August 2nd, 2022 IRC Meeting

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Leader: Malt

Meeting poll

Fostering Locals

Planning for 2023 Local Elections

Party Conference & Elections

  • Conference tentatively for October 8th.
  • Elections in Nov.

Video Newsletter/Podcast

Leader: Joseph

  • Pirate news recording scheduled for Sundays, 7pm with go-live at 7:30pm. Unless changed

Other To Do

  • Application to PPI

Upcoming Events

  • Boston Member Discussion, Sat., August 13th, noon-2pm
  • Pirate Moot, Sat., August 27th, 11am-2pm, Joe's place


  • jokeefe (James O’Keefe, Somerville)
  • Joe (Joseph Onoroski, Lowell)
  • srevilak (Steve Revilak, Arlington)


  • davidd
  • hvxgr
  • slerman


Meeting poll

  • poll still open
  • will send out to NH supporters, and wait a bit before closing.

Fostering locals

2023 Elections


21:03 <~jokeefe> Agenda:,_2022_IRC_Meeting
21:03 < srevilak> :)
21:03 < Joe> So happy
21:03 <~jokeefe> sounds it, Joe
21:03 <~jokeefe> ids
21:03 <~jokeefe> Anything to add?
21:04 < Joe> Nothing to add
21:04 <~jokeefe> James O’Keefe, Somerville
21:04 < Joe> Joseph Onoroski, Lowell
21:04 < srevilak> Steve Revilak, Arlington
21:06 < Joe> I have to do that outreach email for the party still.
21:06 <~jokeefe> Outreach: The poll has been sent to supporters twice,
        but has been out for a while.
21:07 <~jokeefe> If you cc me I will email it out to anyone in NH on
        the list, Joe.
21:08 < Joe> That would be good. I will attempt to get to it tonight.
21:09 <~jokeefe> Should we wait one more email update before reviewing
        the results?
21:09 <~jokeefe> Thanks, Joe
21:10 < Joe> I have no objection.
21:10 < Joe> Srevilak?
21:10 < srevilak> fine by me
21:11 <~jokeefe> ok then. planning to send out out this week.
21:12 <~jokeefe> Fostering Locals
21:12 <~jokeefe> thoughts?
21:13 < Joe> Start invading parks doing paper campaigns.
21:13 < Joe> Starting after school returns.
21:13 < srevilak> Do we have ballot questions this year (in MA)?
21:14 <~jokeefe> I believe so
21:14 < Joe>
21:15 <~jokeefe> BTW: Found this at Mass. Municipal Association:
21:16 <~jokeefe> The Uber ballot measure got struck down by the
        courts. They included dissemilar items which is a no no.
21:17 <~jokeefe> So the only two left are: developing spending limits
        for dental insurers, and updating alcohol licensing limits
21:17 < srevilak> Was wondering if there was something we could sign on
        to as an endorsing org (for name exposure).  But maybe not this year.
21:19 <~jokeefe> “The ballot measure would require insurance companies
        to spend at least 83 percent of their revenues on “dental expenses and
        quality improvements as opposed to administrative expenses,” the text
        of the question reads.”
21:19 <~jokeefe> Currently 88% for other medical care
21:21 < Joe> Well, since gambling is now legal, the state is making much
        more. Now if only they will fix the T
21:21 <~jokeefe> We should have a position on them, though
21:21 <~jokeefe> if only.
21:21 <~jokeefe> Yeah, saw they had to get sports gambling approved
21:23 < Joe> I am in support of the dental cap. It will make it more
        affordable for everyone. Make dental care for all.
21:24 < Joe> The extra licenses for liquor stores I am fairly indifferent
21:24 <~jokeefe> Agreed
21:25 < Joe> I mean, more restaurants and bars are great. So sure?
21:25 <~jokeefe> No reason to go all 18th Amendment on it ;-)
21:26 < Joe> Lol
21:28 < Joe> People need a way to have a good time
21:29 < Joe> My only tribulation is that too many distractions may lead
        to pandemonium.
21:29 <~jokeefe> We are for drug legalization after all
21:29 <~jokeefe> Planning for 2023 Local Elections
21:29 < Joe>   But in support of freedom and individually.....
21:29 <~jokeefe> Found these documents:
21:30 <~jokeefe>
21:30 <~jokeefe>
21:30 <~jokeefe> Also:
21:31 <~jokeefe> Also found this:
21:35 < Joe> The first 2 lists do not include Lowell or I just missed
        it. Lol
21:35 <~jokeefe> Lowell is a city. It is a list of town election dates
21:36 < Joe> That explains it, I am dum b.
21:37 <~jokeefe> No worries. Should be just once doc for all of them.
21:40 < Joe> Would be nice.
21:41 < Joe> I have internet access where I am setting up the mainframe.
21:41 < srevilak> You have a mainframe?
21:41 < srevilak> as in an IBM mainframe?
21:42 < Joe> Not a server mainframe
21:42 <~jokeefe> srevilak, Arlington’s election was on 4/2/2022. Do
        you know when papers needed to be turned in?
21:42 < Joe> But we can build one if you like
21:42 < Joe> I have a network composer somewhere...
21:42 < srevilak> Let me look at last year's dates
21:43 <~jokeefe> First was Wellesley on 3/1/2022. Last is Leyden on
21:44 < srevilak> Can't find last year's dates quicly.  IIRC papers are
        available in Jan, and due back in Feb
21:44 <~jokeefe> So about 8 weeks between?
21:44 < srevilak> About that
21:44 <~jokeefe> Just want to get an idea for when people need to get
        signatures in
21:45 < srevilak> Found it.  Nomination papers were due on Feb 11th.
        Available 1/3 for town-wide office and 1/27 for town meeting
21:45 < srevilak>
21:45 <~jokeefe> thanks
21:46 < srevilak> 2023 dates not posted yet
21:47 <~jokeefe> Are elections always on Saturdays?
21:47 < Joe> Town meetings in Lowell are Tuesday
21:48 < srevilak> Always on Saturday
21:48 < Joe> What about Arlington and Somerville?
21:49 < Joe> Is there a standard day is my real question.
21:49 <~jokeefe> Somerville city council meets every two weeks, I think.
21:49 < srevilak> Standard day for elections or town meeting?
21:49 < srevilak> Elections are usually early april
21:49 < srevilak> Town meeting starts in Late April.  Held Mon and Wed
21:50 < Joe> Town meetings, sorry for a bit off topic.
21:50 < srevilak> That's Arlington's schedule.  Other towns may differ
21:50 < srevilak> Lowell is a city -- I doubt you have town meetings
21:50 < srevilak> Did you mean city council?
21:50 < Joe> City meetings and they are every week.
21:50 < Joe> Aye
21:51 < Joe> It's why I requested moving our meeting back to Wednesday.
21:52 < srevilak>,&startDate=&endDate=&dateRange=&dateSelector=
21:53 < srevilak> Yep, meets on Tuesdays
21:53 <~jokeefe> MMA doesn’t list 2021 or 2020 dates unfortunately
21:53 < srevilak> I could manage Wed meetings
21:53 < Joe> O, it changed since the last time I attended though
21:54 <~jokeefe> can get the day of the week see if there is a pattern
        such as 1st Saturday in April or something.
21:54 < Joe> It's every other week now.
21:54 <~jokeefe> Are we good for recording on Sunday?
21:54 < Joe> The reason I bring this up is because we want us to attend
        more local meetings.
21:55 < Joe> Yes
21:55 < srevilak> Good for recording on Sun
21:55 < Joe> I may still have my eldest but I am getting in a good
        routine with him
21:56 <~jokeefe> At the moment Tue/Wed/Thu 8-10pm seems open. Hopefully,
        will get more votes soon.
21:57 < Joe> I still have an alarm set to Wednesday.
21:57 <~jokeefe> Good to know. Glad to hear that you are getting into
        a good routine with your son.
21:58 < Joe> Btw, I spoke with Malt. He's ok but not sure how much he
        can deal the political situation atm.
21:58 <~jokeefe> Any update on PPI application, Joe?
21:58 <~jokeefe> It is a crappy political situation.
21:58 <~jokeefe> Good to hear. Hope he is well otherwise.
21:59 < Joe> Maybe you should have a chat with him
21:59 < Joe> Help him be the change we need, even if it's the change we
        don't deserve.
21:59 < srevilak> since we're nearly at time, I'll motion to adjourn
22:00 <~jokeefe> 2nd
22:00 < Joe> 2nd
22:00 < Joe> 3rd
22:00 <~jokeefe> all in favor?
22:00 < srevilak> aye
22:00 < Joe> Aye
22:00 < srevilak> will post transcript
22:00 <~jokeefe> thanks for the suggestions Joe.