August 22nd, 2013 IRC Meeting

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  1. Events
    1. 8/24 CryptoParty, 1pm - 3pm - e5, Boston - 9 Hamilton Place at Park st next to the Orpheum
    2. 8/24 Boston Peace Festival?
    3. General Meeting, 9/1?
    4. Freedom Rally, September 14 & 15 - Need organizers, announcement for volunteers
    5. Constitution Day Speakout, September 17, Boston
    6. Boston Software Freedom Day, Sat., Sept. 21st, 9:30am - 5:30pm
    7. CryptoParty, Sat., Sept. 28th, ?
    8. Digital Media Conference, Cambridge, Oct. 25-27
    9. LibrePlanet Free Software Meeting, Weds Nov 6th, evening, Jamie speaking on the "Dangers of the Surveillance State
    10. LibrePlanet Free Software Meeting, Weds Dec 4th, evening, Steve speaking
  2. Post-convention tasks
  3. Endorsements
  4. August Tasks
    1. College Coordinators (black_van)
    2. Research what qualifies as an acceptable signature and other ballot access requirements
    3. Research DB & Community Site (Gregg)
    4. Get a list of the colleges in Mass. and what their requirements are to start a Pirate group (Kendra/William)
    5. Identify dates and requirements for 2014 Town & 2013 City elections
    6. Divide Mass. into 27 districts (Jason/John/William)
    7. Setup voter reg app (John)
    8. Min materials for College Groups
    9. Make How to Party videos
    10. Develop draft platform / planks
    11. Media strategy


  • jokeefe
  • Igel
  • Kendra
  • srevilak


  • davidd
  • Shidash
  • oneirosFade


Meeting Minutes


[9:11pm] jokeefe: Ok, sorry for the delay - agenda:,_2013_IRC_Meeting [9:12pm] jokeefe: ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville [9:12pm] Igel: oh no it went to... email [9:12pm] js0000: Igel: i've been communicating with srevilak jokeefe about this [9:12pm] Bluestreak: Lucia Fiero [9:12pm] js0000: john saylor 'watch city' [waltham] [9:12pm] • Igel fell off the planet bout it [9:13pm] JCFiero: Jason Fiero [9:13pm] srevilak: Steve Revilak, Arlington [9:13pm] Igel: William Fleurant, Arlington MA [9:13pm] Bluestreak: oneiros [9:13pm] oneiros: Yes? [9:13pm] Bluestreak: ID? [9:13pm] Kendra: Kendra Moyer Arlington [9:14pm] jokeefe: as much as you want [9:14pm] MassKopimiPP: Adam Seaman Southwick [9:14pm] oneiros: Dragone, Deerfield (Good enough? New to this) [9:14pm] Bluestreak: I'm fine with that [9:14pm] Bluestreak: Adam, I thought you were leaving us? [9:15pm] srevilak: MassKopimiPP changed his mind [9:15pm] jokeefe: thank you oneiros [9:15pm] jokeefe: good to have someone from well outside Boston [9:15pm] oneiros: Sure - I've not been in a meeting before, so my apologies if I'm a bit slow to catch up [9:15pm] Bluestreak: Glad to hear it [9:15pm] MassKopimiPP: [9:15pm] js0000: no worries, we're all slow [9:15pm] jokeefe: Ok, events [9:16pm] jokeefe: Got the Cryptoparty on Sat. [9:16pm] jokeefe: ACLU posted about it [9:16pm] Bluestreak: Never got one damn flyer up sorry [9:16pm] Bluestreak: too sick [9:16pm] js0000: i think cryptoparties may be very helpful to masspirates [9:16pm] Bluestreak: Kevin G reached out [9:16pm] Bluestreak: He wants to help in the future [9:16pm] jokeefe: no problem, Bluestreak, there is next month [9:17pm] jokeefe: 8/24 Boston Peace Festival - anyone willing to table it? i know it is short notice. [9:17pm] Bluestreak: I will ask Kate to update her flyer with the new info for Sept [9:17pm] • srevilak is very determined to make cryptoparties a monthly thing [9:17pm] Bluestreak: ++ [9:18pm] jokeefe: srevilak, agreed. may want to have one be a train the trainers [9:18pm] jokeefe: so we broaden the people who can do them. [9:18pm] MassKopimiPP: i cant make the cryptoparty, ill be at hampton beach but i hope it becomes a monthly thing, id like to make it to one definately, 2 hr trip or so [9:18pm] Igel: you are busy tomorrow srevilak [9:18pm] Bluestreak: Like I said Kevin volunteered, Steve, reach out to him [9:19pm] srevilak: Bluestreak: can you send me his email? [9:19pm] Bluestreak: Right way [9:19pm] srevilak: thx [9:19pm] Bluestreak: [9:21pm] Bluestreak: AND I emailed it to ya. [9:21pm] Igel: yop [9:22pm] jokeefe: not hearing anyone can make the Boston Peace Festival. Will see if MassOps will be there. [9:23pm] Bluestreak: I think I have been going out too much. I shouldn't have gone to the Arroyo event [9:23pm] Bluestreak: I paid for it today. [9:23pm] jokeefe: General Meeting, 9/1 or 9/8, Haven't heard from everyone. srevilak cannot make either. Waiting until 9/22 is pretty late. [9:23pm] Bluestreak: 9/1 works best for us [9:24pm] jokeefe: most votes for 9/1, does that work or move to 9/22 or 9/29? [9:24pm] js0000: i cannot make 9/1 but i'm optional [9:24pm] Bluestreak: That will be 8 weeks [9:24pm] jokeefe: 9/1 then [9:24pm] oneiros: Are we talking meatspace or here? [9:24pm] Bluestreak: LOL [9:24pm] Bluestreak: meatspace [9:24pm] oneiros: Oh [9:24pm] oneiros: Rats [9:25pm] jokeefe: sorry, srevilak, could be bring you in via video or audio? [9:25pm] jokeefe: it is outside Boston oneiros [9:25pm] Igel: thats funny heh [9:25pm] Bluestreak: We should totally video conference [9:25pm] Bluestreak: How Pirate is that [9:25pm] Bluestreak: ? [9:25pm] js0000: or somekinda link [9:25pm] js0000: audio [9:25pm] Igel: heh [9:25pm] js0000: text [9:25pm] js0000: something [9:26pm] oneiros: Boston is a bit of a hard sell for me at the moment [9:26pm] js0000: right, we have the computers and network ... [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Deerfield to Medway? about 2 hours sry [9:26pm] Bluestreak: We are working on moving west [9:26pm] oneiros: No need to apologize, I'm quite the outsider here [9:26pm] Bluestreak: Scorpion Bowl is in Holyoke [9:26pm] MassKopimiPP: good [9:26pm] Kendra: i am going to be out of town again. I can video conference in on 9/1.. [9:26pm] Igel: oneiros: your the man now dogg! moving headquarters to you ehh heh.. [9:26pm] Bluestreak: November 9th [9:26pm] oneiros: LOL - well, UMass campus is just down the road [9:27pm] Bluestreak: mark your calendar [9:27pm] srevilak: jokeefe: no problem. I *may* be able to make it on 9/1. Will let you know [9:27pm] jokeefe: thanks [9:27pm] jokeefe: anyone know of a good video chat system, beside google hangout? [9:27pm] MassKopimiPP: im a no show but only because of distance [9:27pm] jokeefe: and skype [9:28pm] Bluestreak: LOL [9:28pm] js0000: maybe pirate account can tweet #masspirates [9:28pm] oneiros: Well, funny you should ask [9:28pm] MassKopimiPP: you could try Unsene [9:28pm] oneiros: Jitsi, perhaps [9:28pm] Igel: oneiros i was mailing ppl re: univ to recruit masspirate votes [9:28pm] JCFiero: lol what not use Google hangout.. so easy.. so compromised?\ [9:28pm] jokeefe: well, if we do a video chat, would could always post it so it wouldn't matter if the NSA gets it [9:28pm] Bluestreak: Exactly [9:28pm] jokeefe: party of open and all [9:29pm] Bluestreak: Hangout Jason and I could set up here [9:29pm] Kendra: [9:29pm] MassKopimiPP: [9:29pm] Bluestreak: We were JUST talking about setting up a hangout when jokeefe said beside google hangout lol [9:29pm] jokeefe: duh, thanks Kendra [9:29pm] Bluestreak: IDK how to USE those [9:29pm] MassKopimiPP: never tried video tho fyi [9:30pm] jokeefe: lets do a test and see what works. [9:30pm] oneiros: Something that doesn't require an account with a megacorp would be good, though, regardless of posting the resulting feed [9:30pm] Bluestreak: Who knows how to use those? [9:30pm] Bluestreak: and will they come out early to help us set it up? [9:30pm] js0000: maybe also consider lower bandwidth tech too [9:30pm] jokeefe: moving on - Freedom Rally, September 14 & 15 - who will table? [9:30pm] Bluestreak: Jason and I are spearheading that [9:31pm] Bluestreak: set up both days but we NEED SUPPORT [9:31pm] MassKopimiPP: whats the freedom rally? [9:31pm] Bluestreak: step up ppl important event, lots of exposure [9:31pm] MassKopimiPP: im new to mass in general so excuse my ignorance guys [9:31pm] Bluestreak: Boston's version og HempFest [9:31pm] oneiros: Also -where- is it... oh [9:31pm] Bluestreak: of [9:31pm] Bluestreak: on the common [9:31pm] JCFiero: [9:31pm] oneiros: Nevermind - need to steer clear of raves [9:32pm] Bluestreak: orly? OK [9:32pm] jokeefe: way more tame than a rave [9:32pm] Bluestreak: Just ppl at tables [9:32pm] jokeefe: anyone able to write up a post on us being there? [9:32pm] Bluestreak: and stoners blazing [9:32pm] Igel: there will be metal bands. [9:32pm] Bluestreak: Yeah, this is out baby [9:32pm] Igel: waaf goes, etc.. [9:32pm] Bluestreak: our [9:33pm] Bluestreak: I will get one out tonight [9:33pm] Bluestreak: If Jason feeds me [9:33pm] Bluestreak: :-DDD [9:33pm] Bluestreak: lol [9:34pm] jokeefe: need a form. will set one up for you. [9:34pm] MassKopimiPP: id love to help at FR but I may be in NY visiting family [9:34pm] jokeefe: for those not on face book [9:34pm] Bluestreak: jokeefe form for me? [9:34pm] oneiros: Form? [9:34pm] jokeefe: for the FR post [9:34pm] jokeefe: sign up [9:34pm] Bluestreak: OK I'll be waiting on you [9:35pm] MassKopimiPP: im a maybe for freedom rally [9:35pm] jokeefe: Boston Software Freedom Day is Sat., Sept. 21st, 10:00 - 11:00 Protect Your Privacy in the Digital Age, by srevilak [9:36pm] jokeefe: great MassKopimiPP [9:36pm] jokeefe: you got a website MassKopimiPP [9:36pm] jokeefe: ? [9:36pm] Bluestreak: Sure hope you can help table. [9:37pm] Igel: srevilak: i thought that was tomorrow ----^ [9:37pm] jokeefe: I will be there Sunday at least [9:37pm] Igel: saying yo were going o be pretty busy [9:37pm] jokeefe: Not sure what Sat. schedule is yet [9:38pm] jokeefe: Sept is busy [9:39pm] Bluestreak: So long as you can spell us for a couple of hours on Sunday, that would be great [9:39pm] jokeefe: srevilak, LibrePlanet Free Software Meeting is 9/28, roughly? [9:39pm] jokeefe: will do, Bluestreak [9:39pm] jokeefe: hopefully more [9:40pm] srevilak: jokeefe: you mean linux meeting with Will Rico? [9:40pm] Bluestreak: OK we may have a conflict the weekend of the 28th. [9:40pm] jokeefe: yes [9:40pm] Bluestreak: Jason and I have a thing in NH [9:40pm] jokeefe: good for you [9:40pm] srevilak: 9/28 is cjdns cryptoparty [9:40pm] Bluestreak: I KNOW [9:40pm] Bluestreak: We really wanted to do that! [9:40pm] jokeefe: ok, sorry, I was confused [9:41pm] Bluestreak: No we have a conflict [9:41pm] Bluestreak: OK wait [9:41pm] Bluestreak: NVM [9:41pm] Bluestreak: No we are commited to the thing in NH [9:41pm] srevilak: jokeefe: you're speaking to boston linux desktop group on Nov 6th [9:43pm] jokeefe: Do you have details on the cjdns cryptoparty? I cannot find them in my email [9:43pm] srevilak: It's 9/28. I have to work on logistics. Will do this weekend [9:43pm] Igel: sunday you should have em [9:44pm] oneiros: Please keep me in the loop on the cjdns gig [9:44pm] MassKopimiPP: so the next cryptoparty is 9/28? [9:44pm] jokeefe: yes, after the one on Sat. [9:44pm] Igel: following this saturday [9:44pm] srevilak: MassKopimiPP: yes 9/28. cjdns cryptoparty [9:44pm] jokeefe: ok, last of the events - Digital Media Conference, Cambridge, Oct. 25-27 [9:45pm] jokeefe: Meeting with Jason tomorrow. [9:45pm] jokeefe: to talk logistics [9:45pm] Bluestreak: That looks to be really cool [9:45pm] Bluestreak: You need ppl to table right? [9:45pm] jokeefe: probably, and be on panels, do crypto party, etc. [9:46pm] jokeefe: panel suggestions? [9:46pm] jokeefe: here is the link to it - [9:46pm] Igel: cool [9:47pm] Kendra: NSA Nightmares, Bradley Manning Verdict, Freedom of the Press Under the Surveillance state [9:47pm] srevilak: jokeefe: we could talk about `alternatives'. e.g. [9:48pm] srevilak: What would it take for _you_ to dump your NSA-compliant service provider? [9:48pm] oneiros: I would suggest a panel on educating the new generations as a part of general curriculum, but I couldn't offer to actually give such a panel, so... [9:48pm] Bluestreak: I am also interested in "the fifth estate" [9:48pm] Bluestreak: The new journalism [9:48pm] jokeefe: good ideas [9:49pm] Bluestreak: War on whistleblowers [9:49pm] jokeefe: Seeing that Jason is in the fourth/fifth estate, it will be covered [9:49pm] srevilak: Taking your data elsewhere as a form of civil disobedience [9:49pm] oneiros: Upping the SNR as civil disobedience? [9:50pm] srevilak: oneiros: SNR? [9:50pm] Bluestreak: Not many ppl can move their data easily srevilak [9:50pm] oneiros: Signal-to-noise-ratio [9:50pm] Bluestreak: Still don't know what you mean oneiros [9:50pm] Igel: interference [9:50pm] Kendra: Protocol for Activists Using the Online Services Under the Surveillance State [9:50pm] oneiros: Ok, well, simple way is that all the surveillance that goes on does so at a digital level - heuristics tools and algorithms and such [9:51pm] Igel: which is this Kendra? [9:51pm] Igel: sounds centralized [9:51pm] oneiros: So instead of hiding everything from the NSA, Google, etc, you intentionally give them massive amounts of noise [9:51pm] Kendra: Just suggesting panel topics for the digital conference [9:51pm] jokeefe: could also ask the panelists from Government Power in 2020 and Open Government to be on panels [9:51pm] MassKopimiPP: Attack on alternative sources of media [9:51pm] Igel: its relevant [9:51pm] oneiros: Searching things you don't care about, +1'ing and Liking and Retweeting garbage [9:52pm] jokeefe: good suggestions, I'll bring them up and see which ones they like. [9:52pm] Bluestreak: Exactly MassKopimiPP [9:52pm] Igel: what about TT? [9:53pm] srevilak: Bluestreak: agreed. Moving data is not easy. So, what will sufficiently motivate people to do it? [9:53pm] Bluestreak: what a time sink oneiros [9:53pm] oneiros: Teaching them how easy moving data actually is? [9:53pm] jokeefe: peer pressure [9:53pm] oneiros: Bluestreak: It can easily be automated [9:53pm] Bluestreak: Making it easy for them srevilak [9:53pm] oneiros: Firefox plugin "DoNotTrack" is one way [9:53pm] • Igel lost waht moving data [9:54pm] Bluestreak: I smell a crypto party! [9:54pm] Igel: is it on the site? [9:54pm] Igel: heh... [9:55pm] Igel: YES [9:55pm] • Igel see SNR re: boycott heh [9:55pm] Igel: before they make it a law you cant boycott somthing [9:55pm] Bluestreak: SNR lulz [9:55pm] Bluestreak: [9:55pm] oneiros: Speaking of boycotting... *raspberries Youtube* [9:56pm] jokeefe: srevilak, any progress on getting the videos of the conference? [9:56pm] Bluestreak: just as well the ad is 30 freaking seconds long [9:56pm] srevilak: jokeefe: I have 26GB of video and audio [9:56pm] srevilak: working to hook up with Joe [9:56pm] jokeefe: cool! thank you. [9:56pm] Bluestreak: I have been getting crickets from Joe [9:56pm] Bluestreak: I hope you are having better luck [9:57pm] srevilak: I'll bring copy to cryptoparty, if any of you want a copy [9:57pm] jokeefe: thanks, that would be great [9:57pm] oneiros: ...on a 26Gb thumb drive? [9:57pm] oneiros: j/k [9:57pm] Bluestreak: Yeah, Steve, hook me up [9:57pm] Bluestreak: I can edit fairly easily. [9:57pm] srevilak: oneiros: on 500GB portable drive. [9:58pm] srevilak: Copy to your laptop, or whatever [9:58pm] jokeefe: two USBs, no waiting! [9:58pm] Bluestreak: What file type? Mp4 is preferable for me [9:58pm] oneiros: Any chance of pushing it via torrent? [9:58pm] Bluestreak: um... [9:58pm] Bluestreak: lol [9:58pm] srevilak: Bluestreak: is a mixture of formats [9:58pm] jokeefe: yes, oneiros [9:59pm] oneiros: Brilliant - thank you [9:59pm] • srevilak is embarassed about never publishing a torrent before [9:59pm] Bluestreak: AW [9:59pm] srevilak: maybe good time to learn [9:59pm] js0000: you never forget your first [9:59pm] jokeefe: mild beard had a how to [9:59pm] Bluestreak: It's really easy [9:59pm] oneiros: I just don't have a USB cable that would stretch to Boston is all [9:59pm] oneiros: Actually [10:00pm] Bluestreak: LOL js0000 [10:00pm] jokeefe: Kendra / Bluestreak - anything on Endorsements? [10:00pm] oneiros: Igel, if you get the video during crypto, you can torrent it through cjdns [10:00pm] jokeefe: Will get the Seamus endorsement up this weekend [10:00pm] Igel: for sho [10:01pm] Bluestreak: I thought Kendra was going to take over cuz i dropped the ball [10:01pm] Bluestreak: I can pick it back up easy. [10:01pm] Bluestreak: Two guys waiting, plus I took it upon myself to check out Arroyro [10:02pm] Kendra: I have not been in touch with any other candidates. Sorry, I was not clear about that. Should I be contacting people? [10:02pm] Bluestreak: Nice guy [10:02pm] Kendra: I can maybe talk to one tomorrow or Saturday if need be. [10:02pm] Bluestreak: I will ping you later tonight Kendra. [10:03pm] Bluestreak: email, rather [10:03pm] jokeefe: thanks [10:03pm] Kendra: OK [10:04pm] jokeefe: August Tasks - we have two potential college coordinators [10:04pm] jokeefe: looking for more [10:05pm] oneiros: What's involved? [10:05pm] MassKopimiPP: cool [10:06pm] jokeefe: see - [10:06pm] jokeefe: Research DB & Community Site should be up soon [10:07pm] jokeefe: Kendra / lgel - where is Get a list of the colleges in Mass. and what their requirements are to start a Pirate group? [10:07pm] oneiros: Er... that sounds a bit like "Congratulations, citizen, you are now a Lt. Col. - go commend something." [10:08pm] jokeefe: thanks, what would you like to see? [10:10pm] js0000 left the chat room. (fading away ...) [10:10pm] Igel: oneiros you are going to college coordinate right? [10:10pm] Kendra: Hold on I am looking for the link I made [10:10pm] Igel: heh.. [10:10pm] oneiros: I was thinking it would be a good thing, yes, but with no predecessor to learn from... [10:11pm] oneiros: And no local support... thus my comment concerning Lt. Cols [10:11pm] jokeefe: hmmm… will pass it on to college coordinator. [10:12pm] oneiros: Although I could represent the community college instead of UMass - I actually know some people there [10:12pm] jokeefe: hey folks, we are an hour in. folks want to continue or take things up next week? [10:12pm] Bluestreak: [10:12pm] Kendra: [10:12pm] Igel: do it [10:12pm] Bluestreak: Is this what u are talking about Kendra? [10:13pm] oneiros: I'm for continuing tonight, if I count [10:13pm] MassKopimiPP: im game to keep going [10:13pm] Kendra: That's useful. [10:14pm] Kendra: Did we complete the agenda? [10:14pm] Bluestreak: pretty much [10:15pm] MassKopimiPP: litle less than half agenda left [10:15pm] jokeefe: Setup voter reg app - js0000 is working on it, but srevilak needs to follow up on rails [10:16pm] Igel: hrm.. [10:16pm] jokeefe: Divide Mass. into 27 districts - JCFiero / lgel - any progress? [10:16pm] Bluestreak: I made a video! [10:16pm] jokeefe: it is really cool [10:16pm] jokeefe: and fun [10:16pm] JCFiero: will be complete on Saturday 9 regions [10:16pm] Igel: that is key/critical/etc.. i need to follow a lead on bugtesting [10:16pm] Bluestreak: Jamie just likes it because he in in nearly scene [10:17pm] Bluestreak: JK [10:17pm] MassKopimiPP: why are we dividing mass into 27 districts? [10:18pm] Igel: yeah its.. [10:18pm] Igel: critical [10:18pm] Igel: to spec this out [10:18pm] Bluestreak: [10:18pm] Bluestreak: Will why dont you and Jason have a hangout? [10:18pm] Igel: cause im beyond involved in knowing of value of all the data in regards to... cryptoparty support? [10:19pm] JCFiero: 27 districts ( 27 districts (Jason/John) - 3 districts per \ US Congress seat 1-2 State Senate seats per district ~6 State Rep. seats per district \ Colleges in each district ) to manage in 9 areas to subdivide the state for various intiatives etc. [10:19pm] Igel: would that be ideal to put the two together at.... babson? they all get laptops from the school for stuff.. just an example.. [10:20pm] jokeefe: Falkvinge recommends dividing your area into no more than 30 coordinators. See Swarmwise - [10:21pm] Bluestreak: By Saturday for sure [10:21pm] Bluestreak: Will an John help or nit [10:21pm] Bluestreak: not [10:21pm] jokeefe: sorry, lgel, not sure what you mean by Babson [10:21pm] Bluestreak: College? [10:21pm] Bluestreak: in Wllesley? [10:22pm] Igel: mm [10:22pm] Igel: the districts were relevant to university or places which oneiros meatspace term would come in to play if voter registration forms were the goal.. [10:24pm] Igel: so.. do you have an alumn friend that would be interested in sponsoring [10:24pm] Igel: etc..? [10:24pm] Igel: an event... [10:24pm] Bluestreak: What are you doing after the meeting Will? [10:24pm] MassKopimiPP: ill co-ordinate for my area if possible when the time comes.. just sayin [10:24pm] Bluestreak: Can you talk on the phone a spell? [10:24pm] Bluestreak: Great! [10:25pm] Igel: video games [10:25pm] JCFiero: voter registration, canvassing, identifying colleges/universities especially with diverse student ppulations in eash egin will be jey [10:25pm] Bluestreak: LOL [10:25pm] jokeefe: thanks, MassKopimiPP [10:25pm] Bluestreak: email us your number and lets knock this out [10:25pm] Bluestreak: You can be done tonight [10:25pm] Igel: [10:25pm] JCFiero: in each region will be key.. sorry for th etypos [10:25pm] jokeefe: thanks pirates [10:25pm] Bluestreak: Captain has a life [10:26pm] JCFiero: I think I'll have another scrumpy [10:26pm] jokeefe: was up til 2am last night [10:26pm] oneiros: I'll do what I can to coordinate for UMass and/or Greenfield CC - no promises of great things, but I'll do what I can [10:26pm] Bluestreak: I move we adjourn [10:26pm] Igel: werrrrrrd. [10:26pm] JCFiero: 2nd [10:26pm] srevilak: Bluestreak: aye [10:26pm] Kendra: Aye [10:26pm] JCFiero: but remember 3rd party rules! [10:26pm] Bluestreak: LOL [10:26pm] jokeefe: cool, oneiros, please fill out the form so we know. thanks! [10:27pm] oneiros: Will do [10:27pm] jokeefe: all in favor? [10:27pm] jokeefe: thanks [10:27pm] Bluestreak: Yes please I vote to adjourn [10:27pm] JCFiero: awesome [10:27pm] Bluestreak: aye [10:27pm] JCFiero: aywe [10:27pm] Bluestreak: awye [10:27pm] Bluestreak: awwwwwwyyye [10:27pm] Kendra: nite [10:27pm] Kendra left the chat room. (Quit: Web client closed) [10:28pm] Bluestreak: Goodnight my Pirate brethren! [10:28pm] JCFiero: nite all [10:28pm] Bluestreak: Will: Ringy dingy [10:28pm] Bluestreak: Igel CALL PLEASE [10:28pm] Igel: how [10:28pm] jokeefe: thanks all! have a wonderful night! see some of you Saturday