August 28th, 2014 IRC Meeting

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  1. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies
  2. Meet with Evan Falchuk
  3. Freedom Rally
    1. Email
    2. Materials
  4. MIT Maker Faire, 10/4?
  5. Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party, 10/4?
  6. Donate computers?
  7. PirateCon 2015
    1. Survey


  1. Sep. 13-14 noon-8pm Freedom Rally, Boston Common Logistics facebook event
  2. Sep. 17, 6:30-9pm, Key Signing Party, MIT Building E-51, Room 325, Wadsworth Street, Cambridge
  3. Sep 19, 5p-9p. Citizens Rising: A Republic Held Hostage And The Plan To Take It Back
  4. Sep. 20, 9a-5p. Software Freedom Day. Industry Lab 288 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA. We're doing a cryptoparty from 10:30 - noon.
  5. Sep. 26th. DMC in-person meeting. 4pm?
  6. Sep. 26-29, Freedom Not Fear wiki
  7. Oct. 4, 9am-6pm, MIT Maker Faire
  8. Oct. 4, Wiki leaks birthday
  9. May 6, 2015, International Day against DRM.


  • jokeefe (James O'Keefe, Somerville)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington, MA)
  • noe (Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville)
  • Kendra (Kendra Moyer Highland Park Mi)
  • Bluelustreak (Lucia Fiero)


  • davidd
  • zby


Candidate status

  • Noe - we have a sign making event on Sunday, and a stand out on 9/9
  • Joe - getting a few administrative items settled

Meet with Evan Falchuk

  • jokeefe will post a poll for an afternoon that works

Freedom Rally

  • Email - will post one on Mon/Tue
  • Materials - finish designs next wee

MIT Maker Faire, 10/4?

See if we can get a table

Wikileaks 8th Birthday Party, 10/4?

Exploring cupcakes at a restaurant in the evening after the MIT Maker Faire

PirateCon 2015

Survey - Looking to install limesurvey on our server


[21:00] <jokeefe> agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting
[21:00] <jokeefe> anything else you all want to add?
[21:02] == Kendra []
        has joined #masspirates
[21:02] <jokeefe> ids - James O'Keefe, Somerville
[21:02] <noe> Noelani Kamelamela, Somerville
[21:03] <igel> William Fleurant, Arlington
[21:03] <noe> I got sent an email from a SCATV producer asking for 15 to
        30s clips vouching for net neutrality:  its part of a call from Free Press
[21:03] <Kendra> Kendra Moyer Highland Park Mi
[21:04] <noe> If people feel like making clips and then sending them to
        me via email by Sept. 5, I will send them to SCATV to compile.
[21:04] <noe> (15s is practically a vine!)
[21:04] <igel> for sure
[21:04] <davidd> i liked noe and jamie on the tv show
[21:04] <davidd> i watched the whole thing
[21:05] <jokeefe> thanks, davidd
[21:05] <noe> aw, shucks!
[21:05] <igel> yeah wicked good
[21:05] <noe> jokeefe:  i can try to cut a bit out from appearance?
[21:05] <davidd> did they contact you or did you contact them?
[21:06] <jokeefe> sure
[21:06] <igel> noe is it part of ?
[21:07] <noe> checking . . .
[21:07] <igel> no worries, you mentioned somthin else earlier today
[21:08] <noe> Free Press maintains that it is separate, although they
        are often hanging out with people from
[21:08] <igel> aah, ok.
[21:08] <noe> ( for those who are interested)
[21:09] <igel> ....'Free Press for use in mid-September in DC'
[21:09] <jokeefe> noe, do you want to write a blog poat?
[21:09] <jokeefe> post?
[21:09] <noe> Technically, Free Press presents,
        but they seem to have different people doing different things instead
        of being all in one.
[21:09] <noe> sure!  masspirates or votenoelani?
[21:09] <noe> or both?
[21:10] <jokeefe> Kendra - agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting
[21:10] <jokeefe> 1. Update on candidate status, campaign strategies
[21:11] <jokeefe> Noe - we have a sign making event on Sunday, and a
        stand out on 9/9
[21:11] <jokeefe> Joe - getting a few administrative items settled
[21:13] <igel> hrm. im out friday til next week, damn.
[21:14] <igel> re between Grove St and bus stop by MBTA station
[21:14] <igel> noon to 2pm Sign Painting Party
[21:14] <jokeefe> we need people for the standout
[21:15] <noe> agreed.
[21:16] <jokeefe> Next - Evan Falchuk wanted to meet with us - I emailed
        out the dates to the list
[21:16] <noe> (world's shortest blog post text for free press vids
[21:16] <igel> in the morning, right?
[21:17] <noe> Ouch, I can't do those times.  Can I call in to say hi?
[21:17] <jokeefe> standout? we were thinking afternoon
[21:17] <noe> no, meeting with Evan.
[21:17] <noe> Falchuk.
[21:18] <noe> definitely at the standout
[21:18] <noe> holding five signs in each hand!
[21:18] <jokeefe> his schedule later could be more open.  we could
        suggest a time once we know who wants to go
[21:18] <jokeefe> noe, :-)
[21:22] <jokeefe> any opinion on dates?
[21:23] <noe> My schedule is loopy, so it'll be a toss-up if I can hang
        out with him, but I could call in, more than likely.
[21:23] <jokeefe> but later in the afternoon is better?
[21:24] <noe> yes, probably.
[21:24] == Bluelustreak
[] has joined
[21:25] <Bluelustreak> Hey
[21:25] <jokeefe> hi Bluelustreak
[21:25] <Bluelustreak> I was a little snoozy, oops
[21:25] <jokeefe> np, agenda at,_2014_IRC_Meeting
[21:25] <Bluelustreak> What I miss?
[21:25] <jokeefe> campaign update
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> Ever hear from Joe?
[21:26] <jokeefe> we are exchanging phone messages
[21:26] <jokeefe> We are talking about meeting with Evan Falchuk
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> Have you got to Falchuk yet?
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> derp
[21:26] <Bluelustreak> And what did "we" decide?
[21:27] <jokeefe> not mornings
[21:27] <jokeefe> Folks want to meet him?
[21:27] <Bluelustreak> Yes.
[21:27] <Bluelustreak> Very much
[21:27] <noe> Yes.
[21:27] <Bluelustreak> Tried calling in when he was on Mikes show they
        ran out of time
[21:28] <Bluelustreak> Wanna ask him why he sounds so much like Green
        but didn't just run as a green
[21:29] <Bluelustreak> Anyone else wondering that?
[21:29] <jokeefe> not really
[21:29] <igel> dunno
[21:29] <Bluelustreak> Hmf
[21:30] <noe> I would be interested to hear him answer that question.
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> Well we better both make sure we are there. When
        is this?
[21:30] <Bluelustreak> Please jokeefe?
[21:31] <jokeefe> haven't chosen a date
[21:31] <jokeefe> my inclination is after the 9th, since we have a bunch
        of things to do before then
[21:31] <noe> and probably after the 14th?
[21:31] <noe> have we chosen a date for the Touch interview?
[21:32] <jokeefe> I haven't.  Up to you and srevilak
[21:32] <Bluelustreak> You and Jamie? Just you?
[21:32] <Bluelustreak> Ah Steve cool
[21:32] <jokeefe> were going with Noe & srevilak
[21:32] <Bluelustreak> Awesome. So *we* get to chose when we meet Falchuk?
[21:33] <jokeefe> we can ask
[21:33] <Bluelustreak> This ia hypothetical then?
[21:33] <igel> i think falchuk wrote us?
[21:33] <jokeefe> Evan or Touch?
[21:34] <Bluelustreak> Falchuk
[21:34] <jokeefe> The vide I get for Evan, is people want to meet him
[21:34] <jokeefe> The vibe ...
[21:34] <Bluelustreak> OK cool.
[21:34] <jokeefe> I could put out a doodle poll for afternoon days,
        then suggest a few dates to his campaign.
[21:34] <Bluelustreak> We'll make it happen then.
[21:34] <noe> jokeefe:  were you going to let Charles know either 9/15
        or 9/22 or should I just email Charles?
[21:35] <Bluelustreak> FYI Charles may still be OOT
[21:35] <jokeefe> I think you should, if that works for you
[21:35] <Bluelustreak> So if you don't hear back that is why.
[21:35] <Bluelustreak> Took a trip from Nola to Belize.
[21:35] <jokeefe> nice
[21:36] <jokeefe> 3. Freedom Rally - post is up as is the FB event
[21:36] <Bluelustreak> We were going to make some event specific flyers
[21:36] <Bluelustreak> Pirate pad?
[21:37] <Bluelustreak> for contributions?
[21:37] <jokeefe> Was thinking of our position on Cannabis legalization
        and a sensible drug policy
[21:37] <jokeefe> Will put an email out Mon/Tue
[21:37] <Bluelustreak> Is that on the blog some wherz?
[21:38] <Bluelustreak> OK
[21:38] <Bluelustreak> I still need to design some stickers
[21:38] <jokeefe> Not sure it is on the blog explicitly
[21:39] <jokeefe> Sickers are good.  Simple two color, logo and text
        works for stickers
[21:39] <jokeefe> Bigger the text the better
[21:39] <Bluelustreak> two color you mean b&W
[21:39] <Bluelustreak> ?
[21:39] <Bluelustreak> Or b w & orange?
[21:40] <noe> Oooh, fancy!
[21:41] <jokeefe> The vinal usually has a color. Suggest black or white
        on orange
[21:41] <Bluelustreak> yes sir
[21:42] <noe> I think black on orange is very cool.  Bright psychedelic
[21:43] <Bluelustreak> I will work on it after the meeting.
[21:43] <noe> jokeefe, srevilak:  emailed Charles, we should hear back
        some time next week.
[21:43] <jokeefe> vibrant orange, but not too vibrant
[21:43] <jokeefe> thanks, noe
[21:44] <Bluelustreak> Finally asked Bry about his flag source, if any.
[21:45] <jokeefe> ooo flags!
[21:45] <jokeefe> We should settle on flier design/s next week
[21:45] <Bluelustreak> For FR?
[21:45] <jokeefe> Please talk up being at the booth for Freedom Rally
[21:46] <jokeefe> yes
[21:46] <Bluelustreak> Sure thing.
[21:47] <jokeefe> thank you
[21:48] <jokeefe> 4. MIT Maker Faire? 10/4 - Get a table?
[21:48] <Bluelustreak> Sounds like fun.
[21:49] <Bluelustreak> Last 10/4 was the Wikileaks "party" (sorry about
[21:49] <Bluelustreak> We could have cupcakes for Wikileaks
[21:49] <Bluelustreak> Better this time.
[21:49] == Kendra []
        has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:50] <Bluelustreak> If we bring a pc/printer and my button maker,
        we could make ppl custom buttons as a courtesy/for fun
[21:50]  * igel askin around for the video clips noe, ill let you know
        as soon as i get em
[21:51] <jokeefe> We could have dinner on 10/4 and celebrate wikileaks
[21:52] <Bluelustreak> After the faire? Someplace nearby? That would
        be nice.
[21:52] <Bluelustreak> Better than nice.
[21:53] <Bluelustreak> We voting on the make space thingy?
[21:53] <jokeefe> yes
[21:54] <jokeefe> who wants to have a table at it, if we can get one?
[21:54] <Bluelustreak> I plan on getting out to as much as possible
        this fall.
[21:54] <jokeefe> I can be there for part of it
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> I need to hear from Joe about what stuff he would
        like to do locally.
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> I'm telling not asking him to stand out on the
        9th. I will too
[21:55] <Bluelustreak> As will Jason if he can get the time off
[21:56] <Bluelustreak> Hey Jokeefe did you ever find the small vinyl sign?
[21:56] <jokeefe> it is with the big vinal sign
[21:56] <jokeefe> found it at the march
[21:57] <Bluelustreak> OK I would like to get that from you.
[21:57] <Bluelustreak> If possible.
[21:57] <Bluelustreak> Not critical
[21:57] <jokeefe> noe left it in your car after the march in Boston, IIRC
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> Derp
[21:58] <Bluelustreak> Under all the crap that is still in my car.
[21:59] <Bluelustreak> Was a busy week
[21:59] <jokeefe> ok, good
[21:59] <Bluelustreak> zzzz
[22:00] <jokeefe> Update on the PirateCon 2015 survey - put in a request
        for the livesurvey account, but is old software, so srevilak updated my
        request to install it for us.  does that seem accurate srevilak?
[22:01] <jokeefe> well, I will touch base with him
[22:01] <jokeefe> we are at time
[22:01] <Bluelustreak> I had a thing
[22:01] <jokeefe> anything folks want to bring up or add to next weeks
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> Nope it's gone... Will bring it to the list
        when/if it occurs to me.
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> Motion to adjourn
[22:02] <jokeefe> 2nd
[22:02] <jokeefe> all in favor?
[22:02] <Bluelustreak> aye
[22:03] <jokeefe> aye
[22:04] <jokeefe> any opposed?
[22:05] <jokeefe> motion passes, night all