jokeefe> good to know
[22:06] <jokeefe> thank you
[22:06] <jokeefe> 98M doesn't seem like much bandwidth
[22:07] <srevilak> Agreed.  This is the amount that my LTE modem says
        I used
[22:07] <jokeefe> DC does give out their wifi, but it wasn't fast
[22:07] <jokeefe> think we used harvard's public wifi
[22:07] <jokeefe> we should check on it
[22:07] <srevilak> Good question for the tour
[22:08] <srevilak> will post transcript, then off to clarify expenditures